11 Fixes For League of Legends won’t launch

League of Legends is an award-winning online multiplayer action game developed by Riot Games. It has over 120 million downloads and a lot of active players daily. Many users reported in a number of forums and sought solutions to an error, where the League of Legends main game process does not launch on their computer. We faced the same issue and tried a lot of possible fixes. Some of them worked and we have put them together in this article for you. 

Playable characters in the League of Legends video game

Factors That Prevent League Of Legends From Launching On Your PC

These are the reasons why League of Legends won’t open on your Windows or macOS computer. 

  • Pending updates for the game

If any online game is out-of-date, the game will not run on your PC or you will not be able to connect to a lobby with updated players. Most games update themselves automatically, when they detect a network connection or when the game is launched. Only after the update is complete, will you be able to load the game and play it.

  • Outdated GPU drivers

If your Graphics card drivers are old, they may not be compatible with the game. You will have to update your video drivers regularly so that the best performance can be gotten out of the computer. 

  • Corrupt Game Client or Shortcut

It is quite common for game shortcuts or launchers to become corrupt over time. This will not open the game as you expect it to. This issue can be fixed by repairing the files and running a virus scan of the computer. 

  • Interferences from other processes

Processes and applications that run in the background can stop the computer from launching the game since there would be insufficient RAM for the game to start. Users will have to create adequate memory for the League of Legends game to run.

  • Lack of Admin privileges

Sometimes, the game has to be run in the elevated mode so that it functions properly without any bugs or glitches. It can also not launch on your computer. You have to provide administrator rights for the computer to run.

  • Internet Connection issues

Since League of Legends is an online game, it needs an internet connection to connect with a server and onto gaming sessions. Check if you have an active internet connection and then, try launching the game. Poor internet can cause server issues.

Solutions For The League Of Legends Won’t Open Issue On Your Computer

You can use these resolves to start League of Legends when it is not able to launch properly when you do it the usual way. 

  1. Launch The Game Directly With The League Client Exe File
  2. Run League Of Legends With Administrator Privileges
  3. Whitelist The League Of Legends Client In The Firewall
  4. End All Other Running Background Processes In The Task Manager
  5. Check The Integrity Of The Game Files
  6. Update The League Client By Force
  7. Download The Graphics Driver Updates And Install Them
    1. Graphics card interface application
    2. Website Download
    3. Manual Update
  8. Edit The Config File 
  9. Delete The Lockfile File In Macs
  10. Fix League Of Legends Installation
  11. Uninstall And Reinstall League Of Legends

What To Do When League Of Legends Won’t Launch On Your Computer?

The following are the steps to fix the League of Legends client won’t open an issue on your Windows and Mac computers. 

Launch The Game Directly With The League Client Exe File

Your first attempt to run League of Legends should be to open the application in a generic way. For this, you can use the game executable file (lol.launcher.exe). Simply, double-click on it to open it. If it doesn’t open, try restarting your PC and then, launching the LoL client on your PC. 

Run League Of Legends With Administrator Privileges

There are two ways for you to run the League of Legends game as the system administrator. 

  1. You can use the lol.launcher.admin.exe application in the League of installation directory folder in the file explorer.
  2. Alternatively, you can right-click on the LoL shortcut, go to the Properties menu and move to the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator option to launch this game with administrative privileges.
Run this program as administrator checkbox in the Compatibility tab

 This setting will stay the same unless it is changed or uninstalled. 

Whitelist The League Of Legends Client In The Firewall

The Windows Firewall or your antivirus firewall can be responsible for restricting the game’s access to the internet. Without the internet, you will not be able to play League of Legends. If you have an antivirus program, you will have to exclude the League of Legends launcher from the firewall check.

Windows Firewall page in Windows Settings

You might also need to clear previous conflicts related to the firewall and League of Legends in the firewall history. 

Open the game to see if it opens up after you have cleared this network barrier.

End All Other Running Background Processes In The Task Manager

A full RAM or high CPU usage can stop your computer from launching any further processes. You will have to end unwanted processes to open any new ones. You will need the help of the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) for this. 

  1. Use the keyboard hotkey shortcut to start Task Manager on your computer. You can also open this window through the Task Termination screen (Ctrl + Alt + Del).
Windows Task Manager with running processes
  1.  Locate all the unwanted processes and click on one of them.
  2. Now, press the End task button to stop it by force. 
  3. After ending these tasks, reboot your computer to apply these changes. Then, run LoL to see if the problem exists. 

This will reduce the CPU usage as the running process will instantly get killed. If all the running processes are integral to your computer’s functioning, your only option is to get a RAM upgrade.

