8 Fixes For Netflix Error Code M7121-1331-P7 and M7111-1331-4027

When there is an issue with your browser, the Netflix Error codes “M7121-1331-P7” and “M7111-1331-4027” appear. Netflix has formally reported these problem messages. These problems occur when the browser fails to meet the requirements for shows. There is a faulty cache that prevents it from playing.

For quite some time, and these error signals have been on the radar in a few circumstances. It can also happen if the Netflix server for your location is unavailable.

Minimal troubleshooting is required to resolve these problem messages. The issue is minor and does not necessitate any technical knowledge to comprehend.

What Is The Error Code M7121-1331 On Netflix?

A playback issue can be interpreted as the Netflix streaming error M7121-1331. You will likely get this error when you use this service on a web browser that doesn’t support Netflix.

On this platform, movies and programs are viewed using an unsupported web browser. It may cause interference with the player.

As a result of this, you can get the following error message on your screen:

  • Something Went Wrong
  • An Unexpected Error occurred. Please try again after reloading the page.
  • M7121-1331-P7′′ is the error code.

Causes Of Netflix Error M7121-1331

Some error messages almost often indicate a problem with the browser. Some of the causes you might be getting problems are as follows:

  • Your browser does not support HTML 5. HTML 5 is the most recent version of HTML to be produced. It is now used by practically all of the major streaming companies.
  • Chrome addons are interfering with Netflix’s playback process.
  • Google Chrome isn’t working and doesn’t contain all of the necessary installation files.
  • There may be issues with the playback due to faulty cookies or caching. Netflix is particularly stringent when it comes to cookies and cache. It is due to the copyright issues it has to deal with.
  • The Netflix server is currently unavailable. You have no alternative but to wait it out in this situation.
  • Your browser is no longer supported. Netflix automatically updates to the most recent version, so if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to stream.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Also, administrator access to your computer account before proceeding with the solutions.

Methods To Fix Netflix Error Code M7121-1331-P7 Or M7111-1331-4027

  1. Ensure Browser Supports Netflix, And HTML 5 Is Enabled
  2. Test Server Status Of Netflix Account
  3. Update Chrome’s Content Protection Feature
  4. Clean The Browser Cache Data And Cookies 
  5. Reset Google Chrome Configurations
  6. Disable Chrome Extensions
  7. Update Your Web Browser
  8. Uninstall And Reinstall Google Chrome

Solution 1: Ensure Browser Supports Netflix, And HTML 5 Is Enabled

Netflix only works with well-known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You won’t watch videos on the platform using an “unsupported” browser.

HTML 5 must be enabled for this to work. HTML 5 is the most recent markup language, and practically all mainstreaming services use it. If you don’t have a browser that supports it or if you’ve disabled it manually. Before you try to stream again, make sure it’s working correctly.

It should be mentioned that HTML 5 is already enabled by default in all common browsers. By going to Youtube’s HTML5 detector, you can see if your browser supports HTML5.

Some supported browsers are:

  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1.
  • Google Chrome 64-bit version.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Opera.
  • Safari web browser.

Solution 2: Test Server Status Of Netflix Account

It is the first and most important action you should take. Check to see if you’re having any internet problems.

Netflix will not operate if you have a terrible internet connection. I recommend that you restart your router and double-check your link. Check if you can use any other streaming apps. If you encounter any issues, restart the Wi-Fi router.

Restart Router

Make sure the device hasn’t been unintentionally set to Airplane mode. It could potentially bring up the subject without your knowledge.

You can check with your service provider if there is a problem with the server. If there is, see if the issue is with the ISP. Because Netflix is down, you may see this error number m7121-1331.

Solution 3: Update Chrome’s Content Protection Feature

On your PC, you are experiencing the Netflix problem code M7121-1331-4027. It implies that a component of one’s browser hasn’t been updated. Security settings have also hampered it.

Ensure the Widevine Content Decryption Module is installed. This module is used globally to encrypt data and securely distribute licenses. Netflix extensively uses this module in its operations since it allows you to stream copyrighted content.

Widevine is used to encrypt data and securely distribute licenses. It also aids in the protection of video playback on any consumer device. Netflix uses Widevine for browser playback. You may receive an error message if the module is missing or obsolete.

You can locate this component and check for updates using the Check for Update option. You can reboot your computer to ensure that the modifications are remembered. After that, you’ll be able to launch Netflix and see if it’s working right now.

  • Select chrome:/components from the address bar of one’s Chrome browser and press Enter.
  • Find the Widevine Content Decryption Module element at the bottom of the page.
image 49
  • Look for an upgrade by selecting Look for an upgrade.
  • Restart the device to apply the changes. Attempt to reconnect to Netflix to see whether it’s still working.

Solution 4: Clean The Browser Cache Data And Cookies 

When the web browser’s cookies and cached data are cleared, the error number M7121-1331 appears on Netflix. Your device’s software and physical components may also be affected. You must remove your web browser’s cache, cookies, and similar data.

