Best And Easiest Way To Make A Discord Server: Discord 101

Are you a member of a vast community server on Discord that belongs to a multiplayer gaming group with above a thousand Discord users; and do you want to make a Discord server after being astonished by the incredible assortment of voice channels, text groups, and free Discord nitro giveaways without any annoying advertising?

It might feel impossible to achieve such a complex task after getting an initial impression from a sizeable public Discord server, but through this article, we will help you break this irrational notion by providing easy step-by-step instructions on how to create a Discord Server from scratch.

Separate instructions are provided according to the devices you use with Discord, and a bonus section to help you set up Discord public or private server according to your needs.

What is a Discord Server?

make a discord server

A Discord server provides a platform where like-minded people can gather and create a community meeting point .

All Discord users can create their own server, invite their friends via invite links, create multiple text channels and voice channels, assign responsibilities to other members, share screens, host video or voice conferences, and so on.

In short, users can create a community hub where new members can join and share ideas, news and interests.

Discord is famous for creating gaming communities, especially due to its optimized sound compression (Krisp) and high-quality voice and video chatting while streaming multiplayer games that utilize heavy resources.

Although Discord is free and without any advertising, it earns its revenue through Discord nitro subscription, which provides additional perks like:

  • Creating and using custom or animated emojis
  • Using animated avatars as server icons and custom tags
  • Boosting a server by increasing audio-video transmission quality and additional customization perks
  • Additional badges to attach beside your username as a reward
  • Increase media content upload size up to 100 MB
  • High-resolution videos, screenshots, and the ability to do live streaming

If you want your Discord profile and server name to flourish among others after you create a Discord server, it is worth investing in Discord Nitro ($9.99/month | $99.99/year) and Discord Nitro Classic ($4.99/month | $49.99/year).

But even without these perks, you can easily make a Discord profile, invite people from your friends’ list, assign moderators, and make it famous through your personal endeavors. Therefore without further ado, let us head towards creating a perfect Discord Server.

How to make a Discord Server on Any Device

Creating a Discord Server on the first go might seem complicated, but Discord has made it convenient for users to start and set up a server using some default steps that can work on any platform.

You can create a Discord Server on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux computers, and Android and iPhone mobile devices. Additionally, you can access the Discord web app from any web browser. Creating the server generally involves the following steps:

  • Installing the Discord App (or using the Web App)
  • Creating your Discord account
  • Verifying your account
  • Logging into Discord
  • Creating a Discord Server

Although the guidelines for creating a Discord Server might seem simple, the Discord platform is visually different according to the operating system or device. There are primarily 3 versions available for the Discord app: The Discord Desktop app (for Windows and Mac), the Mobile app (For Android and iOS), and the Discord Web app (which can be used on any OS through a web browser). The instructions to create a Discord server on these 3 variants are given below:

  • How to Create a Discord Server on Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktops:
  • How to Create a Discord Server on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • How to Create a Discord Server on Chromebook (or other devices)

How to Create a Discord Server on Windows, Mac, and Linux Desktops:

When using the Discord Server on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, we recommend downloading the Discord desktop app before creating a server. Follow the steps given below to do so:

Enter Email Address and Password to Login
  • Once the app opens, you will be presented with the screen given above. You can log in to your account using your registered email address (or phone number) and password and click on Login; or scan the Discord QR code through the mobile Discord app.
  • Alternatively, click on Register if you want to create a separate account to manage public servers and make new friends list.
Make a new Discord Account using a mail address, password, username and birthdate
  • Enter a verified email address on the EMAIL section (don’t use fake mail; Discord can detect them quickly), a unique USERNAME, a strong password, and your DATE OF BIRTH. Click on CONTINUE after entering the credentials.
Verify Captcha I'm a human
  • Complete the captcha and perform verification by clicking on I am human.
Verify the Discord account from the mail address inbox
  • Discord will send you a verification mail at your provided email address. Click on Verify Email to access all the categories inside Discord.
Welcome Screen after creating new Discord account
  • After completing the verification procedure, Discord will welcome its new members by urging its users to add friends by providing their username, start separate conversations by sending direct messages, or create a server and add friends as server members or moderators.
Create a Discord Server using the Plus + icon
  • To create a Discord Server, click on the Plus icon from the left pane present below other servers.
Select from the list of available Server templates, or Create My Own
  • You will be presented with several templates (depending on why you create a server). Each has different channels, guidelines, roles, visibility rules, server settings, etc.
  • Templates are available for Gaming, School Club, Study Group, Friends, Artists & Creators, and a Local community server. Just click on Create My Own if you are unsure about mentioning the template category’s name and your intention behind it.
skip this question
  • There will be another pair of categories asking if you want to create the server For a club or community (public server template) or For me and my friends (private server template). You can do your server setup using any of those options or click on skip this question to set the preferences later and go with default settings.
Give Server Name and Upload Server Account
  • On the next screen for customization, type a unique SERVER NAME, and you may or may not add a Server icon by clicking the UPLOAD button and selecting any picture from the computer. Click on Create to complete initializing the server settings.
After creating a server, extra Server options are shown
Create New Text Channel or Voice Channel and set Private or Public options
  • You can click on the plus icon to add additional channels under the category and make them private and public.
Edit Settings of Server Channels
  • The gear icon beside the channel name will display the channel name in the upper section.
Invite Friends to your Server by Sending them invite links
  • The Create Invite icon on the left side of the gear icon can be used to send links to the channel, and if a Discord friend clicks on it, they can join the server channels without public discovery.
Extra Server Settings from the down arrow
  • Additional Server settings can be found by clicking the down arrow beside the server name. You can navigate through them according to your requirement.

