12 Fixes For League Of Legends Crashes On Windows

League of Legends (LoL) is the first most popular game developed by Riot Games. These developers are now trending for their newest release, Valorant. League of Legends is an award-winning online multiplayer game that has now been crashing for gamers, recently.

We are huge fans of League of Legends and so we looked into fixing it for other gamers, who face this issue. This article has a bunch of workarounds and solutions to avoid the LoL crashes on your computer. 

Battle gameplay in a League of Legends match - League of Legends Crashes

What Is BugSplat?

Before we move into fixing the game crash, understanding BugSplat is very important. 

BugSplat is the League of Legends attribute that reports bugs and crashes to the game servers. These reports are looked into by the developers. They provide solutions to these issues through patch updates.

A BugSplat report is generated, usually, because of the system’s incompetence to provide a standard output of the game. This also happens to be the main reason why League of Legends crashes in the first place.

Different Ways Your League Of Legends Can Crash

These are some of the different kinds of League of Legends-related crashes that can possibly occur on your computer.

  • The running game process ends and you are forced to the desktop.
  • A black screen replaces the loading screen.
  • The game hangs while running, without warning.
  • The screen freezes before or after choosing a champion to play with.
  • League of Legends client crashes when you exit the game
  • League of Legends won’t launch in your computer

Solutions To Fix League Of Legends Crashes

THe below-stated methods are some of the techniques that are going to help you from stopping the League of Legends crashes on your computer. 

  1. Check If Your System Meets The Minimum System Requirements
  2. Update The Game
  3. Update DirectX
  4. Install The Latest Versions Of The Graphics Drivers
  5. Download And Install Windows Updates
  6. Repair The Corrupted Game Files
  7. Perform A Clean Boot Of The Windows 10 Operating System
  8. Download The DotNet Framework 3.5
  9. Reset The Graphics Card On Your Computer
  10. Optimize The Game
  11. Adjust The Graphics Settings In League Of Legends
  12. Run The Game In The Low-Specs Mode
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Fixing The League Of Legends

Check If Your System Meets The Minimum System Requirements

To run League of Legends on your computer, there are certain system requirements that have to be met by the computer. Only with an adequately powerful computer will users be able to run the game.

These can be aspects like the Operating System (OS) version, available disk space, processor, video card, and CPU memory. If the computer does not meet the dependencies, the game might run with inevitable crashes.

Running the game on a system whose hardware fulfills the necessary conditions is your only solution here.

System Requirements for League of Legends on Windows PC

The game used to work for Windows XP, until it was shut down.

Update The Game

An outdated version of the game will not get you into game sessions. This is why updating any online multiplayer game is very important. The Riot client for League of Legends automatically installs updates for the game when these three conditions are met –

  1. League of Legends has a pending update.
  2. League of Legends launcher/ Riot client is running on the computer.
  3. An active internet connection is available, with sufficient bandwidth to contact the game servers.
Installing updates window for the League of Legends season 2021

You just have to open the game for the updates to be downloaded and installed.

Update DirectX

DirectX is a well-known multimedia interface service that plays a very important role in the rendering of visuals and audio in a video or a game. Since your system needs to have a DirectX version 9.0c or better, it is wiser to have an updated version of this tool. You can download the latest version of DirectX from the Microsoft website.

Install The Latest Versions Of The Graphics Drivers

  1. Go to the Windows Device Manager (devmgmt.msc).
  2. Expand the Display Adapters option and locate the dedicated video card. It is usually the one with NVIDIA or AMD in front of its name.
  3. Right-click on it and from the context menu, choose the option named Update driver.
  4. In the video card update wizard, click on the Search automatically for updated driver software option.

This will download the available graphics driver updates, if available. Restart your PC to install them. 

You can also use GPU interface applications like the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and the AMD Adrenalin.

Download And Install Windows Updates

  1. Launch the Windows Settings (Windows + I) application.
  2. Go into the Updates & Security settings.
  3. On this page, click on the Check for updates button. You only need to do this, if you can’t see any updates available for download.
  4. When the updates appear, select Download and Install
  5. Once the updates have finished downloading, open the Start menu and choose the Update & Restart option from the Power menu.
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Once the rebooting process comes to an end, try running the League of Legends game to check for crashes.

