9 Fixes For Logitech Mouse Double Clicking Issue

Logitech computer mice are well-known for their durability, performance, and their variety ranging from office use to gaming. Recently, they are also becoming known for their double-clicking issue. A lot of users report having quit their gaming sessions in rage after they weren’t able to do what they wanted to, in-game.

Logitech Mouse Double Clicking

This is something that has to be instantly looked into. Only then will you be able to go back to being as productive as before. We made this article with all the possible reasons behind why the Logitech mouse can double-click unnecessarily and also the solutions you can implement to fix this issue yourself without the help of a professional.

Factors Responsible for the Logitech Mouse Double Clicking issue

These are the factors that can possibly be causing the Logitech mouse double-clicking issue on your computer. Addressing these causes by offering solutions to the reason-centric factor can help fix the issue effectively. 

Loose or Damaged Mouse Spring

The mouse spring is the main mechanism that controls the clicks on your mouse. When it gets damaged, dislodged, or loose, there is a high chance that you will face the double click issue. You might also be able to hear slight rattling noises when you shake the mouse. 

Damages to the Mouse

Try picking up and shaking the Mouse gently. If you hear things moving around inside, well you shouldn’t. It means that some component of the mouse is damaged. You might even be able to see the damage on the mouse’s outer plastic shell. You might have to get a replacement for your current mouse if this is your case. 

Pent up Static Energy

There have been a number of reports stating that using a mouse for an extended period of time can store static charges because of the power provided to this piece of hardware through the computer or the batteries in it.

Every time a user uses the mouse, a little bit of static electricity is stored in the mouse itself. When it reaches a limit, it will affect the functioning of the mouse. We have the perfect way to release the charge on your computer mouse.

Misconfigured Mice settings

Due to some hardware configurations for your mouse, your mouse could be double-clicking hop about on your screen. Some activated or deactivated mouse-related features may demand a lot of resources, prohibiting the drivers from providing mouse pointer functionality, notably display-related drivers. Certain modifications in the mice settings might also cause this.

Driver-based issues

Device drivers are very important for all components on your computer. These software manage the functioning of the devices that are connected to your computer. When these drivers are out-of-date or corrupt on your computer, you can face a series of issues like the cursor jumping around an issue or you will be able to notice obvious symptoms like a jumping cursor.

Fixes for the Logitech Mouse Double-Clicking issue

  1. Wipe your Mouse
  2. Check your Mouse batteries
  3. Adjust the Mouse Double-Click Speed
  4. Take a look at the Mouse Settings
  5. Look for Static Charge on your Mouse
  6. Verify the Mouse Driver Software
  7. Remove and Reinstall the Mouse Drivers
  8. Open the Mouse Up and check for problems
  9. Talk to the Logitech Customer Support

Rectifying the Logitech Mouse Double-Clicking issue

Wipe your Mouse

A dirty piece of hardware can be prone to a wide range of issues. Accumulation of dust or grit in certain places can render the device completely dysfunctional. The only solution here is very simple; cleaning the mouse. 

Dirty mouse with the weights

You can use a soft, clean, and damp cloth to wipe the mouse. If your mouse has an intricate design with cracks and edges, you will have to use a cotton bud or a folded cloth to clean it. Do not wet the mouse with a cleaning solution for any reason. Be very gentle while you clean movable parts of the mouse like the scroll wheel and the buttons.

Check your Mouse batteries

If you use a wireless mouse, you should be aware that the batteries may degrade over time. The changeable batteries run out after a certain amount of time and must be replaced. If you face this issue because of low or no battery power – you will be seeing these two major symptoms –

  • The mouse cursor will become frozen at times on the display and might not move freely or without disruption, which is one of the most obvious signs of a low battery.
  • If your wireless mouse contains an LED light beneath the motion sensor, it may fade when the battery life runs out.

The batteries must be properly placed into the exclusive battery ports under these mice, which are completely accessible. Every wireless mouse uses either a AA or a AAA battery to function. If your mouse is rechargeable, connect it to a charger before you use it again. This is a general workaround and may not work for fixing the double-clicking issue.

Adjust the Mouse Double-Click Speed

Double-clicking on your computer is an unintentional action and does not happen very often. But when it does, it is generally because of a misconfigured mouse setting. This is because these settings could be manipulating the behavior of the hardware and its responses to the computer. Adjusting these settings might help you here –

  • Open the Control Panel window on your computer. You should be able to find this through the search bar or by executing the control command in the Run tool (Windows + R).
  • Set the view type to Large icons to get access to all the elements of the system, without having to search in sections and sub-sections.
  • Go into the Mouse settings and locate the Double-click speed slider.
Double-click speed slider
  • Click on it and drag the slider to the left-most part of the screen.

Take a look at the Mouse Settings

There is a different mouse setting that can affect the clicking rate of the mouse connected to your computer. Let’s try these steps in changing the alternate setting –

  • Search for the term “single click” on the search bar on your system’s taskbar.
image 4 18
  • The only search result here will be the Specify single-or double double-click to open option, which will redirect you to a window in the Control Panel.
  • Go to the General tab in this window and check the Double-click to open an item (single click to select) option. This is located under the Click item as follows section.
  • Finally, save your changes by clicking on the Apply and OK button to save and close the windows.

