How To Keep Airpods Pro From Falling Out Of Your Ear?

Essential Tips on How to keep Airpods Pro from falling out of your ear

We will tell you how to prevent keep AirPods pro from falling out of the ear. We all love to have a wireless and tangle-free experience with the latest Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro, along with superb HD audio quality, handsfree microphone, and Siri voice assistant service.

But due to the slipperiness of the outer surface, you might have faced several instances where the Airpods Pro keeps on slipping out of your ears while indulging in a sweaty atmosphere performing rigorous outdoor activities.

You cannot afford to lose your expensive AirPods out in the streets, and for that reason, we will recommend essential tips on how to keep Airpods Pro from falling out of your ears .

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Why do Apple Earbuds Fall Out?

Before knowing how to keep Airpods Pro from falling out, we should examine popular reasons behind Airpods falling out of ears according to Apple user reports and complaints on the Internet. Your Airpod Pro might fall out because of:

  • Wrong Selection of Silicone Earbud Tips: People tend to buy the Apple Airpods Pro because they come with an accessory called silicone tips that are supposed to stick inside their ears while doing something. These earbud tips come in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) for different ear canal diameters. Airpod Pro won’t stay in the ear for long if you use the wrong size of Silicone ear tips.
  • Improper Placement of the Airpods Pro: If your Airpod Pros fall out while you are jumping in your garden, It might be because the earbuds are not appropriately inserted inside your ears.
  • Slippery nature of the Airpods due to sweat: The Airpods Pro has a glossy smooth plastic finish on the exterior. Because of this, your sweaty ears and the Airpods Pro might not be a good combination while you are doing the heavy lifting outdoors. The silicone tips aim at removing this incompatibility, and it is crucial to replace them regularly to keep Airpods Pro from falling out and being lost.
  • Movement of Ear Canal while moving your jaw: If you are eating something while watching a movie through your Airpods Pro, they might fall out due to the up-and-down motion of your jaw while eating. As a result, the ear canal constricts, which might push the Airpods out.

According to the cases stated above, it is evident that it is not your fault that the Airpod Pro keeps slipping out of your ears, and you might need cheap accessories or adjustments for this inconvenient gadget that is too expensive to lose. Head over to the next section to know how to keep Airpods Pro from falling out of your ears

How Do I Stop My AirPods Pro From Falling Out?

If you are looking for different ways to help you answer how to keep Airpod Pros from falling out of your ears or pockets, you have arrived at the correct place. We already know how problematic or messy it might be for you if the Airpods accidentally slip out.

There is a chance of the earbuds being damaged in the accident, but you might also lose them forever inside sewers or on the grass. To prevent such mishaps, go through the steps given below consecutively, where we will mention some DIY fixes and recommend some Apple Airpods accessories.

  1. Reinsert The Airpods Pro To Make Sure You’re Wearing Them Properly
  2. Replacing The Tips On Airpods Pro Using The iPhone Ear Tip Fit Test
  3. Wear The Airpods Upside Down Or Sideways
  4. Add Waterproof Tape To Stop The Airpod Pro Slipping Out Issue
  5. Use External Replacement Foam Tips To Prevent Airpods Pro Fall Out
    1. Comply Foam Apple Airpods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips
  6. Use External Covers For Apple Earbuds Version 1 & 2
    1. Damonlight Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sport Covers
    2. Earskinz Airpod Covers
  7. Buy Ear Hooks For Apple Airpods For A More Secure Fit
    1. Ahastyle Silicone Ear Hooks Cover
    2. Earbuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks And Covers Accessories
    3. INSIGNIA Accessories for Apple AirPods
  8. Find Other Alternatives for Airpod Pro
  9. Return Your Airpods Or Ask For A Replacement

1. Reinsert The Airpods Pro To Make Sure You’re Wearing Them Properly

  • The simplest approach to prevent situations where Airpods won’t stay in-ear is to wear them correctly. Getting the appropriate size earbud tips for your AirPod Pros is the best method to achieve this. The AirPod Pro silicone tips come in three sizes, and you must wear the right size.
  • Verify that the right AirPod is in the right ear and the left in the left ear. Look for the letters “L” and “R” (for left and right, respectively) on the stem.
  • Make sure the speaker pieces of the AirPod are directly inserted into your ear. This is effortless with AirPod Pros (the silicone tip). Other elements may be confused with the speaker. Ensuring correct ear-fitting AirPods and AirPod Pros is important.
  • Some people like to wear AirPods with the stem facing front. This may impact the fit. So while wearing AirPods, make sure the stem points downward.

2. Replacing The Tips On Airpods Pro Using The iPhone Ear Tip Fit Test

Reinsert and adjust the silicone earbud tips

The quickest method of finding the finest tips for your AirPods Pro is to utilize the ones that feel the most comfortable.

  • If the tips are properly fitted, they should be comfortable, and the situation where Airpod Pro keeps falling out shouldn’t arise. Airpod Pro gives you silicone tips in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You can select your best fit from it.
  • If that isn’t enough, Apple also offers the option of allowing your iPhone to assist you in selecting the appropriate size of earbud tips. Follow the steps below to learn more:
  • Place the Apple Airpods Pro into your ears using the currently used tips.
  • Make sure the Airpods are connected via Bluetooth.
  • Open the Settings on your iPhone, and tap on Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the small “i” info button next to your connected Airpods name in the list.
  • Select the Ear Fit Tip Test option.
  • Press Continue, and tap on Play.
  • Wait for the testing session to complete.
  • If you are wearing the most comfortable tips of the Airpod Pro, the app will display Good Seal.
  • If they aren’t the right size, the iPhone will show “Adjust or Try a Different Ear Tip.”
  • In the latter case, try using different fits for the buds and run the test until you get the correct earbud tip fitting.

