10 Fixes For League of Legends Black Screen Launcher Issues in Windows

League Of Legends is a top-rated game that thrives even after all these years. There are consistent updates and DLC content available. You can still find millions of players. The popular Riot Games LoL is still breaking records. It is a ‘go-to’ for entertainment for many gamers. But, you can run into the annoying black screen error. It mainly happens when you use the launcher.

If you get the League of Legends black screen launcher error, this is the hub to solve it. We are bringing you the ten best solutions that will help you fix the issue once and for all. You will also learn the reasons and other quick fixes to help you out.

Reasons For League Of Legends Black Screen Launcher Mac, Windows 10 Error

There are many different error messages or pop-ups you can get with a black screen. Some of these errors could be Direct X errors or error code 004. But, that might not always be the case. Most times, you won’t get the error pop-up, but just a black screen. There could be plenty of reasons for this:

  • You could encounter a black screen if you press ALT + Tab during the login process.
  • Some people also encounter a black screen after selecting a champion to play.
  • Launching the game in full-screen mode and logging in can also lead to a black screen. This has to do with the actual game screen size settings.
  • You will get the error if you have an outdated monitor or PC that can’t match the resolution. Make sure that you have a decent graphics card and supporting resolution.
  • Another reason could be a third-party application. Often, it could be an anti-virus or performance-oriented tool hindering or interfering. If not, then it could be some other service or application.
  • Outdated graphics or gaming performance can also lead to a similar error.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection with high speed. If your internet is slower than the game’s requirements, you will run into problems.
  • You could have a corrupted launcher or game files if none of these.

Things To Do Before Going For Other Solutions

Sometimes, things aren’t as complicated as we make them. It is good to try some basic checks and fixes before moving to the solutions given below. Here is a checklist and some quick fixes that can help you out. If none of these work, move to the solutions offered below:

  • Check your internet connection. Make sure that it is intact and provides the required speed.
  • Restart your PC and see if that fixes the issue. You can also relaunch the game.
  • Often, unplugging the router and repowering it works, as well. If not, then you can try to reset the router. There is a reset button given at the back of each router. But remember, if you reset the router, you will have to set the connection name, password, and everything again.
  • Make sure that the system and internet match the minimum system requirements. Often, people encounter the issue while trying to run LoL on a low specs PC.
  • Exit the full-screen mode. Try to use the Windowed Mode. The Windowed Mode has proven to be a quick solution for the Black Screen. You can press ALT + Enter to exit the full-screen mode. 

There’s one quick workaround that many players have found to be effective:

  • You can log out and log in to League Of Legends. Not once, but at least three times. When you do this repetitively three times, it often works and fixes the issue.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to try this step or if it doesn’t work. Other solutions are waiting for you below. So, let’s navigate.

League Of Legends Black Screen Launcher Solutions

  1. Run League Of Legends With Admin Permissions
  2. Try Some Display Scaling Settings And Fixes
  3. Try Some Graphics Driver Black Screen Fix
  4. Check For The Updates
  5. Try Using The Game Mode
  6. The Antivirus Problems
  7. Try A Different Connection – Ethernet
  8. Try Some DNS Changes
  9. Safe Boot And A Clean Boot Solution
  10. Reinstall League Of Legends 

The Fixes For League Of Legends Launcher Black Screen Error

1. Run League Of Legends With Admin Permissions

Properties Compatibility Tab Run This Program As An Administrator Check Box

The best fix that almost always seems to work is running LoL as an Admin. When you do so, it takes care of all the permission. You don’t have to worry about prioritizing the game, either.  If the black screen is due to a lack of permissions or commands, running as administrator is an option. For this, you can try the following:

  • The first option for you is to log into an Admin Account. With this, you can automatically launch anything as an Admin.
  • Another way for you is to right-click on LoL Launcher. Select ‘Run As Administrator.’ If there is a password, you will have to provide it with the prompt. After that, you will log in. But this is a one-time approach. You will have to repeat this action each time.

The best way is for you to grant it permanent Admin permission, for that:

  • Find the game launcher and right-click on it. Then select the Properties.
  • In a properties window, find the Compatibility Tab. There, you will find options like ‘Run This Application In Compatibility Mode.’ You can select a different Windows OS, but it is not necessary. Windows 10 is quite a gamer-friendly OS.
  • So, move below the option, and you will see a checkbox. It reads, “Run this program as an administrator.’ Check it on.
  • Click on Apply and then OK to save changes.
  • Now, launch League Of Legends and see if this fixes your issue.

If it does, you can keep the settings. Otherwise, you can move to other solutions.

