Learn How To Like A Text On Android

like a text on android

One of the best and most efficient forms of communication available today is texting. It is utilized by more than five billion people annually, or 65% of the world’s population.

It’s a technology and way of communicating that has been around for a while, and as time goes on, it has taken over as the primary way that most people communicate globally.

Texting has gotten increasingly advanced as smartphones have become among the most widely used and functioning mobile gadgets in the modern world. Messaging services and phone manufacturers have developed many texting options using improved hardware and smartphone platforms.

Although iPhones were formerly the most popular phone for text messages, technical and developing breakthroughs have enabled almost everyone to use these amazing capabilities.

Here are a few things that may greatly improve how you communicate on your Android device and add a new degree of excitement to each text you send, like a text on Android.

How To Like A text On Android

With Android phones, it’s simple to add deeper meaning to communications. Reacting to or “liking” messages is one of the most intriguing and practical features to emerge in recent years.

With Android, it’s much simpler to communicate exactly what you think because you can add any emoji to reply to a text.

How To Like a Message

Please keep these things in mind before you begin.

  • You may like a text message using the RCS chat function on Android.
  • Samsung Chat Message and other messaging apps like them do not yet support the text message reaction. Therefore, it is only presently accessible on the Google Messages app.
  • Because SMS is not an instant messaging service, most SMS texts do not have a text reaction.
  • Each participant’s Android phone must have an active RCS chat function.
  • As an instant messaging service, the Rcs chat function requires an internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or cellular data.

You must link your phone number to the RCs Chat function to like a text message on an Android device; otherwise, your messages will be delivered as SMS text messages and will not be received.

Let us now go on to it.

  1. Rich Communication Services Feature
  2. Third-Party Apps

Now let us dig deep into the solutions one by one:

Solution 1: Rich Communication Services Feature

It is necessary to have RCS messaging enabled on your phone to utilize text responses as a texting tool. While SMS and MMS texting are well-known, RCS messaging is a compelling and exciting new way to interact via text.

It takes the freedom of MMS messaging and adds new capabilities and features, including text replies.

How To Turn On RCS Messaging On Your Android Phone

Despite their popularity and widespread use, SMS and MMS do not offer text replies or other current capabilities. If you wish to use these capabilities, ensure you and everyone you’re texting have RCS messaging turned on. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start the Google Messages app.
Google Messages app
  • Select the three dots in the upper-right corner (a special window should appear)
  • Select Settings.
Select Settings
  • Select Chat Features.
Select Chat Features
  • Select the Enable Chat Features option (on some phones, the mode is already switched on)
Select the Enable Chat Features option

RCS texting gives you access to many new capabilities and is currently the most updated and powerful messaging standard. RCS is gradually gaining dominance as a texting system, yet SMS and MMS communications remain extremely strong and popular.

How To Like a Message

When utilizing Android phones, it is simple to make texts more relevant. Reacting to, or “liking,” messages has been one of the most intriguing and helpful features in recent years. 

With Android, you can add any emoji to respond to a text message, making it much easier to express yourself.

The stock Android software, Google Messages, is used by most Android phone users. This app is the default messaging app on practically all Android phones. 

While anyone may use whichever app they like for messaging, the Messages app is the most popular and makes it easier to interact with others using the same texting app.

Using the Messages app, you may easily add a reaction to a text message:

  • Tap and hold on to the message to which you wish to “like” or emoji-react.
Like a Message
  • Select the reaction emoji you want to use. The thumbs-up emoji is often the best symbol for “liking a message.” This is the most frequently known standard for “liking” anything on mobile phones.

You may use this approach to respond to almost any text to add a little more flavor and intrigue to the text messages you send and receive.

There are additional options for changing or removing the response completely. Follow these instructions if you wish to adjust the reaction.

  • Long press on the message that has already elicited a response.
  • Choose a new, different reaction.

This is useful in case you mistakenly use the incorrect response and need to switch to the one you intend to use. It may also happen when your sentiments about a message change over time, and you need to reiterate your thoughts.

Follow these two simple procedures to erase your negative reaction to a text:

  • Tap and hold the message with the unwanted reaction to remove it.
  • Tap the highlighted emoji, which is the one that is already selected.
  • This will deselect the emoji and remove the reaction from the text.
Tap to remove whatsapp reaction

These are really basic methods for creating a far more interesting text experience. If you’re in a group text and want to see who reacted to a message you or someone else made, tap and hold on to that message, and it will display who reacted to it.

Before we get to the second way, let’s talk about how to apply effects to text. It’s another RCS feature you might enjoy.

  • Launch Google Messages.
  • Choose the Group or Contact to text.
  • Fill the blanks with whatever you wish to convey.
  • Keep your finger on the blue arrow.
  • Please wait until you see Send with Effect and tap Screen to accept it.

Solution 2: Third-Party Apps

Most third-party messaging programs allow you to respond to SMS. WhatsApp is an excellent example. Anyone can respond to a message in a group chat.

