3 Best Fix For Ler Code On Traeger Grills

A Traeger grill is distinct from other grills since it cooks food on a gas burner. A Traeger grill is a barbecue that cooks food on a gas burner. This grill will result in higher-quality grilled foods with fewer flare-ups and a more regulated cooking environment.

Ler Code On Traeger Grills

It can be frustrating when you believe you are cooking the ideal steak and your Traeger Pellet Grill suddenly displays an error message. You might begin to question what went wrong and whether you were to blame. Follow this guide to learn about basic Traeger grill errors and how to fix the commonly known LEr code on Traeger Grills.

What Is Traeger Ler Error Codes?

What Is Traeger Ler Error Codes?

This LEr code on Traeger code stands for “low error reading in temperature,” which is the inverse of HEr. The grill temperature has fallen below 125 degrees Fahrenheit for more than ten minutes. Unless you’re trying to cook low and slow, you’re unlikely to notice this error.

  • The grill will shut down, and you will have to restart it.
  • Clear the briquettes from the fire pot before proceeding with the start-up sequence.


There are several reasons why you might receive a LEr code on Traeger:

  • The most straightforward explanation is that you’ve run out of pellets and thus have nothing to burn.
  • The outside grill temperature may be so low that your Traeger cannot heat up.
  • There could be debris clogging your fire pit and preventing ventilation.
  • Perhaps you have a bad batch of pellets that are full of sawdust.
  • The grill temperature controller could be malfunctioning.
  • If the ambient temperature is cold, move your grill somewhere sheltered from the wind or in direct sunlight to compensate.
  • Consider purchasing an insulation blanket if you frequently use your Traeger in the winter.
  • The last thing to double-check is your “p” setting. The letter “P” denotes the time between pellet dumps into the fire pot from the drill.
  • You can manually adjust this setting to one of three levels if you have an older Traeger.

What Is Traeger Her Code Error Codes

What Are Traeger Her Code Error Codes

If the temperature inside the grill exceeds 550F for more than 45 seconds, this will appear on the digital display. If this occurs, your grill will turn off the auger and fan to begin the cooling process. When the temperature falls below 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the drill will run for 2 minutes to remove embers from the auger tube.

  • Turn off the grill and allow it to cool before removing any pellets from the fire pot.
  • When you’re ready to use the grill again, you’ll need to start it yourself.
  • This is a bad sign and could signify the end of your meat unless you move swiftly to control the temperature or remove it from the grill.


  • A buildup of burning grease, ash, sawdust, or simply a faulty temperature probe provides an incorrect reading.
  • Low-grade pellets that do not burn evenly are one of the root causes of this temperature surge.
  • The worst-case scenario is that your temperature controller is broken.
  • If you’ve ruled out all other possibilities and are still getting this error, it’s time to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

What are Traeger ERR Codes? (Er1 and Er2)

What are Traeger ERR Codes

This is a simple diagnosis, but it means you’ll need to replace something. If this code appears, it indicates that your RTD probe needs to be replaced.

RTD is an abbreviation for “Resistance Temperature Detector,” It simply refers to the sensor probe. It measures the internal temperature of the grill.

Check the connection first to see if it’s loose, but be prepared to order a replacement.


  • This is a simple code involving your temperature probe. 
  • All that has happened is that you have a faulty connection. 
  • Try pushing the plugin or completely removing it and plugging it back in.
  • If that doesn’t work, something may need to be tightened, or there may be a faulty or broken part inside.
  • Call Traeger to help and see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue.


  • This nasty error code on your Traeger indicates that something is short-circuiting within the controller. 
  • It could be related to the RTD probe or an internal connection.
  • Contact Traeger support to fix this issue.

Fix Traeger Error Codes Ler Code On Traeger Grills

  1. Fix LEr Code on Traeger pellet Grill
  2. Fix ERr Error Code on Traeger Grill 
  3. Fix HEr Code on Traeger Grill

1. Fix LEr Code on Traeger pellet Grill

Here are some instructions for fixing the LEr code on Traeger grill.

  • Use moisture-free, high-quality wood pellets that don’t crumble.
  • The wood pellets from the previous cook should not be used.
high quality wood pellets
  • To get the ash and sawdust out of the firepot, always clean it.
  • Ash and sawdust should be removed from the firepot using a vacuum.
  • Utilize an insulated cover for your Traeger in cold and windy conditions.
  • To feed wood pellets into the auger more regularly during cold weather, you can optionally modify the P-setting from P-4 to P-3 or P-2.
  • When cooking meals in a Traeger, try not to open the lid too frequently.
  • Make sure the Traeger is started up correctly before lighting the wood pellets.
Make sure the Traeger is started up correctly
  • Set the Traeger to the Smoke setting on traditional Traeger controllers (red panel) and leave the lid open once smoke begins to escape for 5–10 minutes.
  • You can set any desired temperature and then close the lid.
  • You don’t need to turn the Traeger to the smoke setting and keep the lid open when using a Pro Traeger Controller like this one.
  • Keep the lid on the Traeger while setting it to the temperature you want.
  • Follow this starter procedure when using a Traeger grill, like one from the Pro 34 model, to prevent LEr.
  • Avoid pellet tunneling or pellet voids in the Traeger’s hopper since they can reduce the number of wood pellets available.
  • To prevent tunneling or a pellet vortex, keep stirring the wood pellets in the hopper every 30 minutes.
  • The sound of the induction fan should be audible as you turn on the Traeger grill.
  • Try manually spinning the fan to dislodge any dirt if there is no sound, a feeble sound, or squeaky noises. If the induction fan doesn’t turn on, contact Traeger customer service.
  • On the left side of the Traeger, check to see if the RTD temperature sensor is clean and pointing high. It shouldn’t touch the Traeger grill’s wall.