Look for Static Charge on your Mouse

There are also cases where the mouse develops a static charge after use for an extended length of time. This may result in a double-click rather than a single one. There is a very easy approach to release all of the static electricity from your mouse and hopefully, it works for you. The following procedure is for a wireless mouse –

  • If your mouse has an on-off switch, turn it off. If it doesn’t, remove the connectivity dongle from the system’s USB port. Most Logitech mice have toggle switches on their flat parts.
  • Take the batteries out of the mouse and set them aside.
  • Push the right and left mouse buttons and hold them for about one minute.
  • Place the batteries back into their respective slots and try using your mouse.

The issue should now be fixed without any further tweaking. If not, move to the solution we’ve given below.

Verify the Mouse Driver Software

It is important to acknowledge the device drivers on your computer. As mentioned earlier, they can get corrupted by viruses or get outdated over time. It is important to check the validity of the drivers before turning to a professional for help. This is because the steps to fix this does not require professional expertise and they are stated below –

  • Open your system’s Device Manager window.
  • Expand the Mice and other pointing devices section from the list of device categories. You’ll be able to see all the connected mice and trackpads on your computer.
  • Right-click on the mouse and choose the Update driver option. This will make the Mouse driver update wizard appear over the device manager window.
Update driver option
  • Choose the Search automatically for updated drivers or a similar option. This will initiate a search for available drivers updates on your system and through the internet. If there are any pending updates, they will be automatically downloaded.
  • Once the driver software download is complete, restart your system using the Update and Restart option. When you are done, check if the double-clicking issue persists.

There is another alternative method to download driver updates for your mouse. You can either use the device management interface application or the update installer package for the mouse. Both these elements can be downloaded from the mouse manufacturer’s website.

Remove and Reinstall the Mouse Drivers

Uninstalling the device drivers and reinstalling them is an age-old trick that will give you a newer and/or fresher copy of the device driver. This method will come in handy if you suspect the driver of being corrupt on your system.

  • Launch the Windows Device Manager on the computer. 
  • Find the Mice and other pointing devices section in the page and click on it to expand it.
  • Locate the device driver of the mouse that is having the double-clicking issue and right-click it to open a context menu,
  • Choose the Uninstall Driver option and in the prompt window that appears, select Uninstall to confirm the removal process.
select Uninstall to confirm the removal process
  • Once you no longer see the device in its section, right-click on the Mice and other pointing devices section and choose the Scan for hardware changes option. During this time, it is important to keep the mouse connected to your computer.

When this procedure is over, run an antivirus or Windows Virus & Threat protection scan of your system and restart it to apply the changes. You can also try rolling back to a previous driver version if the option is available.

Open the Mouse Up and check for problems

This is the last solution you can do yourself. This method is where we, literally, will be taking matters into our own hands, and therefore, it is very important to be very careful now.

The spring inside the mouse is the part that controls the clicking on a mouse. When something goes wrong about this spring, it has to be fixed or replaced to prevent issues in the future.

The following steps are for opening your mouse up and taking a look at what is inside. If you do not have the necessary equipment, shaking hands, or if you are nervous, skip to the final workaround.

1. Take the Mouse Batteries out

Look over this step if you are not using a wireless mouse. If you do use a cordless mouse, it is very important for you to take the batteries out of the mouse and place them aside carefully.

2. Unscrew the fasteners

All Logitech mice have 4 screws under the mouse. You will find the Phillips #0 and T5 Torx Screwdrivers helpful to unscrew them. You might also need a pair of tweezers to pull the screws out of the screw indent.

The removable bottom part of the mouse may be glued onto the mechanism inside, so you will have to gently pull it out. You can also remove the top part of the mouse once the bottom is off. Make sure that you do not lose the tiny white part that is on the upper part of the mouse as it can easily get dislodged.

3. Observe the clicking contraptions

The number of buttons you can click on a mouse can vary from three to six, depending on the purpose of the mouse. Since we are dealing with a double-clicking issue, the problem is most likely to lie in the front-left mechanism.

4. Fixing the Spring

You’ll be able to find the copper spring in a tiny box. This box has to be very carefully opened with the help of a flat screwdriver. It is important to be very gentle because this part is very fragile and can even damage its contents when handled improperly. Remove the spring out of the box with extreme caution since even a slightly wrong move can break it.

5. Replacing the spring

Your next step is very complicated and can take a very long time to fix. You will have to put the new or existing spring back into position. If you are not familiar with this procedure, you can use an online tutorial to do it. Attach the spring to the beginning of the mechanism’s little hook. Push the curved tab into position with a flat screwdriver while retaining the back of the spring beneath the little arm at the back of the mechanism.

6. Put the pieces back together

Once everything is back in place, place the shell and the screws back together. Be extremely cautious while putting the parts back and screwing the base back. The slot is generally made of plastic and can easily get cracked.

Talk to the Logitech Customer Support

Logitech customer support page

If the double-clicking still doesn’t cease, you will have to talk to the Logitech customer support team. The professionals here could help you fix almost every problem you are facing. You can also take your mouse to the store where you bought it or the seller you sold it to you.

If neither of these solutions works for you, you will have to use a different mouse or get a new one. Happy Scrolling up and down!