How to Create a Discord Server on Android and iOS mobile devices

We will tell you how to create a discord server on your Android and iOS smartphone like the desktop app. Follow the steps given below mentioning the process for this topic on the mobile Discord interface:

  • Download the Discord app from the Play Store or the Apple Store for Android and Apple mobile devices, respectively, from the links given below:
  • Discord App for Android
  • Discord App for iOS
  • After downloading and installing the Discord app, launch it by tapping its icon from the app drawer or home screen.
Log In to your Discord account or create a new one in Android or iOS Discord Mobile App
  • As shown above, Discord will welcome you with a vibrant and colorful screen.
  • If you already have a Discord account, simply tap on Login, enter your Email Address and Password, and press on Login button.
  • You can also make a new Discord account using the Register button to make your personal and private affairs separate. For proper demonstration, we will move with creating a new account. 
  • Enter a verified email address or phone number (Make sure to put an actual mail address instead of a fake one because Discord detects fake ones quickly) and tap Next.
  • Enter a unique username and a strong password (more than 8 characters) in the respective boxes, and tap on the Next button.
Enter Birthdate, verify captche, and verify email sent to inbox
  • Enter your actual birthday from the pop-up calendar interface on the next screen, and tap on the Create an account button.
  • Complete the captcha by tapping the I’m not a robot checkbox as the last verification step.
  • Head over to the email address inbox you used for Discord, and tap the Verify Email button in your recent Discord email.
Allow Contact permission to Discord and find friends easily
  • As the last step of creating your Discord account, the app will ask permission to access your contact list so that other friends with a Discord account can see you quickly, thus increasing the friend list. You can accept that by pressing the Get Started button.
  • After setting everything up, you are all set to use your new Discord account.
Create a new Discord Server using the Plus icon and select desired template
  • To create a new server, tap the 3-lined icon on the upper-left corner or drag rightwards from the left side of the screen.
  • From the expanded side panel, tap on the Plus button.
  • You will be presented with a menu having several server templates (depending on why you create a server). Each has separate channel specifications and Discord bots according to the discovery you are looking for.
  • Templates are available for a Gaming, School Club, Study Group, Friends, Artists & Creators, and a Local community server. Just click on Create My Own if you are unsure about mentioning the template category’s name and your intention behind it.
  • Select any 1 from the options “For a club or community” and “For me and my friends” (according to the visibility you want). 
Provide Server name and Server Icon, and View my Channels
  • You can now write your unique server name, followed by uploading a modern server icon that will help your server invite link stand out among subreddit posts and other Discord mods. Continue by tapping on Create Server.
  • You can enter a topic your friends like and tap on the “Take me to my server!” button. You can also Skip this process using the given button.
  • Complete the Server creation procedure by tapping on View my channels and heading towards the primary server screen.
Three options to modify your Server from the main page
  • From the Discord Server page, there are 3 primary buttons through which you can customize and maintain the Discord Server options, such as private and community options, assigning roles to moderators, donating Discord rewards by gifting nitros, etc. The functions of these buttons are given below.
Create Channels, Send Invide Links, and see Additional Server Settings
  1. Using the Create Channel button (or the plus button beside the channel categories), you can add private or public channels (voice and text) to your server for different purposes.
  2. Using the Invite Members button, you will receive a link that you can share with any friends, and they can join the server.
  3. Using the 3dotted icon beside the server name, you will receive personalization settings for the server and options to create category, channels, and events. You can also check Hide Muted Channels to stop receiving default notifications such as community updates from public channels.