Regarding WhatsApp messenger, you must first update to the most recent version. This is how you do it:

  • Search for WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.
  • Click the Update button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

After that, here’s how you utilize the program to respond to a message:

  • Launch the Messages app.
  • Find the text to which you wish to respond and hold it down.
  • You will see a pop-up with all the emojis you may use to respond.
  • Locate and click the emoji button.
React on Whatsapp

Instagram is another third-party app that allows you to like texts. Open a DM and double-tap the message you want to read. You do not need to be using the most recent Instagram version.

How To See Typing Bubbles On Android Phones?

Typing bubbles are another new feature that has arrived on Android phones via RCS messaging. These are handy when texting someone since they will notify you when typing a message to you. 

It improves the texting experience by making it more interesting, thrilling, and much simpler to communicate successfully.

How To See Typing Bubbles On Android Phones?

When you activate conversation functionality in Google Messages, this will be transmitted automatically from your phone. If you wish to view the typing bubbles on other people’s phones, ask them to turn on their chat functionality.

In general, many of the new capabilities available on Android phones rely on both the sender and recipient of text messages having their phones set to RCS texting.

It makes excellent communication much simpler. Therefore, urge all your friends to use RCS texting as soon as possible.

How To See Read Receipts?

How To See Read Receipts

The inclusion of reading receipts is another new feature that comes with RCS communications. These are little alerts in your messaging app that let you know when someone reads your message and let others know when you read theirs. 

Read receipts

It’s an essential tool since it makes it much easier for individuals to determine when communications have been received and comprehended.

As previously described, activating read receipts is as simple as enabling chat capabilities. RCS messaging is the texting technology that allows individuals to send read receipts; therefore, enabling chat features will also enable those services.

Will Chat Features Work With iPhones?

These capabilities are strong and significantly improve the convenience and utility of communication across Android phones.

iPhones have comparable capabilities that allow users to use similar functions, such as responding to messages, Typing Bubbles, and Read Receipts.

Chat Features Work With iPhones

However, it is crucial to remember that the iPhone texting system, iMessage, is incompatible with RCS messaging. Even though these two systems have extremely comparable functionality, they cannot be used on different platforms. 

This implies that new features like Message Reacting, Typing Bubbles, and Read Receipts will not function when an Android texts an iPhone or vice versa.

This is not to say that iPhones and Androids cannot text. If an iPhone sends or receives a text message from a non-Apple product, the message will be sent through SMS or MMS.

When an iPhone sends or receives an SMS or MMS message, the text appears as green bubbles rather than the blue bubbles accompanying iMessage communications.

These do all the fundamental texting functions, such as sending text messages, images, videos, and other multimedia material.

Chat Features Work With iPhones

While iMessage and RCS are intended for communication between devices of the same brand, communication is still feasible even if both parties do not use the same phone.

The Apple messaging service allows users of Apple gear to transmit end-to-end encrypted texts, pictures, GIFs, videos, and stickers. It is instantly recognizable because of its signature blue text bubbles.


Android texting has become considerably more engaging due to the additional capabilities added to Android phones over the past several years. However, many businesses still find that SMS and MMS messaging are very effective methods for reaching out to their audiences with extremely effective communications. 

This post will show you how to like Android texts on your Android phone if you are wondering how to do so.

As previously indicated, enabling the RCS messaging protocol will allow you to like messages. Use WhatsApp and update it as well. It also works with other third-party applications.


Can Android Users See When They Read A Text?

On Android smartphones, the situation is comparable. The Android Messages app supports Read receipts. However, the carrier is also required to enable this functionality. To determine whether your receiver has viewed your message, read receipts must be turned on.

Why Does My Text Say Laughed At An Image?

It occurs when group members who use Android and iPhones are mixed. Alternatively, if you are using an iPhone to text someone when an iPhone user taps a picture to “like it, laugh, adore it, and a couple of other things,” you, an Android user, will receive the message “laughed at an image.”

How To Star Text Messages On Android?

Using Google Messages makes it simple to star texts. I have looked at how to locate and star texts.
How to star messages is as follows:
– Launch Google Message (or download it if it isn’t already there).
– Search for the text message you wish to preserve.
– Long-press it until the toolbar appears in the upper corner.
– Click the star button.

Is There A Like Button On Android Messages?

While there isn’t a like button on Android texts, you can quickly reply to or like a text message using the like emojis on the RCS chat function.
If you’re insinuating that Android has a like button for SMS text messages, I’m sorry, but there are just emojis.
On the other hand, SMS text messages on Android include emoji-like features, but unlike RCs chat, you cannot reply to any text.

How Can I Get IMessage On My Android?

Sync the AirMessage app with your Android device.
– Install the AirMessage app from the Google Play Store.
– Launch the AirMessage program.
– Enter the password you already generated and the mac’s local IP address. Go to Connect.
– If you wish to download your iMessage conversations, select Download Message History. Otherwise, press Skip.