2. Fix ERr Code on Traeger Grill

Fix ERR or Er1 Error

  • Unscrew the two screws keeping the temperature controller in place while keeping the Traeger unplugged.
Unscrew the two screws keeping the temperature controller
  • Loosen the screws keeping the controller in place, and carefully remove it.
  • Verify that RTD’s two wires are connected to the controller.
Verify that RTD's two wires are connected to the controller
  • If the wire connection is loose, cut a little more wire from the loose wire, re-insert it, and tighten it again.
  • Verify that the ERR problem has been fixed. You can get a new temperature probe from Traeger if the problem continues.

Fix the ER2 Error

  • The grill should be unplugged and given some time to cool.
  • Check for any wire discontinuity after disconnecting the RTD sensor.
  • Verify the probe wire connections in the controller’s green housing box.
  • Change the controller if the ER2 code persists after replacing the probe.

3. Fix HEr Code on Traeger Grill

  • If you have been cooking at temperatures above 300 or 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a long, avoid turning the Traeger’s knob to the shutdown position.
  • Before setting the knob to the shutdown setting, turn the knob to a lower temperature of 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Grease on the drip tray causes flare-ups at high temperatures, which raises the temperature. Therefore, wash the drip tray and put new foil on it.
Wash the drip tray and put new foil on it.
  • Clogging the auger or firepot with pellet sawdust or ash is not advisable.
  • Ensure that the temperature probe is spotless and has a metallic sheen. It shouldn’t have any ash or smoke residue on it. A temperature probe’s tip only needs to be cleaned. You don’t have to unplug it.
  • Raise the chimney cap to get the warm air out of the Traeger. Keep the chimney cap’s height between 2 and 3 inches.
  • Replace the temperature controller and probe.

Other Typical Traeger Grill Issues

While using a Traeger grill, there are additional frequent issues that you could run into. I will also provide you with additional details about these problems. And offer details on how to resolve these issues.

1. Fire Extinguishes on Traeger Grill

Traeger grills can burn because of a variety of factors. A hole in the grill is one of the primary sources of fires. We have to track it down and stop it.

  • The second major factor is the poor quality of the pellets purchased for grills.
  • I think you should always purchase the greatest and most reliable pellets.
  • Your electrical connection might be a significant factor in Traeger grill fires.
  • Another factor is your grill fan, which can potentially extinguish the fire.
  • This is a result of your grill fan malfunctioning or ceasing to function.

2. Unusual temperature fluctuations

The cooking temperature you’ve chosen for Traeger Grills is typically between 15 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember the grill temperature that you set for cooking. To increase grilling time, the temperature is being raised.

3. Grill on a Traeger, not lighting

The Traeger Grill’s auger turns and drops pellets into the firepots, but the grill’s device’s light is not on.

  • It is a result of the igniter’s improper operation.
  • The grill should ideally be burned without pellets.
  • Remove the grill grates, drip pan, and heat diffuser from the firepot.
  • If the tip of the supplied igniter doesn’t appear clear red to you, your grill has a problem.

4. The fire pot contains no pellets.

The pellets are thrown from the revolving top to the fire pot when your grill controller detects the system. It raises the grill’s temperature. This particular method, fixed in the grill, is fantastic and bothersome.

  • Such a structure also takes some time to break down. 
  • The pellets cannot reach the fire vessel when this system malfunctions. 
  • It is in charge of decreasing the grill’s temperature or slow cooking.
  • You must clean out the auger tunnel as well. And after you separate the grill hopper and auger, you may accomplish that.


The LEr error number denotes a low-temperature problem, and your Traeger grill has probably shut off. This occurs if, after 10 minutes of the grill being on, the ambient temperature falls below 125F. Follow all the solutions to fix the Ler code on Traeger grills.

Also, I have discussed other common errors that can appear on a Traeger grill. I hope these fixes will help you to solve any Traeger grill issue.


How Do I Fix My Ler Code On My Traeger?

Make sure your grill is clean, and check the fire pot for dust since these could be the causes of your low-temperature error code. An issue with a heat sensor could exist. Restart it to see how it progresses. Perhaps there are issues with the p- setting, also known as the “p” setting. You ought to do the same.

What Does Ler Stand For On My Traeger?

Low Error Reading is referred to as LEr. It is a notice that only non-WiFIRE grills, except the 2017 Timberline 850 and 2017 Timberline 1300, will display. This notice indicates that your grill shut off because the temperature fell below 125°F for more than 10 minutes.

Why Am I Getting A Low Temp Error On My Traeger?

The best way to fix a low-temperature error is to restart your grill properly. Grills with WiFIRE (or D2) support demand for a closed-lid startup. Thus you should preheat your grill with the lid closed. If you don’t, your cook will likely experience temperature fluctuations.

Why Is My Traeger Grill Not Getting Up To Temperature?

Poor pellet quality is by far the most common reason for temperature problems. Always start troubleshooting if you are having temperature problems by removing and changing your pellets and sweeping out any leftover sawdust from the hopper and the auger tube.