Google Chrome Cache Clean

  • Go to the “Address Bar” section.
  • Enter “chrome:/settings” and hit “Enter.”
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced” tab at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll down to the “Clear Browsing Data” option in the “Advanced” menu.
  • Check all of the boxes that say “Cookies,” “Auto-fill Information,” and “Browsing History” in the following pop-up window.
  • Select “All Time” as the time range.
Clear Browsing Data
  • Delete all temporary files containing web surfing history. Select the “Clear Data” option.
  • Restart “Chrome” and connect to “Netflix” to see if the video is streaming without the playback problem.

Remove Firefox’s Cache

  • Select “History” from the “Library” drop-down menu.
  • Then select “Clear Recent History” from the drop-down menu.
  • Clear all the data stored since the last activity. Choose everything from the menu next to “Time Range to Clear.”
firefox history
  • Checkmark the boxes next to the details you want to remove from your history. “Browsing & Download History,” “Cookies,” “Cache,” “Active Logins,” and “Form & Search History” will all be included.
clear firefox history
  • Select “Clear Now” from the drop-down menu. Mozilla’s history will be cleaned of the items you’ve selected.

Solution 5: Reset Google Chrome Configurations

  • Select Settings from the menu by clicking the menu icon next to the address bar.
  • Click the Advanced link near the bottom of the Settings page.
reset chrome settings
  • Reset the page by scrolling to the bottom of the expanded page.
reset chrome settings
  • In the pop-up box, click the Reset button.
reset chrome settings
  • Next to the address bar, click the menu symbol (three horizontal lines.)
  • Select the choice for Settings.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
  • Reset settings are located at the bottom of the page.
  • By clicking Reset, you confirm that you want to reset your settings.

Solution 6: Disable Chrome Extensions

On Chrome, there are a plethora of addons. It enhances the Netflix streaming experience. However, some of these can generate the Netflix Error code m7121-1331 4027. These extensions violate the service’s terms.

You might have some of these extensions installed in Chrome. You might wish to turn them off. They can be turned off by hitting the click button provided near them. Disable those add-ons. Use the following instructions on Chrome:

  • Type chrome:/extensions into Chrome’s “Address Bar” box.
  • Scroll to the base of the page to see the list of extensions.
  • Use a tap to turn off the expansion that has been enabled.
remove extensions
  • Now go to the Netflix website and try to stream any video there.

Solution 7: Update Your Web Browser

Look for the most recent version of your browser. It will be necessary for you to improve it. If you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, you can find the upgrading instructions here.

Update Google Chrome.

  • You can use the browser to receive Google-essential Chrome’s updates.
  • After that, select the three vertical dots option. You must first press settings and then help.
  • Now select About Google Chrome from the drop-down menu.
Update Google Chrome
  • Your browser will very certainly be updated to the most recent version.
Update Google Chrome
  • Chrome should be relaunched. Netflix’s M7121-1331 error code is most likely fixable.

Mozilla Firefox update.

Updating Mozilla Firefox is a tried-and-true and straightforward procedure. It can be started by selecting the Open Menu option from the menu bar.

  • Select “Mozilla Firefox” and “Open Menu” from the drop-down menu.
  • The menu will appear after you select “Support.”
  • “About Firefox” can be found here.
  • The “About Mozilla Firefox” box will appear. You can try to locate the upgrades and download them from this page.
  • You must restart your browser after upgrading it.

Update Your Opera Browser:

  • Go to “O Menu” from “Opera.” This menu can be located on the left side of your screen.
  • Select “Update and Recovery” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, after upgrading the browser, select “relaunch Now.”
  • After that, “Netflix” was launched. Ensure the M7121-1331 Netflix error code isn’t causing any issues throughout the ceremony.

Solution 8: Uninstall And Reinstall Google Chrome

When using Google Chrome to watch Netflix, the Netflix M7121-1331-P7 code was detected. Such an error was continuously detected because it had not been updated.

You can uninstall this browser if you find yourself in a similar position. Google Chrome can be reinstalled on your device. You can clear the data stored in the browser before removing it. After that, Google Chrome can be uninstalled. After that, you can reinstall it by downloading the installation file again.

  • Close all Chrome windows and tabs on your PC.
  • Then select Settings from the Start menu.
  • Go to Apps and select it. Select Google Chrome from the “Apps & features” menu.
Apps ad features
  • Click “Also delete your browsing data” to delete all your histories and information.
  • Select Uninstall from the drop-down menu. Re-click the Uninstall button to confirm.
uninstall Chrome
  • To reinstall Google Chrome, follow these steps:
  • Save the installation file to your computer.
  • If Windows prompts you for permission, choose Run or Save.
  • To begin the installation procedure, double-click the downloaded file.
  • Try using “Netflix” after installing “Chrome.” Hopefully, it will work without displaying the M7121-1331-P7 problem number on Netflix.


I hope you’ve figured out how to solve the error code m7121-1331-P7 problem. Use all the procedures provided in this post. It would help if you always used an updated browser to enjoy an excellent viewing experience. Also, it would help if you had a fast internet connection.