How To Locate Your LENOVO Serial Number

You may need to locate your Lenovo serial number for various reasons. If you go to the Lenovo website, it will ask for your serial number.

Display the system specifications or the status of your product’s warranty. If you call Lenovo, they may ask for your system information to verify various items. It includes tap status, specifications, and other stuff.

lenovo serial number

What are the Serial Numbers?

All things we use, primarily electronic gadgets, have a pre-programmed serial number. It specifies the batch code as well as the product’s manufacturing specifications.

These identifiers are also used by businesses to determine the origin of products. A serial number is a name assigned to your hardware or software product by the manufacturer. It serves as a means of unique identification as well as inventory management.

What are the uses of the Lenovo Serial Number?

There are many instances where you need your Lenovo serial number to avail of benefits.

Make a Warranty Claim

The most essential and straightforward purpose of Lenovo Serial Number Lookup is to claim the product’s warranty. This serial number is what determines it. Many customer support representatives will deny your claim. As a result, you’ll need the product’s serial number.

Service Duration

These numbers are also required when calling Lenovo for assistance. When you exhibit product flaws under warranty, the dealers will need this.

Software Installation

Lenovo Serial Number Lookup is also used during the installation of new software. You’ve probably observed that when installing a new operating system, the system asks for your device’s serial number.

Methods to “Find Serial number of Lenovo.”

  • Use Command Prompt in Windows 10
  • Lenovo Smartphones
  • Lenovo Cabinet of PC or Laptop
  • Monitors and Other Lenovo Hardware Products 
  • Shell in UNIX System

1. Use Command Prompt in Windows 10

If you have a Windows PC or laptop, you can perform a Lenovo Serial Number Lookup and obtain the Serial Number by following the instructions below:

  • To open the Run window, press (Windows button R keys) on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Type “cmd” in the user input box and Select command prompt or press enter.
  • Type the following command at the command prompt.
  • “wmic bios get serial number” and press enter.
  • The serial numbers of your machine will be displayed according to a line.
  • The serial number of your CPU (laptop or desktop) in the command window will be displayed.

Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

  • Select the start-up menu from the drop-down menu. In the search bar, type cmd, which stands for command prompt. In the start-up menu, there is an exit option. Open the command, double-click cmd.exe.

2. Lenovo smartphones

Typically, there is no serial number on visible components of Smartphones and tablets. There are chances that the model number is printed on the battery compartment.

  • To find the serial number, tap the Settings icon (System settings) then System (settings).
  • Now in the system, tap on About phone.
  • The IMEI and your phone’s model number can be found by tapping Status.

3. Lenovo Cabinet of PC or Laptop

Your computer’s serial number can also be found on the back of your laptop or the CPU cabinet.

  • The serial number of some CPU cabinets is printed on the side of the enclosure. In that scenario, look at the cabinet’s sides.
  • If it’s a desktop, look at the back of the enclosure in the CPU cabinet. There are some printed numerals and letters. It all starts with the S/N or SN tag. That number is your PC’s serial number.

Lenovo Laptop

  • A laptop’s serial number is printed on the back of the device. Turn your laptop over so that the back is facing you. Close to the laptop’s battery or fan exhaust.
  • The laptop’s serial number is indicated by the tag beginning with S/N. 
  • Sometimes the product number is mentioned in the same area, so keep an eye out and choose the correct number.

4. Monitors and Other Lenovo Hardware Products 

Every piece of hardware, such as displays, power banks, and other devices, has a serial number. These commodities’ serial numbers are simple to locate.

  • The serial number is printed on the sides of the screen or at the power connection on the monitors.
  • Look for a white or silver printed label near the Power Source that lists all the ratings. Your product’s serial number is the number after SN or S/N.
  • Look for the monitor’s edges or sides. A white color tag with a bar code carrying information about the monitor can be found.
  • Other hardware, such as the CPU power supply-SMPS and others, should be located near the Power Source or on the case’s side. A white sticker with a barcode giving a product description will be present. It will be your product’s serial number.

5. Shell in UNIX System

Lenovo Serial Number Lookup is also possible if running a UNIX or Linux-based operating system. Obtain the serial number for the laptop or desktop computer that you are now using.

  • Go to the UNIX Terminal. If it isn’t open, go to the left panel’s Application option and type in Terminal.
  • To open the terminal, click on the terminal icon or hit enter, written as terminal.
  • After $ or #, type the following command, depending on your Linux type.
    • dmidecode -t system|grep Serial
  • In the command prompt, the serial number of your computer, i.e., the serial number of your CPU (both laptop and desktop), will be displayed.


Any Lenovo Number Lookup methods listed above must have proven valuable to you. Finding the Lenovo number isn’t difficult. You can receive the number by following any of the processes above.

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