Repair The Corrupted Game Files

Replacing the game files with new ones might be the solution to the crashes on your computer. To fix League of Legends crashing here’s something for you to do. 

  1. Open the League of Legends launcher and sign in to your Riot profile.
  2. Go into the game launcher settings, which is a gear icon on the right side of the title bar.
  3. You will be shown the Settings window with the GENERAL tab open. Here, click on the Initiate Full Repair button.
click on the Initiate Full Repair button.
  1. Once you click on Yes in the prompt window. 

This operation can take some time to complete, as any detected corrupt file will have to be removed and replaced. This will also check for missing files and put new ones in their place.

Perform A Clean Boot Of The Windows 10 Operating System

A clean boot can refresh your computer’s Operating System (OS) completely. This means that it can get rid of the objects that are causing the crashes. 

  1. Open the Run tool and execute the msconfig command. This will bring the System configuration window up.
  2. Click on the General tab and check the Selective Startup radio button and the Load Startup items option.
General tab in System Configuration window
  1. Then, go into the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services option. 
  2. Now, deactivate all the running services by clicking on Disable all.
Services tab in System Configuration window
  1. Move to the Startup tab and select the Open Task Manager link.
  2. When the Task Manager opens, go into the Services tab and disable all the running processes.
  3. Reboot the PC and when it boots up again, run the game.

Download The DotNet Framework 3.5

The .NET framework plays a huge role in your system when you run games, especially League of Legends, on it. It is highly recommended that you use the best version of this tool installed on your computer. You can download the .NET framework’s setup from the Microsoft .NET webpage.

Reset The Graphics Card On Your Computer

Resetting the Graphics card on your Windows computer is an excellent resolution to it when any game crashes while playing. For Windows users, you have to press Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B to reset the graphics card.

When the reset is complete, the screen becomes blank and you will hear a single beep. This will not disrupt any running processes so you do not have to worry about lost content.

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Optimize The Game

Game Optimization in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool sets the best graphics settings for your computer’s specifications to produce the best output possible. 

  1. Open the NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool. This can be launched through the NVIDIA shortcut in the task tray.
  2. Click on the League of Legends game. The following page will have details and the set configurations for the game.
Optimal settings and Optimize option for LoL
  1. Now, select the Optimize button and wait for the best settings to be applied.

When you launch the game after this, you’ll be able to see a rise in the frames per second (FPS) and this can also prevent the game from crashing.

Adjust The Graphics Settings In League Of Legends

Lowering the graphics settings for the League of Legends game can also stop crashes. 

You can access these in the game settings that can be found in the game’s main menu or in the game’s pause menu (Esc button).

Video option in the League of Legends game

In the graphics settings, make changes to the options that are available for you.

Run The Game In The Low-Specs Mode

Another option for you to do to the graphics settings is that you can set the game graphics to the lowest possible settings. This can be done in the game video settings in the game interface or through the LoL client launcher. Setting low graphics can also produce faster output in the game. 

These are the solutions you can apply to your computer when League of Legends crashes. If these do not work, contact the League of Legends Players support website. We hope this article was helpful. We also have more articles about League of Legends and other games, check them out. Happy Gaming!


Is LoL Dying?

There are millions of players playing League of Legends even after 12 years of the game being released. Statistically, the recent pandemic has shown a rise in the number of LoL players. There are also several functioning servers for players all over the world.

Why Is My LoL Not Working?

The League of Legends game may not be running because of a graphics driver error, DirectX error, out-of-date game, insufficient disk space, or any other bugs, You can download graphic driver updates, reset the GPU, and repair the game. 

Why Is LoL Bugsplatting?

The main reason why your League of Legends game shows BugSplat reports is the graphic driver or video card-related issues. You may have to update the GPU driver, repair the game, reset the GPU, and adjust the game video settings.