Note: These processes include the League of Legends processes if any. 

Check The Integrity Of The Game Files

If there are missing game files, the game may not run. To get these files back, you will have to check the integrity of the files in the game installation folder. This will also repair corrupt or missing files that were caused by an inappropriate installation process. 

Use this method to verify the availability of all the files. 

  1. Open the lol.launcher.admin application on your computer. This is a game manager interface that is available in the installation directory. 
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon on the right-most part of the title bar. 
  3. From this menu, select the Initialize Full Repair option. 
  4. The file verification process will take a while to complete. When it is done, close the window and restart your computer. 

Once it is complete, all the missing files will be added back to the League of Legends installation folder. If there is a corrupted system file or cfg file, it will also be replaced.

Update The League Client By Force

Generally, any online game updates automatically when a network is detected or when the game is launched. Since unexpected moments ask for unexpected measures, we will have to force the game to check for updates. 

This is how you can make the League of Legends client look for patch updates, by force. 

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows + R) and go into the League of Legends main installation folder
  2. Open the RADS folder and proceed to the Projects directory.
  3. Locate these two folders and delete them –
    1. lol_launcher
    2. lol_patcher
  4. Then, return to the main game directory and delete all the asi.ms.win…dll files in this install directory. 
  5. After all, these files are gone, run the game launcher. 

All the deleted files will be replaced over a period of time, by downloading an update. Run the main executable file, found in the installation directory, after this download process is done to check if the issue still exists. 

Download The Graphics Driver Updates And Install Them

There are three ways to update a PC’s graphics card drivers.

Graphics card interface application

Your first option is to use the GPU developer’s interface application to download driver updates. If your PC is powered by an Nvidia GPU, you have the Geforce Experience tool. 

Geforce Experience with an available update

For updating AMD Radeon settings and drivers, you can use the Radeon Adrenalin application. You just have to “Check for updates” and click on the Download button to download the updates. Automatically, restart your computer after the update has finished downloading. 

You will also receive installer prompts to update your graphics drivers. 

Indication of available Nvidia driver update

Website download

Both Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics card users can download their respective GPUs’ driver updates from their official websites. They are downloaded in the form of executable files (.exe). Sometimes, you can choose what updates you want to be downloaded, we recommend choosing all the boxes. After the download process finishes, run these files and the graphics card drivers will be installed on your computer. 

Manual Update

  1. Push the Windows and X keys together on your keyboard and choose the Device Manager option in the Quick Link menu.
Device Manager in the Quick Link menu

You can also use the search bar or Run tool.

  1. Locate the Display Adapters section, inside which you have to find your video card.
  2. Right-click on your dedicated display driver and select the Update drivers option. 
Update driver option in the Display Adapter context menu
  1. From the Update wizard menu, click on the Search automatically for drivers option. 
Update driver wizard for Display driver

This will detect any pending updates and download them. After the downloading process ends, reboot your PC to install the updates. 

Your game launch process should not be disturbed now.

Edit The Config File 

The Config files contain the game configuration details. If we tweak this, we might be able to run LoL on your computer. This is what you have to do. 

  1. Go to the League of Legends folder and enter the RADS folder > System folder
  2. Locate the user.cfg file and open it through the Notepad application. 
  3. Scroll through the text document and find the leagueClientOptIn = yes line. 
  4. In this line, change the Yes to no. Your line should now look like this:

leagueClientOptIn = no

  1. Save these changes and try launching League of Legends.

Delete The Lock File In Macs

If you play LoL on a Mac PC, you can try getting rid of the game’s lock file to see if it helps fix League of Legends not running issue on your computer. Follow these steps to delete this file.

  1. Launch the Finder tool (Option + Command + Space) on your Mac and go to the Applications menu.
  2. Find the League of Legends app and right-click on it to open a context menu. 
  3. Select the Show Package Contents option and go into the LOL folder. 
  4. Find the lock file here and delete it. 

You do not have to check the integrity of the Riot games files again to get this back. Run the game and it will be replaced by the same file. 

Uninstall And Reinstall League Of Legends

Your last option is to uninstall and reinstall League of Legends on your PC. You can use the Programs and Features menu in the Control Panel or the Add or Remove Programs window in the Settings application. 

League of Legends website main page

To get the game again, you can download League of Legends from the Riot Games website and install it on your computer, after connecting with your Riot ID. 

The above solution list should be sufficient for you to solve the LoL not launching error on your computer. If not, you will have to contact Riot support and, hopefully, the developers release a patch update with a solution to this issue. Happy Gaming!