8 Easy Fixes For iTunes Error 0xe80000a

iTunes is an application powered by Apple to exchange data between PC/Mac Apple devices. iTunes is also a unique software to update and configure all Apple devices. It can further be used to play media including audio and video files. So, it has been considered a one-in-all package.

While using iTunes, some users experience an error while connecting to their iPhone or iPad. It states that iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. An unknown error occurred (0xe80000a). Such an error message stops me from using iTunes. Moreover, it may hamper some other applications’ functionality too. But, there is no need to worry.

An error such as this one can be fixed from now onwards. Here in this blog, we have shared the ways to fix the iTunes error 0xe80000a on your PC. Also, you will not need professional help or IT support for it.

With our well-explained steps, you will be able to fix error 0xe80000a on your own. Read the blog till the end and get the solution to your iTunes error.

Solutions For 0xe80000a Error iTunes

  1. Update operating systems
  2. Disable your antivirus
  3. Restart Apple mobile device service
  4. Redefine Apple location and privacy settings
  5. Reset the lockdown folder
  6. Reset iTunes app (for Windows 10 Only)
  7. Reinstall iTunes
  8. Switch Version

How To Fix iTunes Cannot Connect To iPhone 0xe80000a Error?

1. Update Operating Systems

Windows Operating System Update Check

As the terms suggest, the operating system of a device manages the computer. Be it software, hardware, resources and computer programs. Everything is managed by the operating system. Thus, there is a high chance that your operating system has issues that need to be resolved. Along with that, iTunes error 0xe80000a could be fixed.

Try to resolve the iTunes 0xe80000a error by updating your entire system. If the error has occurred due to hardware or software inconsistency. Then it should be resolved by updating the Windows 10, iOS, and iTunes software. You can begin updating the process with Windows 10.

Update Windows 10

  • Press the Start + I button on the keyboard, the Settings app will get open.
  • Select Update & Security>Windows update.
  • Click on Check for updates button to enable downloading the latest Windows updates. (The updates come from the Microsoft server).

Update iOS software

  • Click on the Settings app of your iPhone.
  • Tap on General, then you will see the Software Update tab.
  • Update your iOS software, if you find any updates for your iPhone.
  • Press Download to install the recent update.

Lastly, you have to update your iTunes software.

Update iTunes software

  • Open the Start menu, type and search ‘Apple software update’
  • Here, you will see all the available updates to download.

Once your iTunes software gets updated, your 0xe80000a error will certainly get resolved.

2. Disable Your Antivirus Software

Windows 10 security app and tools

Sometimes antivirus software does not support the smooth functioning of the device. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of having antivirus software. No matter how expensive antivirus software you buy, you can face this problem.

In your iPhone and iTunes software, the antivirus software can cause connectivity issues. It could be because the antivirus software is a third-party product. To diagnose the problem, you should stop antivirus software for time being. After this, try reconnecting your iPhone. If you are afraid of the fact that your phone could be fully exposed to viruses. Disable some live shields of the antivirus software.

Instructions to disable the device’s Antivirus:

  • Click Start on the keyboard and type Windows Security.
  • After opening Windows Security app, go to Virus & threat protection.
  • Then, go to Manage Settings.
  • Turn off the Real-time protection.

This way, your antivirus will be switched off. Please note, your scheduled scans will continue to run. But, any file that you download or any app you install will not be scanned.

If this works, add iTunes to the exemption to the antivirus software firewall list.

3. Restart Apple Mobile Device Service

Windows 10 services list

If the above solutions do not work. We have another solution for you. It will probably help to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a in windows 10. Restart Apple mobile device service. So if there is any temporary issue in the system, it gets resolved.

Follow these steps to restart the Apple mobile device service.

  • Press the Start + R button on the keyboard, type, and search services.msc, click OK.
  • Scroll down to find Apple mobile device service.
  • Do right-click on the Apple mobile device service. Then, click on the Restart.
  • If the service does not get started, double click on the particular service to open its Properties.
  • Once the Properties opens, change the Startup to Automatic. And, begin the service which is next to Service status.
  • Click OK, then Apply to save the made changes.

Check now if iTunes is working fine or you may need an alternate solution to fix the error 0xe80000a.

4. Redefine Apple Location And Privacy Settings

Reset location & privacy built-in app control iOS phone iTunes

Corrupted location and privacy settings could cause 0xe80000a unknown error too. Try redefining location and privacy settings to resolve the error.

The location and privacy settings have the trust permissions. These permissions are granted to your iPhone the first time you link it to your computer. You can fix these settings easily by resetting them. Once you reset the settings, the apps will ask for location services permissions.

Perform the following activities to reset location and privacy settings.

  • Open the Settings app of your iPhone
  • Click General and click on Reset.
  • Further, you have to tap on the Reset location and privacy settings.
  • Click on Reset settings to confirm.

