Java Applet does not load during recording of a Web application

Java Applet does not load during recording of a Web application

During recording of a Web application, an Applet normally loads and allows to perform operation.

Under some circumstances, the applet may not load properly during recording with LoadRunner.

Some possible suggestions that may help resolve this issue are

  • Try recording all steps in one Action section in the script. Sometimes changing the action section during recording will produce this type of problem.
  • Modify the Recording Options to enable URL mode recordings. Only use the URL -> Advanced mode if you have specific reasons to do so (and understand what using this mode means). Using this recording mode will make the script less dynamic and harder to maintain.
  • Try recording with the Multi-Protocol Web/Winsock vuser type.
    When recording with this Vuser type, steps that are recognized as Web steps will be recorded as normal web_xxx functions, but other communication (that is not HTTP based) will be recorded as Winsock. This means that more information about the recording can be captured if the application (applet) communicates via some protocol other than HTTP. This may be necessary in order to properly record and replay a site that incorporates an applet that does this.
  • Also, within the Recording Options for the Web/Winsock Vuser type there is a tab called Web Trapping, which affects the method used for capturing the script. Try enabling this in case of problems encountered during recording. This changes the behavior of the recorder to inspect the network packets at a lower level rather than setting up a proxy server to intercept the Web Requests.
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  1. I am facing some issue while recording a java applet based application. While recording the application I am getting error related to not executing javaw.exe. I am using web(Http/Html) protocol for recording. Can you please help?


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