7 Fixes For ‘LUA Error’ in World of Warcraft on Windows

If you keep facing LUA errors, your playing experience can quickly turn into a big disaster. Encountering these types of errors are quite normal in the gaming world. Not to mention, most of the games use LUA scripts to add mod files or add-ons. 

Usually, the error occurs if you run an improper code that is not backed up by the game. Detecting the error and then eliminating it might seem a hectic task to you. But, it’s not the case at all. 

All you need is proper knowledge and guidelines about the methods that work in such scenarios. So, if you are searching for the same thing, then ahead are some methods that might help you to put an end to the LUA error.  

lua error wow

Reasons That Causes The LUA Error

Before proceeding with the solutions, you must know about the cause of the LUA Error. Usually, the error arises when you run an improper or wrong code while playing. Apart from that, here are some common factors that cause the said error:

  • Display Error Attribute: There is an attribute to display the active errors. Suppose you have enabled this attribute, then it’s obvious to come across the error message. Disabling it will make the error go away.
  • WoW’s User Interface: It is possible that the UI has some technical bugs. Or the configure settings are incorrect. Suppose this is the reason you can set its settings to default. Doing so will end the error.
  • Corrupted Add-ons: It is not necessary that all the add-ons added to the game are compatible. So, if an add-on is not compatible, you may face the LUA error. Also, sometimes the Add-on might get corrupted. In this case, removing or updating the add-on can fix the problem.

These are some of the common errors. Solutions to these errors are quite easy to execute. But, if you are still skeptical about the process, then scroll down. You will find the step-by-step guide to the solutions.

Solutions For LUA Error In WoW

  1. Reload LUA
  2. Reset The Interface Of World Of Warcraft
  3. Reset The Console Variables Settings
  4. Detect LUA Error
  5. Remove The Corrupted Add-on From WoW
  6. Disable The Display LUA Errors Attribute
  7. Disable The Errors

How To Fix LUA Errors In Wow?

1. Reload LUA

Reload the UI from the LUA Error

Sometimes the LUA error is just a technical bug, and there is not an actual error. So, to figure this out, you can reload LUA with the help of the chatbox in WoW. Follow these simple steps to reload it:

  • Press the hotkey that opens the chatbox while the game is running.
  • Type the command below in it:
  • Press the enter key on your keyboard to apply the settings.

This is a basic troubleshooting process that works with all kinds of errors. But, if the LUA error doesn’t go away, then you can proceed with the more advanced solutions ahead. 

2. Reset The Interface Of World Of Warcraft

Reset the LUA Error previous close

When you encounter the LUA error the first thing you should do is reset the interface. Somehow setting it to default worked for many users. 

Besides, there is a possibility that a certain setting might be causing the error. Resetting the settings to default helps in eliminating the error. here are the steps to reset the interface:

  • Close the game
  • If you are running any add-on manager, uninstall it.
  • On your PC, go to the folder of World of Warcraft. Or right-click on the shortcut available on your desktop. Choose Open File Location from the small menu that appears. It will direct you into the folder of WoW.
  • Both the versions “Retail” & “Classic” of the game will be visible to you once you are in the folder. Select the one with the error.
  • Now you will need to rename the folders of the game’s version you selected earlier. For instance, change Cache to Old_Cache, Interface to Old_Interface and WTF to Old_WTF.

Upon relaunching the game, it will reinstall the important files by default. Hence, resetting the interface. If the error hasn’t gone away, try resetting the console variable.

3. Reset The Console Variables Settings

World Of Warcraft official console image

Console variables are referred to data that you store and can change as you please. Sometimes altering it helps in removing errors. So, if you are facing the LUA error, you can try to change the console variables. To change it, follow these steps:

  • Run a game and open the Chatbox in the game. Usually, there is a designated key to open the chatbox.
  • Now to set the console variables settings to default, in the console box, type away these commands:
/Console Cvar_reset
/Console Cvar_default

After typing the above command, hit the enter key on your keyboard to apply them.

You might come across a permission error after executing the above steps. It won’t cause any harm, so ignore it as the command will work anyway.

