Look Up Your Own Phone Number In Android and iOS | 9 Easy Ways

Phone numbers are no longer as easily remembered as street addresses. While you used to remember your phone number, your best friend’s, your mom’s, and the number for the neighborhood pizza place, the emergence of mobile phones have rendered this memorization exercise obsolete.

You might not have memorized your phone number if you had just received a new phone. Or maybe you’re not very good with numbers and keep forgetting about it. When a friend or employer asks for your new phone number, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Finding your phone number on Android is not as difficult as it sounds. It’s pretty straightforward. This article has looked at several ways to look up your phone number on iOS and Android. So, let’s start without further ado. 

How To Look Up Your Own Phone Number On iOS?

Your phone number is provided to you when registering your new iPhone, but you can also find it in the iPhone’s settings and the Phone program, where you can modify it. 

When using the iPhone’s Phone application, you can add additional contact information to your virtual business card (vCard). You may also alter your voicemail password and generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your SIM card while in the phone’s Settings.

  1. Swipe the lock bar to the right to unlock the iPhone after pressing the Home button.
  2. Drag your thumb against the iPhone’s display to move down to the “Phone” tab by tapping the Settings symbol on the screen. Select “Phone” from the drop-down menu. The “My Number” option will display your phone number.
  3. To save the new number, hit the “Save” button on the upper-right edge of the screen after editing it with the “My Number” tab.
  4. On your iPhone, press the Home button and then tap the “Phone” symbol on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, hit the “Contacts” icon, then tap the initial letter of your name. To see your contact information, tap your name.

How To Look Up Your Own Phone Number On Android? 

If, by chance, you are asked for your phone number, and it slipped past your memory, fear not, for all you need to do to find your phone number in your Android is follow these steps: 

While the procedure might be different for different versions of Android, you can try this: 

  1. Select Contacts from your phone’s Menu.
Select Contacts from your phone's Menu.
  1. Choose Me at the top of the list to show your phone number.

Alternatively, if this does not pan out, you can: 

  1. Go to Settings and open ‘About Phone.’
Go to Settings and open 'About Phone.'
  1. Select the Status or Identity or Phone Number option.
Select the Status or Identity or Phone Number option.

7 Other Ways To Look Up Your Own Phone Number

If you still cannot find your contact number, you can employ a plethora of other techniques to look up your own phone number. Let’s see what these are. 

  1. Call Or Text Your Friend
  2. Contact Customer Services
  3. Look In Your Numbers
  4. Dial A Unique Code 
  5. Visit Your Network Provider Store
  6. Look At Over Bill Or Contact 
  7. Use Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

1. Call Or Text Your Friend

Let’s face it, remembering a ten-digit phone number at all times isn’t the easiest of tasks. Your final resort can be trying to phone a friend. You can then note down your contact number from their device. You can also send a text message and request to open their contact and see if they have it saved and note down your number from there. 

2. Contact Customer Services

You can contact your network operator and get your mobile number. When you call customer care, your information, including your phone number, will frequently show on their screens.

3. Look In Your Numbers

You can discover your phone number in your Contacts on Android and Apple phones by clicking on the contact’s application and scrolling to the top of the list. In iOS, choose ‘My Card’ or ‘My Number’ and select the ‘ME’ contacts in Android. 

Your phone number, as well as any extra contact information, will be shown here. Menus on Android phones differ somewhat in terms of where your phone number is kept. This may need you to hunt around a little to discover your number.

4. Dial A Unique Code 

Another easy and common way to locate your phone number on Android is to dial a special code known as the USSD code. The appropriate network operator provides the USSD code to determine your phone number and additional options. 

To find your mobile number, call a unique code (which varies by service provider) from your phone. One of the finest aspects of this procedure is that it is completely free.

5. Visit Your Network Provider Store

If you haven’t located your mobile number using any of the techniques listed above, you can go to the retail shop of the network to which you are subscribed. Retail businesses might be crowded, but they are customer-focused and will gladly assist you.

6. Look At Over Bill Or Contact 

It can be in the SIM card’s package if you need to identify your SIM card number. You must remove the SIM card from your phone if you do not have the original packaging.

7. Use Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

The next technique is using reverse phone lookup sites. These sites are popular for letting you know who’s calling you in a few minutes. Due to this, you can also look up your own phone number

6 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites 

If you have been bombarded by prank calls and don’t know the culprit’s identity, finding out who the culprit is is not as tedious as you thought it was. 