2. Try Some Display Scaling Settings And Fixes

Compatibility tab in properties change high DPI settings then high DPI scaling override

As mentioned, one of the reasons for the black screen in LoL is due to Display Settings. You can try and change it to be less intense by following these steps:

  • Once again, access the Properties of the launcher and go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Find the ‘Change high DPI Settings’ in the settings section of the tab.
  • Click on ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior.’ Then make sure to Apply and Click OK.
  • You might want to make sure that you have ‘Run this program as an administrator checked on. Also, if ‘Run the program in compatibility mode’ is active, deactivate it. To do so, uncheck it.

You can also try some System Display Settings. If the Launcher has an option for settings, try changing the resolution. You can do it in the Game Settings as well.

3. Try Some Graphics Driver Black Screen Fix

Intel UDH Graphics Driver and commands to update or change the driver in device manager

If changing the Display Settings didn’t work, it is time to get serious. The problem could be an outdated or corrupted driver. A driver makes sure that your hardware works with the software. Having incorrect or outdated drivers can pose a problem. This includes the League Of Legends Black Screen Error in Windows 10. So, you can fix this issue by giving a couple of these steps a try:

  • First, go to the Start Button in the bottom-left corner. Right-click on it, and it will open a couple of options. Find and select Device Manager.
  • A new window will open up. Find the Display Adapters from the list that you see. There should be an arrow key before the name. Click on it. This will expand all the drivers you have for Display Adapters.
  • Right-click on the adapters on the list. If you have more than one, you might have to repeat the steps given below for each one. Go to the Properties.
  • Once you’re in the properties, navigate to the Driver Tab. In this tab, you will find an array of options. These include Enable/Disable The Driver, Update Driver, Roll Back Driver, and Uninstall Driver.
  • Select Update Driver first. Then a wizard will pop up. Make sure to select ‘Search Automatically For Drivers.’ This will automatically browse the internet for relevant updates. Make sure that you have an active internet connection for this.

Usually, updating the drivers works. But in case it doesn’t, you can always click on ‘Roll Back’ to bring the Driver to an older version. This is useful when you have a driver that is too advanced for the hardware. But, it’s a rare case.

In some cases, choosing to Disable and then enable the driver also works. If none of these options work:

  • Click on Uninstall Driver. Once removed, your PC might restart. If not, you can restart it.
  • Doing so will automatically let Windows 10 download the driver. If that doesn’t happen, access Device Manager again.
  • In the top-left icon list, you will have ‘Scan For Hardware Changes.’ Click on it, and it will re-download the driver.

Now, go ahead and see if this solves your black screen issue. The Nvidia Graphics Card user might need a different approach. Here are some things for you to try and update the driver:

  • First, go to the Device Manager > Display Adapters > Properties Of The Driver. Go to the details and check for the model name, version, and such.
  • Make sure to note down the details and visit the official Nvidia Driver Download Page.
  • There, you can select or search for the GPU model, the series name, the operating system you use, and much more. Once you search for it, you will get the results.
  • Go ahead and download the drivers that you need.
  • You will then have to run the installation wizard manually.

If you have an AMD GPU, you will have to visit their official website and repeat the same steps. You can also do manual updates for almost any driver by visiting the company’s website. Most manufacturing companies have downloads available on their official websites. So, if you have some other GPU, you can give it a try.

4. Check For The Updates

Checking for windows updates pending downloads and pause downloads options. Windows 11 available

League Of Legends is quite a popular and highly active game. It frequently receives updates. Make sure that you stay in the loop. Always check for the game’s updates, if there are any. After all, an outdated game would mean you won’t play with other players who have updated the game. Similarly, you could encounter a black screen issue while playing.

  • You will need a Garena PC tool. It makes things easier. You can organize and update all the games from Garena. Click here to download.
  • Once you download and install it, the tool will automatically add LoL to the list. All you need to do is launch the tool, find League Of Legends and click on the Update button next to it. This will update the game.

That’s for the game. Another crucial update check is for Windows 10. There are often new updates rolling out. So, it is beneficial for you to check them out:

  • Press Windows Key + I key together on your keyboard. This will launch the Settings window.
  • Go to Update & Security. It is usually the last option.
  • Next, click on Check For Updates. If there are any, make sure to download and install them. This might prompt some restarts.
  • You can also go and check for any additional updates. These help enhance system performance, among other things.

Now, check if updating the game and Windows 10 helped you fix the Black screen issue.

5. Try Using The Game Mode

Game mode toggle in Windows Game Mode Settings

There’s one thing that’s awesome about Windows 10. It comes with a Game Mode. The Windows 10 OS is gamer-friendly and has proven to be among the best OS.

Using the Game Mode is one of the best things you can do for your gaming. Why? First of all, it will halt all other processes. The resources of the PC will be refocused to enhance gaming performance. Thus, you will have fewer chances of errors. All you need to do is:

  • Search for the Game Mode Settings in the Windows Search.
  • Once it appears, click on it to open Game Mode Settings. Now, just click on the toggle to turn it on or off.
  • It’s that easy, and you will see significant improvements.

