Mac Widgets: 12 Best Ways To Install, Use, and Manage

According to current research, almost 92% are using smartphones. It has become so common that one could never imagine it in the past. It is an essential part of our lives today.

Most of us only know the standard features of our smartphones, which we use daily. Or they are known by their generic names such as contacts, camera, settings, gallery, etc.

One more common feature among them is the mac widgets, which we all use daily but are unfamiliar with this term.

Widgets are an essential aspect of a smartphone’s screen. It can be imagined as the most critical user data functionally available on the home screen. This article will provide you with how to install widgets and help you manage them on mac.

Apple brought significant visual changes to the Mac operating system with the announcement of Big MacOS.

Widgets are one of the most potent visual changes now, similar to those on iOS 14. Let’s discuss how to install, use and manage widgets on your mac.

mac widgets

What is a widget?

A widget can be defined as a small gadget or device. That is like an extension that comes with the phone as pre-installed. An example to explain widget definition is a USB connector to a laser mouse.

A widget is an element of a graphic user interface (GUI). It displays the information or provides a way to interact with an application or operating system. It contains icons:

  • A pull-down menu
  • Off checkmarks
  • Progress indicator
  • Toggle buttons
  • Form
  • Or any other device displays the information for inviting, accepting, and responding to user information.

How to view mac widgets

In macOS, widgets are part of the notification center and are no longer the menu bar icon. Click on the time at the right corner of your screen to access widgets. Two-finger swipe-in gesture at the right will open the notification center if you use a Mac with a trackpad.

The notification center is divided into two halves. At the top, you will notify the center, and at the bottom, you will see widgets. Scroll up to visit your widgets.

Dashboard widgets in mac OS

How to add widgets in macOS

In macOS, some widgets are added to the notification center by default (such as weather and calendar). If you want more widgets, you can add them from Apple and third-party apps to the notification center.

Open the notification center, go down to the screen, and select the edit widgets button to add more widgets. There is also an alternative way if you want to edit the widget, right-click on that particular widget, and go to the edit widget button to edit the widget.

You will face three-pane faces. There is a list of all apps that support the widget in the first pane, and the middle one will show previews of the widget. In the last pane, you will have a notification center.

By scrolling the middle pane, you will see the widgets of all apps. Or you can select an app that shows you the widgets of that selective app.

The middle pane will have a preview of the widget. Below that widget, you will have a size option, small, medium, or large size. Having changed size,  click the widget or click + on the left side of the widget to add it to your notification center.

This action will add it to the bottom of the widget list. To change the place of the widget, drag and drop it to your desired position. Click “Done” at the bottom of the notification center when you have added the widget. Or click anywhere on the screen to close the notification center.

You can rearrange the widgets easily, open the notification center, select a widget, and drag it to pick it up. Then move the cursor wherever you wish to place that widget. Then leave the cursor in the new place. It will work when you are in widget editing mode.


Best widgets for macOS Monterey

Most widget apps have various readymade widgets so that you have many options to choose from. Some apps allow you to control more personalized macOS Monterey widgets.

They allow you to make customized widgets with different backgrounds and fonts. To have a more personalized macOS widget, you can use your photos.

1. Parcel

What if you have a widget that can help you track your widget easily? The parcel is designed to allow you to access essential tracking information.

It could be 300 delivery services, from Amazon to DHL to China Port to Aramex. It has automatic carrier recognition that will help you add new deliveries and monitor them easily.

2. LookUp

If you want to expand your vocabulary, a word of the day seems like a perfect fit for your home screen. Where you can glance at it any time in the day, this is what lookUp provides, quizzes and open your word collection.

3. Color Widgets

Most people are fond of customization, and if you are one of them, you should not miss color widgets. A vast collection of customizable widgets makes this app a better option.

Through this, you can customize your notification center. You can select the color tone, font size, and notification center design according to your taste.

color widgets

4. AirBuddy 2

It will help you open your AirPods case right with your mac and check the current status, just like it works on your iPhone.

You can get connected with a single click, swipe down to check, and change the settings of your listening mode.

5. WaterMinder

They easily appeal to the folks who emphasize improving health and fitness. This widget helps you to be on track with your water intake.

It also reminds you about drinking water based on your daily goals and body weight.

6. MD Clock

If you like digital clocks, you should check out the MD clock. This app provides many professionally designed themes to choose the desired theme of your preference. Further, it contains different sound elements that will help you to add fun to your digital clock.

7. Widgy

It is a featured-packed widget app that lets you design your notification center according to your likes. Widget apps already have readymade widgets, but you are allowed to design your widgets.

8. Widget Art Gallery

Having 10,000 works of art, the widget art gallery allows you to give an artistic touch to your notification center.

With the help of this app, you can explore a ton of artwork, make a list of your favorites, and choose one for your notification center.

Although the widget art gallery is free, if you want an unlimited number of widgets to unlock, you have to spend $5.


9. Exchange Rates 3

With today’s widget, it is a versatile, extensible, and convenient currency calculator. It is residing the macOS status bar and supports many cryptocurrencies.

Suppose you are tired of the macOS calculator app and miss cryptocurrencies in spotlight currency conversion. Here is the solution for this widget.

It helps notify the exchange rates to cross a threshold value and allows you to close tabs on the FX market.

10. Countdowns

Countdowns are the right widget if you want a straight count down to your special event. It features several timers and support for multiple unit options like days, weeks, etc. It gives you support to set any countdowns.

11. Dash Dot Dash

It is a simple widget app that allows the creation of several widgets for your mac. To make your tasks more manageable, a neat widget editor helps you mix and match to create different widgets.

For example, you can add an image to your widget or monthly calendar to your image.

12. CardPointers

It is your credit card manager. If you find it a bit tiresome to manage your credit cards and search for ways to save money, you should give a chance to card pointers.

How to manage your widgets

Firstly, ensure you are using the latest OS on your device.

Swipe right until you see a widget screen with individual widgets like calendar, weather, news, and other apps.

Scroll down and click the edit button, review the widgets and select the minus symbol for any of the widgets you don’t want anymore. Confirm the delete action.

Tap + symbol to add new widgets, go down to potential widgets, and add what you want in your widgets. Some widgets give you the choice of different sizes and layouts.

Swipe through to find your favorite widget and click the add button to add it. Continue the process until you have added the widgets you want to your list.

As you finish the task, tap done.


Widgets are very useful in your daily schedule. They give you at a glance information about the things you care about. They provide you with updates like weather and stocks. You can access them quickly whenever you want.

This article includes all the information about widgets and adding or managing them. And how to remove any widget if you don’t wish to keep it anymore, how to edit widgets and customize them according to your wish.

You can have all your essential information and updates on your screen using widgets. macOS has added some widgets by default. But you can add and edit widgets later as you want them.