Reverse phone lookup sites are tools that will help you know about the culprit and their identity. Some effective reverse phone lookup sites are: 

  1. CocoFinder
  2. Spokeo
  3. Spy Dialer
  4. CellRevealer
  6. Whitepages

1. CocoFinder


CocoFinder is one of the most established tools out there. It would help if you looked at CocoFinder and its well-regarded free reverse phone lookup service. To find out or confirm a caller’s identity, enter their phone number and let the directory do the rest.

The phone number will be matched with potential prospects through CocoFinder. Finally, you’ll be presented with reports including information on each individual. Your inquiry will go from “Who contacted me from this phone number?” to “What information should I examine first?”

All of the data is lawful because it originates from publicly available sources. The amount of information you receive is determined by the caller’s internet footprints. Expect everything from a name to social media pages and contacts.

2. Spokeo


Spokeo is another well-known website. A good algorithm and many legitimate sources provide the service with a reasonable probability of locating even the most obscure callers.

Spokeo’s commercial services boost its efficacy even more, although its free insights may provide much correct information such as age, address, and relatives. Because of its ease, this is one of the greatest free phone number lookup services.

3. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is an excellent alternative if you want a basic and uncomplicated web application. The service’s software may contact the number you enter and obtain information about its owner from social media, public records, and other sources.

You receive free reverse phone lookups that include the caller’s name, address, photographs, and other publicly and legally accessible information daily. You may also remove your personal information from Spy Dialer to prevent scrutiny.

4. CellRevealer


Try a website like CellRevealer for a more social feel. Cell Revealer is the only free reverse lookup site with cell phone numbers. They can get this data from actual phone data warehouses, while the other services can only supply you with limited information from phonebooks.

According to satisfied clients, the service’s phone monitoring features are rudimentary yet dependable and, of course, free.

Furthermore, the site functions as a notice board, where users may report fraudsters or telemarketers. 

So, while monitoring your number, you may rapidly construct a list of calls to avoid. Such essential functions are sometimes all that a caller ID lookup service is required for.



SPYTOX distinguishes out from other free and legitimate reverse phone lookup sites. It’s simple and efficient, providing you with enough information about callers to make an informed decision.

SPYTOX relies on its directory and other sources to provide as much factual information as possible. It’s not as strong as other services, but it’s a solid starting point for rapidly identifying unknown numbers. A free reverse phone lookup with just a name can provide you with a piece of mind.

Over 275 million people in the United States have extensive personal details, including cell phone numbers. SPYTOX is one of the top-ranked domains for human information, answering approximately 3 million searches daily. 

The best way to figure out who is calling you is to use reverse phone lookup. As long as you have the phone number, you can use SPYTOX to reverse lookup the owner’s name. 

6. Whitepages


The need to identify anonymous callers has always existed, as have internet listings like Whitepages. It is one of the oldest services in the area, established in 1997, and people continue to value it.

It’s not the most visually appealing platform, but what it lacks in design and unique features, it makes up for in content. With a massive database at its disposal, there isn’t much you can’t find on Whitepages.

A single phone number might lead to information about the caller’s business and criminal history. Again, the quantity of information provided for free is determined by what is publicly available. Premium memberships and their additional insights are always available.

Similar to Whitepages, you can also try out Yellow Pages. 

How To Look Up Your Own Number From LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks with millions of users. Making a LinkedIn profile might help you gain more exposure. LinkedIn recommends adding at least one cell phone number to your account. Add a phone number to your account to help keep it safe and quickly restore your login or change your password if you have difficulties logging in. 

In case you forgot what it was, this makes it easier to find your contact information. Follow the steps below to find out how to look up your phone number from your LinkedIn account. 

For mobile applications:

  1. Open your LinkedIn application on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner.
  3. Click View Profile.
  4. Now, click on the Add Section box on the page.
  5. Go to the bottom and press Additional.
  6. Scroll down and find Add Contact Info.
  7. Open it, and it will display your latest contact information on the screen.

For Websites:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn website on Google Chrome or other browsers.
  2. In the upper toolbox, press the Me option with your profile.
  3. Click on View Profile and find Contact Info besides your current address.
  4. A pop-up box will appear with your contact information on it.


If you have trouble remembering your phone number, store this blog code in your bookmarks. You can instantly open it anytime you need to give someone your cell phone number by saving these essential recommendations.

There you go! You don’t have to worry about not remembering your phone number. Save yourself from awkward situations when someone asks you your phone number and nothing pops up.

Any doubts about how to look up your own phone number? Drop them in the comments below.