3. Wear The Airpods Upside Down Or Sideways

Insert the Airpods Pro upside down
  • Giving your AirPods a slight twist is a simple and practical approach to prevent them from slipping out.
  • As an alternative to inserting them into your ears with the stems pointing down, you might try rotating them sideways or even upside down. For some folks, this may assist in squeezing the AirPods even more securely into their ears.
  • Take note that, by doing so, your microphone will be directed away from your mouth, making it more challenging to have a phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom conversations while wearing your AirPods.

4. Add Waterproof Tape To Stop The Airpod Pro Slipping Out Issue

Attach tapes to AirPods to prevent them from slippong out
  • You’ll need some waterproof tape for this DIY way if your Airpod Pros fall out when working out. Because it has adhesive and is long-lasting, the Nexcare 3M brand is often suggested.
  • You’ll need a standard hole punch to cut out circular pieces of tape and scissors to cut out rectangle strips. Attach a piece of tape to the top of each earbud and another to the bottom closer to where the AirPods will be inserted into your ears.
  • Place the AirPods in your ears and then walk about, engage in some exercise, or go for a jog to get the blood flowing. Because of the raised surface of the tape, the AirPods should stay in your ears at all times. The nicest thing about this approach is that your AirPods will still fit in the charging case even after applying the tape to their surfaces.

5. Use External Replacement Foam Tips To Prevent Airpods Pro Fall Out

If you don’t get a proper fit for your Airpod Pro silicone ear tips, it might be time for you to use external alternatives, such as memory foam tips. A cheap one, among other choices, is given below:


  1. Comply Foam Apple Airpods Pro 2.0 Earbud Tips: 
Comply Memory Foam Tips
  • If you want readily available memory foam tips for your Airpod Pro that remembers the shape of your ear canal, adjust itself inside, and no sound leaks around, giving you an overall tight fit, this is your best choice.
  • The foam tips come in three sizes, and you can buy them on Amazon
  • Unlike the original AirPods Pro tips, using these foam tips requires an additional step. Before inserting the AirPods Pro, pinch the foam tip to compress it. The foam expands to fit snuggly into your ear once you insert the earbud.

6. Use External Covers For Apple Earbuds Version 1 & 2

If the DIY method of applying tapes didn’t work out for you, you could buy cheap external covers for your Apple Earbuds to fix the problem. Some affordable options are given below:

  • Damonlight Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sports Covers: 
DamonLight Anti-Slip Silicone Cover
  • One major drawback of most external cover accessories for Airpods is that they have to be removed before putting them back in the charging case.
  • DamonLight eliminates the disadvantage using its slim design and transparent cover.
  • These coverings are difficult to apply because of their design.
  • Stretch them just enough to get them attached, but not so much that you tear them apart.
  • But you just have to do it once, so they will remain on when you have them on.
  • Earskinz Airpod Covers:
Earskinz Airpods Covers
  • The Earskinz cover is bulkier than the previous one, but according to their manufacturers, they provide a more tight grip.
  • They are easily removable and replaceable.
  • The main downside is that you have to remove these things before placing them in their case.

7. Buy Ear Hooks For Apple Airpods For A More Secure Fit

If you want an even more tight fit of the Airpod Pro inside your ear, then you might be interested in silicone hooks that put strong support atop the strong ear bones. Therefore, we have picked out the bestselling ear hooks just for your convenience:

  • Ahastyle Silicone Ear Hooks Cover: 
AhaStyle Silicone ear hooks
  • The AhaStyle Earhooks are compatible with both Airpods and Earpods.
  • Each pack arrives with a hook attached to a cover that hangs on your ear to stay inside.
  • They have to be removed to put back inside the charging case, but the product is easily removable.
  • Amazon offers a 3-pair pack of the AhaStyle Earhooks at just $8.99 in different colors.
  • EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers
EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers
  • The EarBuddyz comes with both silicone tip and ear hook cover and perfectly keeps Airpods Pros from falling out of your ears.
  • They keep unwanted noise out, but the accessory must be removed before putting the Airpods back in the charging case.
  • INSIGNIA Accessories for Apple AirPods:
Insignia AirPods Accessory combo pack
  • Insignia offers comprehensive support for Apple AirPods by providing silicone earbud tips, Silicone Cord (for neck), and Ear Hooks together in one single package.
  • After buying the accessory package, you don’t have to think about your Airpods Pro falling out while working.

8. Find Other Alternatives for Airpod Pro:

Other Airpods Alternatives
  • If none of the preceding solutions worked for you, a few options remain. One is to get separate wireless earphones for working out or swap brands.
  • That doesn’t mean you have to abandon AirPods Pro. You may still utilize them while not active or at home.

9. Return Your Airpods Or Ask For A Replacement

Return Airpods to Apple Service Centre
  • Finally, you may return your AirPods Pro to Apple for a refund or replacement, subject to Apple’s rules. In general, you have 14 days to return things as long as they are unopened and undamaged. Visit Apple’s Returns and Refunds website for more.
  • But, before you do this, remember to consider the expenses and labor involved in returning the goods. If the procedure is too arduous, maybe waiting for your AirPods Pro to fall out is preferable.