4. Detect LUA Error

Official Blizzard Homepage banners and slider

You can use the display errors attribute to detect the origin of the error. Once you know from where the error originates, finding the solution to remove it will become easier. You can also track the error afterward in the game. Follow these steps to enable the display errors to attribute on your console:

  • Navigate to Task Manager and end all the active processes of your game.
  • Sign in to your Blizzard account.
  • Once you are in your account, choose World of Warcraft and select “Options.”
  • Now select the Show In Explorer option. After doing this, you will gain access to the World of Warcraft directory.
  • In the directory folder, take your cursor to an empty field. Press the right button of your mouse along with the Shift key on your keyboard.
  • A drop-down menu will display. Select the Open PowerShell Window option from it.
  • Type the following command in the empty field:
wow - console
  • On your keyboard, press the enter key to apply the settings.

This method will help you locate the error. Also, you will get prompted if any new error arises in the future.

5. Remove The Corrupted Add-on From WoW

World Of Warcraft Add-On Control Panel
  • By detecting the source of the error, it becomes easier for you to remove the error. This you have already done in the previous step. Suppose you detect no error by performing the previous step. Now it’s time to rely on the manual process. 

In this method, you will find out whether there is an add-on that’s causing the issue. If there is an issue caused by an add-on, you can execute that corrupted add-on. Here are the steps to find the error and remove that particular add-on that has there error:

  • Access the error logs by pressing the hotkey that you have set for it. The default key is (‘).
  • Pressing the hotkey or the default key to display error logs will display the active errors. Go through each one of them and find the add-on that is causing the error.
  • If there is a particular add-on that is being problematic, select “Update” or “Delete”.
  • To find the add-on of both the versions of the game, use these directories:

For the Retail version

C: Program FileWorld of Warcraft_retail_InterfaceAddons

C: Users[Username]PublicGamesWorld of  Warcraft_retail_InterfaceAddons

C: Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft_retail_InterfaceAddons

For the Classic version:

C: Program FileWorld of Warcraft_classic_InterfaceAddons

C: Users[Username]PublicGamesWorld of  Warcraft_classic_InterfaceAddons

C: Program Files (x86)World of Warcraft_classic_InterfaceAddons

6. Disable The Display LUA Errors Attribute

World Of Warcraft In-Game Controls

LUA errors are no big deal until the LUA script gets corrupted. So, if you think that the errors interrupt your game, you can disable them. Once you disable the display LUA errors attribute, you will no longer see error messages. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  • From Blizzard Client, open World of Warcraft.
  • Navigate to the Game Menu.
  • Tap on the Help menu, which is in the left panel.
  • Now, in the right panel find Display LUA Errors.
  • Once you find it, remove the check from the box which is beside it.

The error messages will no longer appear on your screen while you play the game. Keep in mind that it will not end the error. The error will still exist; it won’t be visible to you anymore. If you wish to make the error visible in the future, you will only have to enable it by rechecking the box again.

7. Disable The Errors

World of warcraft settings

LUA script errors are not very harmful. So, if you want to continue enjoying your game without any interruption, you can do so by hiding them. Sometimes disabling the Display Errors attribute doesn’t work. You will need to run a command to hide the errors. To disable the error messages, follow these steps:

  • Open the chat box while playing the game. Usually, there is a hotkey assigned by you to open it.
  • Type in the following command in it:
/console scriptErrors 0
  • Hit the enter key on your keyboard to apply it.
  • If the error still appears, try restarting the game. Now you should be able to play your game without error prompts.
  • Knowing how to unhide the errors is also crucial. Not to mention in future, you might want to fix the errors or check what kind of errors are active. So for that, you can execute the following instructions:
  • Run a game.
  • Open the chatbox by pressing the hotkey.
  • Type in the following command
/console scriptErrors 1
  • Press the enter key on your keyboard.

The above command will showcase the active errors on your console. You will start getting the error prompts that you disabled earlier.

Conclusion – LUA Script WoW Error

These are the workable solutions that will work to solve the LUA script WoW error. Some will help remove the error, while others might only make the error invisible. You can also try reinstalling the game, as it will reset everything. 

But all the progress that you made in the game will disappear. You may still encounter the error even after performing all the fixes. If that’s the case with you, do not hesitate to take your console to the service center. Only a skilled professional can help you in this matter.