LoadRunner Cloud – New Version Available

The Micro Focus Performance Engineering team is pleased to introduce the newest version of our cloud-based performance testing solution – LoadRunner Cloud 2020.05.

Micro Focus recently introduced LoadRunner Developer, a cutting-edge solution for web protocol performance testing that uses DevWeb as its engine, and is lightweight, scalable, and cross-platform. In this release, a new integration between LoadRunner Developer and LoadRunner Cloud allows developers to scale up their load testing without leaving the IDE. LoadRunner Cloud has made another big step to shift-left with our advanced customers. In parallel, we continue our shift-right approach with a new integration to Microsoft Azure Application Insights monitoring tool. Below you can find the entire list of new capabilities included in the amazing new version LoadRunner Cloud  2020.05.

What’s new in LoadRunner Cloud v2020.05?  

  • Integration with LoadRunner Developer – scale up your load tests using LoadRunner Cloud, without leaving your IDE.
  • Integration with VuGen – a new integration with VuGen enables you to upload a new script, or update an existing script, directly from VuGen to LoadRunner Cloud.
  • New SLA configuration options – we have added new SLA configuration options that enable you to configure transaction failure ratios.
  • Additional monitor support – the Microsoft Application Insights monitor is now supported.
  • Rendezvous points – added enhanced configuration options for rendezvous points.
  • Enhanced DevWeb support – DevWeb scripts now support the iterations run mode.
  • Report and Dashboard timeframe – manually select the report and dashboard timeframe based on test and clock time.
  • New regions – added support for the following new locations:
    • Azure US West (California)
    • Azure East Australia (New South Wales)
    • AWS Stockholm
    • AWS Paris
  • New public API operations – new operations have been added to the LoadRunner Cloud API that enable you to:
    • Set the SLA transaction failure ratio
    • Add and delete benchmarks
    • Configure additional runtime setting attributes

lr 2020052.pngExample of a LoadRunner Developer test executed in VS code using LoadRunner Cloud

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