How To Use Italics In Skype: Easy Guide for Windows and Mac

Skype is the most popular internet-based free calling and messaging application that helps you to stay in touch with friends and family using the internet.

This tutorial will focus on the italics in Skype formatting tools in its instant messaging app, which will make your messages more interactive. Here’s how to use italics in Skype.

Italics In Skype - Skype window

Why Should I Use Italicized Text on Skype?

You may need to use Skype text formatting to convey ideas in chats more fully, clearly, and professionally. You could want to utilize certain text formats to emphasize certain terms. 

You should be creative and use italics formatting to make your Skype talks more engaging and enticing. Italics formatting gives your text a different, more emphasized look and makes it easier for your friends and family to discover your highlighted words.

How Do I Use Italics in Skype

To italicize text on Skype messages, place underscores(_) before and after the text you want to be italicized.

Type in "We went to _New York city_"

For example, if you type in “We went to _New York city_”, the chat message will be displayed as “We went to New York City

The chat message will be displayed as "We went to New York City"

How Do I Remove Italicized Text on Skype

Italics can be turned off in Settings for Windows Skype (For Mac users, this option isn’t accessible in some OS). Simply go to Tools → Options → IM & SMS → IM Appearance and disable the Show advanced text formatting box.

You can also use the command “/wikimarkup off” to disable automatic effects like bold (bold text with a * on either side), italic, and underlined.

the command "/wikimarkup off"

How to Disable Text Formatting on Skype for Current Messages

Occasionally, you don’t want to inadvertently italicize your messages by accidentally pressing a button. To remove all text formatting features solely for current messages, place two @ symbols and a space at the beginning of the message.

How to Disable Text Formatting on Skype Forever

Although formatting Skype conversations is a useful function, there is a flip side to the coin, and issues can emerge frequently, especially when we want to avoid sending such expressions. To remove all text formatting features for all future messages on Skype forever, you should use /wikimarkup off in the texts.