4 Ways To Fix Killer Network Manager Slow Internet

A Killer Network Manager is actually a killer upgrade to your network bandwidth. To those who understand how this killer software works, you will understand that the entire point of this tool is to boost your network bandwidth. This might not work for you and you will still have a slow network. We did a little research and made this article to fix the slow internet issue caused by the Killer Network Manager. 

What is the Killer Network Manager?

Killer Network logo

The Killer Network Manager, previously known as the Killer Control Centre, is a tool that helps prioritize the network bandwidth to applications or processes that require faster internet connections. This program was designed, by Killer Networking, to oversee the Killer network adapters and the internet usage of programs on your computer. With this tool, you get to choose which process or program receives faster internet, while a few other apps compromise their current internet speed. 

To avoid further confusion, the Killer Network Manager is not a Windows process. It becomes one when it is downloaded from the Intel Killer series webpage. 

Is the Killer Network Manager a virus?

Not at all. The Killer Control Center is not a virus but it is not a built-in Windows 10 process either. This increases the chances of a malicious file pretending to be the Killer Control Center (NetworkManager.exe) to avoid detection. A complete system scan can help you sort it out. 

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Downloading the Killer Network Manager

If this program interests you, you’ll be happy to know that this tool is compatible with even the minimal system configurations. The steps to download the Killer Network Manager are very simple. 

  1. Open the web browser of your choice and go to the Killer Control Center website
  2. Locate the Killer Network Performance Suite and click on the allotted link. 
Latest Killer Performance suite downloads

Make sure you do not choose a beta version. You can try betas, once you are accustomed to the actual product itself. 

  1. On the Download page, click on the Download button in the Available Downloads section.
The download page for the Killer Performance Suite setup
  1. Agree to the terms and conditions and the Killer Network Management suite will start downloading from the website. 

Steps to fix the slow internet from the Killer Network Manager on Windows 10

There are four ways to get fast internet back through the Killer Control Center, namely –

  1. Download driver updates for the Network Adapter
  2. Update Killer Network Manager
  3. Remove and Reinstall the Killer Network Manager
  4. Take a look at the Killer Network Manager’s settings configuration

Fixing the Killer Network Manager Slow Internet issue

The network becoming slow even when the Killer Network Manager suite is used, is not a new issue. It has been reported a lot of times. This problem has been noted in Dell Alienware laptops, especially the Alienware Area-51 R2 model. There aren’t many solutions to this Killer Network suite issue but this is what you can do to get a fast internet connection for your programs again. 

Download driver updates for the Network Adapter

As mentioned earlier, the network driver plays a huge role in the operations of the Killer Control Center. Old or corrupt network drivers can cause issues in the functioning of the killer suite. This works best with the latest version of the device driver software

This is the procedure to update the network driver software on Windows 10 computers. 

  1. Bring out the Quick Link menu using the hotkeys (Windows + X). You can simply right-click on the Start button to open this. 
  2. Choose Device Manager and this window will appear on your screen. 
Device Manager option in the Quick Link menu
  1. Find the Network Adapters section from among the contents of this window. Click on it and it’ll unfold into a small list of the network drivers on your PC.
Network Adapters section in the Device Manager
  1. Right-click on the driver that needs to be updated and choose Update driver in the context pop-up.
Update driver option in the Intel Wi-Fi card context menu
  1. A Network driver update wizard will appear. From this window, choose Search automatically for drivers and your computer will scan itself for newer versions of the required driver update. 
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Update wizard for the Intel Network Adapter

Update Killer Network Manager

Newer versions of any software usually have newer features and fixed bugs or glitches. There are also chances of the program not run as expected. This is also relatable with the Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network Technology. 

You can download the latest release of the application from the Killer Network Manager site. You should be able to see information such as the program version on this website. If you have an older version, you may have used different tools for Wi-Fi and ethernet connections. Newer versions have a standardized form known as the Killer Network Performance suite. 

The Intel Killer Performance Suite setup wizard

Run the downloaded executable file and you’ll have the latest version of this on your computer. Check if the chosen applications receive fast internet. 

Remove and Reinstall the Killer Network Manager

  1. Type in Add or Remove Programs in the search box and launch the first search result. 
Apps and Features page in the Windows settings
  1. Navigate to the Killer Network Manager in the large list of Windows 10 applications. 
  2. Click on it and choose Uninstall.
The Uninstall button for a selected application
  1. Do as the Uninstall wizard says and this will help you remove the application.
  2. After removing it, install it again, with the help of the setup. You can download it from the products section of the Intel website. 

Take a look at the Killer Network Manager’s settings configuration

If you change some system settings, this may affect the Killer Network Manager’s settings, as well. You can reset these settings back to default to make it run, normally. 

The Killer Control Center is a highly complicated tool. If users do not understand how this works, the application cannot be understood by trial and error as mistakes can affect the network bandwidth for the entire computer. Your system can also falter in performance over time due to an incorrect configuration. 

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These are your techniques to restore a fast internet connection to your applications through the Killer Network Manager. 

Do not get thrown off at the sight of faster internet and be extremely cautious and try to understand how the applications work as much as possible before you use it. Happy Browsing!


Is Killer network service a virus?

The Killer Network service is a legitimate internet speed-boosting software, that can however be used as a cover for malicious files to avoid detection. 

What does killer networking do?

Killer Network Manager is a driver for the computers’ network adapters, that manages and monitors the usage of the internet on the computer. It lets chosen applications have internet that is faster than that supplied to other applications. 

Is Killer Networking good?

Killer Networking is a useful tool for running applications that need faster internet to run smoothly. However, this can be a virus that disguises itself as the Killer Network Manager to avoid detection. You will also compromise proper bandwidth to other applications on your computer. It is good if your priority is towards only one program.

What is Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager?

The Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager is a tool that can be used to oversee the health, performance, and internet usage of the device and allocate a higher bandwidth for programs like online games. This ensures a lag-free gaming experience.