5 Best Fixes: Left JoyCon Not Charging

Joy-Con is a massively useful and enjoyable device designed to be used with the Switch. However, this has been causing several issues lately.

It may appear to be a simple device, but along with different features come different issues. Left JoyCon not charging. 

It has a directional element on the left, and the Joy-Con on the right is like any other standard controller. There are four buttons along with a directional pad, which has been designed for a long time. 

Left JoyCon Not Charging

However, there is only one significant difference the older controllers did not require much charging. Users simply had to plug them in, and they could draw power from the console. 

Given that this must be charged to function, there are many more components involved that require more attention. There are many ways that you can fix this issue without any hassles. 

Why is the left Joy-Con not charging?

There may be several reasons why your left Joy-Con is not charging. Since your controller may have lost the pairing connection to the Switch or the Joy-Con, they are not charging when connected to the console. 

Moreover, if there are any faulty or corrupted files on your software, the entire system of your console will also not function properly, which may result in your Joy-Con not charging.

This applies to both your Joy-Con, but at the same time, certain hardware issues may also lead your left Joy-Con not functioning as much. 

If you want to charge the controllers, especially while connected to your Nintendo Switch, your console must be plugged in and turned on or set to sleep mode.

Occasionally, your Joy-Cons will not charge if your adapter is faulty or damaged. 

This generally happens when you might have dropped the switch, and some of the internal components have also been damaged.

Too much moisture or the fact that the console is not waterproof as well can lead to power issues. 

How to fix the left joy-con not charging?

  1. Sync the Joy-Con
  2. Use the Joy-Con Grip
  3. Update the Firmware
  4. Clean Joy-Con and Switch
  5. Use a charging dock

1. Sync the Joy-Con

Trying to sync or resync the Joy-Con will also help you charge the Joy-Con with more ease. You must remove the controller from the console to resync it.

Now, press the sync button located at the console’s connected side. 

You can turn off the Nintendo console after removing it from the docking station. Wait a few moments after turning off the Nintendo before turning it back on. Place it on the dock, attach the Joy-Con and leave it charging for a few hours. 

Sync the Joy-Con

There is a possibility that the battery status might be hidden. Nonetheless, the console of the dock should be left for four hours.

After four hours, you can check the console again. It should be fully charged by now, and you should be able to access it easily. 

If you still don’t see the correct battery status, you can try and remove the Joy-Con and reconnect it to the console several times.

This will also help you properly sync with the controller and re-sync it if you have already done the former. 

2. Use the Joy-Con Grip

If your Joy-Con is still not charging properly, we recommend changing the charging method to help you resolve the issue.

This solution is recommended for users who cannot charge or connect the Joy-Con to the dock’s Nintendo Switch

You will have to remove the Joy-Con from the console in this case. Then connect it to the power port using the grip.

Now, you can step away from the Joy-Con for about three hours. This will almost certainly resolve the Joy-Con charging issue. 

3. Update the Firmware

There have been complaints from several customers who also reported that the left Joy-Con was not charging due to a problem with the console’s firmware. As a result, the battery indicator does not display the correct battery status. 

Even if it is fully charged, the indicator in the connected controller will occasionally display low battery status.

You might want to try and update the firmware to avoid such an event. Moreover, you can also try installing new firmware for your controller and console connected to it. 

Go to the console’s settings and check whether any updates are available. To update the firmware on your Nintendo Switch, you can boot it up and navigate the system settings. 

The software update is the first option in the tab. Now, select the software settings and wait for the console to search for updates.

When an update is discovered, it should be installed in your console. 

You can update the firmware by going to the controller settings and searching for updates. You can ensure that the firmware is also up to date and installed before attempting to charge the Joy-Con again. 

4. Clean Joy-Con and Switch

If updating the firmware or resyncing the switch does not resolve the problem, you may have a dust or debris issue.

You will require some isopropyl alcohol and a clean Q-tip to fix this issue.

You may also want to use scissors to trim the Q-tip’s top to make it smaller and more precise. 

 Clean Joy-Con and Switch

Make sure that the Switch is not turned on, and then clean both the side of the Joy-Con and the Switch. 

5. Use a charging dock

If none of the methods mentioned above were useful to you, and you can still not charge your left Joy-Con, you might want to consider buying a new charging dock. 

Use a charging dock

Most users have mentioned that purchasing a new charging dock has fixed the problem. Using a different or new charging dock is better than purchasing a new set of controllers or Switches. 


The most common solution to fix your left Joy-Con not charging is to disconnect it from your Switch, power cycle it, and reconnect it to your controllers.

You can use isopropyl alcohol and compressed air to clean it if that doesn’t work. 

This helps in removing any dust or debris that is causing you problems. If none works, you can purchase a new or different charging dock or check for insurance coverage or a warranty to get a replacement.