The moment you reset the location and privacy settings. Connect your iPhone to your computer/laptop and launch iTunes. Then, tap on the Trust on the pop-up screen on your iPhone.

If the problem was location permissions, it should get with these steps.

5. Reset The Lockdown Folder

Lockdown Folder in macOS

The lockdown folder is a special directory that is generated by iTunes. It contains many security certificates. These certificates are needed to communicate with the earlier connected iOS devices successfully. Such as the location and privacy settings, you can reset this folder. It can help to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a.

Follow these steps to reset the lockdown folder and fix the iTunes error 0xe80000a –

  • To open the Run box, press Windows+R on the keyboard. Type ‘%ProgramData%’ in the Open field. Further, click OK.
  • The moment you see the File Explorer Window. Double-tap on the Lockdown named folder.
  • In the Apple directory, right-click on the lockdown folder. Then, select the Rename option.
  • Now, rename the folder to ensure that your backup remains safe and protected in the old folder.

Post resetting the lockdown folder, try to relaunch iTunes and reconnect your iPhone. Tap Trust when prompted. Now, the lockdown folder will be created scratch with the security certificates. Now, there will be no communication error between your computer and iPhone.

This solution is one of the most useful solutions to resolve the iTunes error 0xe80000a.

6. Reset Itunes App (Windows 10 Only)

iTunes license agreement for Windows 10 users

If you have downloaded and installed the iTunes app from the Microsoft server. There are possibilities that the app has picked some default settings. These settings could be a problem due to which the iTunes error 0xe80000a occurred.

  • Open the Settings app by using the keyboard shortcut Windows + I. (As above in solution 1).
  • Select Apps, then Apps and Features.
  • Search for iTunes in the search bar, and click Advanced Options.
  • On the next screen, you will get an option to Reset the app to its default setup.
  • Click on it to confirm resetting the iTunes app.

7. Reinstall iTunes

If you are still facing trouble connecting to iTunes. Even after using all the above-mentioned methods. Then, you should try to reinstall your iTunes software. This will fix all the corrupted files and data issues for you without any extra chaos.

Moreover, often corrupted system files cause different errors on Windows 10 PC. To eradicate such a scenario, run the built-in system file checker utility. 

Follow these steps to perform the activity. Please note! It detects and restores the missing corrupted files with the correct ones. And, it must fix iTunes error 0xe80000a as well on Windows 10.

When you try to connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 device. iTunes error 0xe80000a can ruin your mood completely. That is why it needs to be treated soon. 

8. Switch Versions

iTunes on official Microsoft Store for installation

iTunes on the Windows Store version performs better than the normal desktop version. Moreover, it throws fewer errors in comparison.

Still, if you are facing issues and the above fixes could not help. You should switch to the Windows Store version of iTunes. It could be the best-left option to resolve the issue.

Switching to the Windows Store version is also effortless. iTunes transfers the downloaded music and backups on its own during installation.

Indeed it is simple, yet we will help you with the following steps to make the process easier for you.

  • Go to the iTunes page (within the Windows Store)
  • Click Install, and that’s it.

Your Windows store version will get installed in a few minutes. Certainly, this should work. 

Since you have tried various ways to fix this error. Yet, if you are unable to completely fix the error. You can contact both Microsoft and Apple communities to help you out. 

Send an email to them with the exact issue and all the resolutions that you have already tried. Let them know your current problem and get back to you with a legit solution. 

Conclusion – iTunes Connect Phone Error 0xe800000a

While ending the blog, we like to conclude that errors such as 0xe80000a are quite common. You may find them lately too. It does not mean that your device has some problem or is infected by any virus. It is a bug that the Apple team is working to resolve.

Do not worry if such errors occur frequently, use these tips to fix the issue and use iTunes smoothly. Moreover, at any point of resolving the issue, if you feel unable to resolve it. Contact your local IT support to help you fix the iTunes error 0xe80000a. Or else, you can connect with the Apple or Microsoft support team to resolve the issue.

FAQs – Fix iTunes Win 7, 10, 11 Error 0xe80000a

What Is 0xe80000a Error In ITunes?

When you try to update your iPhone to the latest iOS with iTunes. Suddenly, you see an instant file deletion or new files coming. This error 0xe80000a reports a warning that iTunes could not be connected to iPhone or iPad. Thus, you will be unable to connect your PC/Mac or other devices with iTunes.

Does iTunes Work With Microsoft Operating Systems?

According to the official Apple website, you can use iTunes for Windows. Only Windows 10 in S Mode support the apps that are there in the Microsoft Store. iTunes will give Windows 10 users access to Apple Music. On top of it, it can be used to back up and update your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Which Device Does iTunes Support?

iTunes is now compatible with almost all devices. You can use iTunes to sync your iPhone/iPad or even iPod with your computer. Your iTunes media library will be available in the Apple Music app, Apple Books, Apple TV app.