How to Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Before you get to the task, it is essential to understand if you should. What is Logitech Download Assistant? Do cons outweigh the pros? Users report that it slows down the computer and it is better to install updates manually. So, how can you remove LDA? Let’s begin immediately: 

What Is Logitech Download Assistant?

Logitech Download Assistant is a remarkable utility tool. If you use Logitech hardware, you will gain access to the Logitech download assistant. It collects relevant information about the devices to provide you the latest updates. What are these updates?

These can be driver updates for the hardware you’re using. For example, if you use a keyboard and mouse, you will get updates. Similarly, you will also get updates if you are using Logitech software.

Logitech Download Assistant: Pros and Cons

Instant updates for Logitech hardware and software. Pop-ups are consistent with startups to keep you up to date.No need to check for updates manually. You will always receive notifications Pop-ups can interfere with regular tasks. Pop-ups are abrupt and appear at any time. Not all updates are useful. A lot of them can be irrelevant. Logitech download assistant consumes too much space in the system.

Is Logitech Assistant Really Helpful?

The only great thing about Logitech Download assistant is the updates. It provides a consistent flow of updates and keeps you notified. You can automatically download these and installing them becomes easier. But, Logitech is known for rolling out too many updates. Some of these can be useless, as well.

The consistent pop-ups and always checking for updates can take a toll on the system. It will also interrupt abruptly. The entire Logitech download assistant consumes too much space in the system.

In conclusion, for all it can do, it is not a very helpful tool. You can manually check for drivers and updates.  There is no need for you to get consistent updates. Besides, it can take a toll on the entire system.

How to remove Logitech Download Assistant

How can you get rid of the driver software from your Windows 10 system? As a user, you can install or uninstall it as you like it. From System32 and logida.dll file to device settings, we covered each method for you. 

Using The Control Settings Of The Device 

uninstall logitech windows control panel windows 10

The best way to remove the LDA is by accessing the Control Panel. You will find the software installed list in the Programs. There, you can go and right-click the LDA and click Uninstall. It’s that easy for you to do.

There is no need for you to access settings or any other thing. But remember, this will completely uninstall the software from your system. If you don’t want to do that, but change a couple of things, you can try another method. 

Given below is the list of fixes you can use for LDA. It covers everything from disabling the notifications to getting rid of the automatic features. Let’s give it a go: 

Disable Logitech Download Assistant in Startup

The main problem with the Logitech download assistant is the startup pop-up. It shows a pop-up and is also launched with each startup. Thus, it can hinder a lot of other processes and take a load on booting.  You can check the Task Manager and find the startup tab there to see all the apps that launch with it.

Follow these steps to disable LDA startup from Task Manager:

  • Press Windows + R key to launch the Run option.
  • Type ‘taskmgr’ and press ok, or press enter.
  • This will launch the Task Manager. Go to the Startup Tab. Find ‘Logitech Download Assistant’ from the options.
  • Right-click on it and click on Disable.

Now all you need to do is reboot the system and see if it works.

Disable Logitech Download Assistant Notification

logitech notifications & actions to uninstall or disable

Are you not looking to disable the Logitech Download Assistant? Maybe you just want to disable the notifications. You can conveniently do it and also make things easier for yourself.

Follow these options:

  • Go to Windows settings. You can search for it in the search bar or press Windows + I keys.
  • Then go to ‘Notifications & Actions’
  • Find Logitech Download Assistant from the list and disable it setting.
  • All you need to do is switch it off.

Remember, this option won’t disable the download assistant. It will only disable the notifications. The program will still run in the background.

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Delete the LogiLDA.dll file in System32

delete logilda.dll file from System32

LDA window will still work with the startup. It will still pop up and that can be problematic. Can you remove LDA thoroughly? Use the uninstall feature of the programs in the Control Panel.

If you don’t want to do that, you can also delete the LogiLDA.dll file in System32. It won’t impact your system performance. But remember, any automatic feature will stop. You will have to go through a manual process to update any driver for the keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

  • Go to the File Explorer. It is located at the bottom. If you can’t find it, press Windows + E. This will launch File Explorer.
  • Now follow with the directory – C:/Windows/System32.
  • There, you will find a Logitech folder. You can use the search bar given in the top-right corner. Type ‘LogiLDA.dll’ to find the file.
  • Once you find it, you can right-click LogiLDA.dll and delete it. You can also press SHIFT + Delete to permanently delete it.
  • Go ahead and restart your windows.

This should fix the start-up pop-up error.