How to Create a Discord Server on Chromebook (or other devices)

No dedicated Discord app is designed for your platform if you have a Chromebook or any device with an OS not listed here. But you can still use the Discord web app through any Internet browser without downloading anything. To proceed with using the Discord web app and creating a server, follow the steps given below:

Open Discord on your browser using the link
  • Open the official Discord website on any Internet Browser, and click on “Open Discord in your browser.”
  • After you get inside the web app, registering and logging in to an account is precisely similar to the Discord desktop app.
Create a new Discord server on the Discord web app
  • You can create a server in the Discord web app through the steps mentioned under the Discord Desktop app process. Please head over to the upper section, and follow them correctly.

How to Create a Public Discord Server

Discord servers may be made as public or as private as you like. Unless you or someone else has invited them to your server by giving the server’s URL, no one will be able to join it from the beginning.

If you put the URL to your Discord server on a public website or elsewhere on social media, the general public will see it as such.

For those who want to build a genuinely public server that anybody can visit directly without needing a link, you must activate the Community settings inside the Server.

Be aware that it will take some time before your server is actually made public since Discord has specific guidelines you must follow before it can be made public. Follow the steps below to make a public Discord server:

Click on the Discord Server Settings from the drop-down menu
  • When you are on the main server page, click on the down arrow beside the server name and Server Settings.
Click on the Enable Community, and Get Started to see more community options
  • From the option in the left pane, select the Enable Community option under the COMMUNITY category.
Click on the Get Started button to setup the new community server
  • Click on the Get Started button to initiate the process.
Enable the Safety checks for your public Discord server
  • Enable the moderation community settings by checking boxes beside the “Verified email required” and “Scan media content from all members” options. Click Next to continue.
Set up the basics for a community server
  • Select a Guidelines Channel and a Community Updates Channel from the channel list available on your Server. Click on Next to continue.
Disable Notifications and seperate @everyone roles and accept license agreement and community guidelines
  • Select “Default notification to Mentions Only” if you don’t want an excessive number of notifications every time you go into Discord.
  • Click the checkbox for “Remove moderation permissions from @everyone” so no additional users are automatically deemed moderators. Moderators have complete authority over the server and can ban and kick users as they see fit. To achieve balance and structure, you will want to make @everyone and moderators distinct.
  • Click on I agree and understand, and make your server public by clicking on Finish Setup.
Extra community settings visible under server overview
  • Your server has now successfully transformed into a fully functioning community server with additional community settings. You can create a welcome screen through these settings, apply for public discovery, check server stats, etc.

How to Create a Private Discord Server

You might want to transform your public Discord Server to a private one if you don’t want the extra burden of maintaining a large server or spending some time away from the public. Follow the steps given below to make your Discord Server Private:

Click on the Discord Server Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the down arrow beside your server name, and select Server Settings.
Click on Default Permissions from the Roles section
  • Select the Roles category from the left pane, and click on Default Permissions.
Clear permissions for @everyone roles
  • Select the @everyone role from the left panel, and select Clear Permissions so that nobody can access your channels.
Click on Save Changes to confirm removal of permissions
  • Select Save Changes to confirm your actions.
Add roles for moderators using the plus icon
  • If you want to provide a new role to a new user you had added as a friend, you have to assign them a new role as a moderator by clicking on the Create Role (+ icon).
Change General Server Permissions for the new role
  • Select the required permissions under the “General Server Permissions” category to assign definite accessibility to your assigned roles. Select Save Changes to confirm your actions. 
Add members to serve as mods for the new role
  • You can assign this new role to any friend or server member. Simply enter their name and press the scan button. Click on Add Members to appoint new members to this role.


Are Discord Servers Free?

Yes, Discord Servers are free of cost, and you can create any number of servers and channels under your Discord account without paying a monthly or annual subscription.

How Do I Make My Discord Server Free?

Discord is an ad-free community-run company. You do not have to make your Discord server free; they are complimentary with your Discord account, and you can do whatever you please with the Discord Server as long as it doesn’t violate the community guidelines.

Can I Own Multiple Discord Servers?

Yes, you can be the owner of multiple Discord servers easily. You must simply press the plus button on Discord and create the server according to your requirements. As of now, you can technically make up to 100 Discord servers from a single Discord account.

How Do I Make My Discord Server Popular?

You can easily make your Discord server popular among your friends and online communities by following some essential tips:
– Avoid creating a category called “Owner”.
– Do not use a leveling or EXP system for users.
– Limit the number of moderators.
– Avoid advertising in random spaces.
– Think from the follower’s perspective.