Remember, it is not the same as an Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar is an entirely different tool. Game mode focuses on other aspects.

6. The Antivirus Problems

Windows Virus & Threat Protection Window

Are you using an antivirus? What are the settings that you have activated? If your Antivirus runs on maximum protection settings, you will have problems. Maximum settings are not suitable for the gaming experience. You should turn the settings down and see if this helps. Microsoft Windows Defender can also cause the problem.

Often, these programs can block League Of Legends from launching. A black screen could be one of the errors you will face in this case. So, you will have to go through your antivirus and find a way to turn LoL into an exception. Most antivirus comes with a built-in guide to help you with it.

7. Try A Different Connection – Ethernet

Windows Network Status and other Advanced Network Settings Window

First, check for the status of your internet connection. Confirm that you’re getting the best speed that you are paying for. There are many speed tests available. Change the network profile if you have to. Update the Wifi and router to make sure that you remain on top of the game.

If nothing works, use the ethernet connection. An ethernet connection is when you use the LAN cable to connect your computer to the internet. It is quite a powerful connection, and you will reap the most speed and benefits. Give it a try to see if this solves your issue.

8. Try Some DNS Changes

Command line to flush and reset DNS Username hidden for security

The first step would be to Flush DNS. Flushing DNS is the same as resetting the cache. Often, errors in DNS could lead to the black screen issue. If you face the black screen continually while logging in, give this step a try:

  • Right-click on the Start Menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.
  • Now, type each of these commands: 
  • ipconfig /flushdns.
  • ipconfig / registerdns
  • ipconfig / release
  • ipconfig / renew
  • netsh winsock reset

Make sure to press enter after each command. Now, relaunch Steam or other launchers, and launch the LoL. See if you encounter the Black Screen anymore.

9. Safe Boot And A Clean Boot Solution

Windows 10 advanced startup and other options for Safe boot

If none of the above-given solutions worked for you, you could give Safe Boot a try. Using safe boot means bare basic startups. If this solves your issue, it means some third-party component is hindering your game. First, you need to:

  • Go to the Search Bar in your Task Bar at the bottom left. Type: MSConfig. Hit enter. This will open System Configurations.
  • Go to the Boot tab and check on the ‘Safe Boot.’ Make sure to activate it. After that, restart your PC. It would be better to launch in a Safe Boot with networking. Otherwise, nothing will work.

Launch the game and see if this helps you solve the issue. If it does, time for a clean boot and nitpicking the applications.

  • Once again, launch MSConfig. You can use the Run utility (Windows Key + R) this time. Make sure to run it as Admin by hitting Shift + Enter.
  • Go to the Services tab. Select ‘Hide All Microsoft Services.’ This will prevent you from disabling any essential service.
  • Now, click on Disable All. You can also make sure not to Disable any Hardware-oriented services. The Hardware services usually have the manufacturer’s name. But, it might not be necessary.
  • Next, go to the Startup tab. It will have a list of applications and programs that launch with the startup. Make sure to disable them by right-clicking and selecting Disable.
  • Apply the changes and click OK.

Now, go ahead and restart the PC. This will launch the PC in a Clean Boot mode. Now, what do you need to do:

  • Launch League Of Legends. See if you have fixed the Black Screen Issue. If yet, some third-party app or component is hindering the gaming performance.
  • You can go ahead and start Enabling each service one by one. Do it until you encounter a Black Screen error. If you encounter a black screen issue by enabling a particular service, that’s the issue. Make sure to get rid of that service, app, or program.
  • Repeat the process for the Startup applications, as well.

10. Reinstall League Of Legends

League of Legends official homepage

If none of the above-given options worked for you, it could be an issue in the game’s file. The corrupted game files can lead to many problems, including a black screen. So, you can go ahead and remove League Of Legends from your PC.

Make sure to uninstall it thoroughly. Restart the PC, and delete any remnant folders. It is also a good idea to remove the temporary windows files. Then, conduct fresh installations. This will also take care of any updates you might need.

See if this solves the issue. If it doesn’t, the problem is on Windows 10’s end. In other words, you might have to reinstall windows. But it should work just fine.

Conclusion – Fix Black Screen League Client Repair Error

This marks the end of the guide and the top 10 solutions to fix the League Of Legends Black Screen Launcher error in Mac, Windows 10, or any other platform. These solutions are the surefire way. If you somehow still can’t fix the issue, it could be a hardware or a Windows OS problem. So, you can fix that according to what you can do about it.

So, go ahead and eliminate the black screen error once and for all. Play the popular game and dominate the competition to your heart’s content.