10 Fixes For Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working

Mouses have evolved since the creation of these devices. There are several types of mouses and one of the most creative designs of them is the wireless mouse. Logitech is an outstanding manufacturer of wireless mouse and other peripherals.

However, like every other device, the Logitech mouse may also malfunction. Before you consider getting a new mouse, use the procedures in this article to see if they can resurrect your Logitech mouse by solving the Logitech mouse not working issue on Windows 10.

Logitech M310t wireless mouse

Why is my Logitech Wireless Mouse not working?

The following are the factors that can prevent you from using your Logitech Mouse. 

  1. Loose or broken dongles and USB ports
  2. Outdated mouse driver
  3. Corrupt mouse driver
  4. Uneven work surface for the mouse
  5. Low battery

Steps to fix the problematic Logitech Mouse not working issue

These are your solutions to be followed, for fixing the Logitech Wireless mouse not working issue. 

  1. Check if the mouse is placed on a flat surface
  2. Turn the mouse Off and On
  3. Disconnect and reconnect the mouse
  4. Use a different mouse
  5. Replace the batteries
  6. Connect in a different USB port
  7. Use the mouse with a different computer
  8. Reinstall the Mouse drivers
  9. Download and install the latest drivers
  10. Update the Logitech mouse firmware

Solutions for the Logitech Mouse Not Working Issue

Check if the mouse is placed on a flat surface

The motion sensor on your mouse is placed on the bottom of the mouse. This needs a smooth surface like a table to be detected. Using the mouse over an uneven or different surface, it will be difficult to move your cursor on-screen. Use a mouse pad of good quality to provide a flat surface for the mouse to glide on. 

Logitech Wireless mouse placed on a cloth mouse pad

Make sure that your mouse pad does not have any unusual surfaces or lumps under it. Do not try to use your mouse on the floor or on a desktop as this can damage your mouse. 

Turn the mouse Off and On

Every wireless mouse has an On and Off switch or a button at its bottom, to disable them when it is not in use. Use them to switch off the mouse and switch it back on. Press the button gently, twice to switch it off and turn it on again. 

On/Off switch at the back of the wireless mouse

This will reset the mouse. This is not just for the Logitech wireless mouse, but also for other mice. This is a very easy workaround method.

Disconnect and reconnect the mouse

Wireless mice are connected to a computer with the help of a wireless receiver dongle. This links the cordless mouse and the computer together, with the help of transmitted frequencies.

Wireless receiver plugged into a laptop USB port

Unplug the USB receiver and connect it again to fix the Logitech wireless mouse not working issue on your Windows 10 computer. 

Use a different mouse

The problem can lie with the mouse itself. Physical damage is caused by rough handling or dropping the mouse somewhere. Since there is no cord, the chances of the mouse falling to the floor increase and the odds of the mouse getting damaged are high. If you suspect hardware damage, you might be able to hear a rattling noise coming from the mouse. 

If you have a spare mouse, you can connect it to your PC and check if it works without any issues. 

Replace the batteries

The source of power for any wireless device is a battery, that is rechargeable or interchangeable. In the case of a wireless mouse, almost every available model uses the AAA battery type.

AAA battery inserted in the battery slot

If this battery is low, you will not be able to use it. 

The main indicators for low battery power are – 

  1. The light of the bottom of the mouse goes off or starts blinking. 
  2. The cursor will not move across the display as smoothly as before.

Your wireless mouse will have a small slot for inserting the battery, which is usually covered by an openable cover. Carefully, slide it open and remove the old battery, Now, insert the new battery and close the lid. When you hear a click, it means that the battery is locked into position. If the cause for the Wireless mouse not working issue is low battery power, this is the only solution to it.

Connect in a different USB port

As mentioned earlier, a wireless receiver is used to connect the mouse and the PC. Each wireless mouse has a unique dongle, which goes into the computer’s USB. Every computer, be it a laptop or a desktop PC, has more than one USB port. 

USB ports on the back panel of a CPU

Laptops have them on the sides and you can find the USB ports for your desktop PC in front of and behind the CPU tower. 

Use the mouse with a different computer

Since the problem can also lie with the computer, you can try using another computer to check if the problem lies with the system. This is merely a method of finding where the problem arises from and not a solution to the Logitech mouse not working issue. 

If the mouse works with another computer and not the one you want it to, you might have to get your PC checked and repaired. 

Reinstall the Mouse drivers

Mice have exclusive driver software, that needs to be updated regularly for getting the best performance out of the mice. If this driver is corrupt or outdated, you will face a number of problems while using it.

This will affect your computer user experience. If you suspect driver-related errors, you have two options – Remove and re-install the driver or update drivers for your mouse, to the latest version. 

Follow the steps to uninstall and install the mouse drivers again on your Windows device. 

  1. Launch the Device Manager. You can use the Run tool (Windows + R > type devmgmt.msc command and execute it), Quick Link menu (Windows + X), and the search box to open this window. 
Device Manager option in the Quick Link menu
  1. Expand the category called Mice and other pointing devices and locate the wireless Logitech mouse.
Mice and other pointing devices category in the Device Manager
  1. Right-click on the mouse and select Uninstall device from the context menu.
Uninstall device option in the Mouse device context menu
  1. In the Uninstall device dialog box, click on the Uninstall button and the device will be removed from your Device Manager. 
Uninstall Device window for the Mouse device
  1. Now, right-click on the Mice and other pointing devices option and choose the Scan for hardware changes option. 
Scan for hardware changes option in the Mice and other pointing devices context menu

This will reset the changes and bring back your mouse driver. Alternatively, you can also download the driver from the Logitech website and install them onto your computer. Another common way to get your drivers, automatically, is to simply restart your PC. 

Download and install the latest drivers

If uninstalling the driver and installing it again, did not work for you, you can try updating it to the most recent release of the mouse driver update. 

These are the steps to update the mouse drivers on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. Go to the Device Manager, with the help of the devmgmt.msc command through the Run tool (Windows + R), through the search bar on the taskbar, or with the help of the Quick Link menu (Windows + X).
Run tool with the Device Manager command
  1. Go to the Mice and other pointing devices option and expand it by clicking on it. 
  2. Locate your Mouse device and right-click on it. This will unfold a small pop-up menu.
  3. From this menu, choose the Update driver option to launch the update Mouse driver wizard.
  4. Choose Search automatically for drivers in this window and make sure you have a proper internet connection. 
Update drivers window for the Mouse device

Your PC will scan for available driver updates for the mouse and download them to your computer. You will have to restart your computer to save these changes and install the new update. 

Users can also download drivers’ software setups from the manufacturer’s website and install them on their computer, easily. 

Update the Logitech mouse firmware

The last method to update your mouse driver and fix the Logitech wireless mouse not working for Windows 10 computers is to use a utility designed by Logitech to provide configurational and technical support to most of the devices that they design.

The Logitech mouse not working issue can be fixed with the Logitech options tool downloaded from the Logitech website. This tool can use used not just to get new updates to your computer, but also to change key bindings, control device DPI, and other configurations.

These are the solutions to fix the Logitech wireless mouse not working issue on a Windows 10 computer. Most of these methods can be used for cordless mice created by other brands too. If these steps do not work, you can talk to the brand support service or buy a new mouse. 

We hope you found this article helpful! Happy Browsing!

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