Top 40 IT Technical Support Interview Questions & Answers

Most of you guys are familiar with Technical support or IT Support, especially if you are from an IT field or looking forward to work with the IT sector. Almost all the World’s Tech Giants Like Google, Apple, Microsoft have technical support. 

These technical giants invest in Technical support because they do have a lot of benefits from it. What is Technical support or IT support?  A company hires representatives for an IT technical support position to help the employee face any technical or software problems.  

The IT support technician has to deal with various issues, and it may be as simple as recovering a password to resolving the issues related to software installation and maintenance.

Do you want to work in the IT sector as an IT support technician, or do you have an IT support job interview nearby, then check out our IT Technical Support Interview Questions And Answers. Make sure to check out our technical questions, interview tips, and all the Support interview questions and answers so that you will not miss any interview questions.

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Top 40 IT Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

IT Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers

1. How do you update your technical skills?

  1. I invest some time every day to research technical skills. For example, I will spend 1-2 hours exploring the latest technological trends.
  2. I subscribe to newsletters, and I follow Twitter regularly to keep updated with the latest technologies and trends. By doing so, I can check out which technology is drawing more attention to spend some time learning about the new technology.
  3. I do attend the technical conference wherever I get the opportunity.
  4. I check with my friends and colleagues on what technology they are working on getting to know even more.
  5. If I feel any of the technology is worthy, then I plan to attend online classes or workshops,
  6. I keep on reading blogs and articles which are related to my field so that I keep updating myself.

2. Can you name some latest computer processors?

        Intel Pentium Quad-Core, Intel core i9, i3, i5, and i7

3. What If, A customer makes a call saying their PC is slow? How would you react to the problem?

  1. First, try to clear all the temp files, you can do so by using the Windows+R key to open the run command, and type temp, and press enter. You will see a list of temp files. Don’t forget to delete those temp files.
  2. You need to uninstall the programs that you are not using so that it clears up some space.
  3. The computer may slow down when the hard disk gets full. If possible, increase the storage capacity.
  4. Try to get more RAM(Random access memory)
  5. You can also run disc defragmentation.
  6. If the problem still exists with the customer’s computer, then give them a new computer.

4. What fixes do you do when audio is not working on the computer?

  1. First, you need to check for volume on your computer,
  2. Try using headphones. If it sounds good in headphones, then there’s some problem with the hardware and built*in speakers.
  3. If the problem is not there in the software, then there are chances of broken speakers.
  4. You can disable audio enhancements, that might have turned on.
  5. In case of the software update and windows reinstallation, the sound might have stopped working. In that case, you have to update your BIOS.
  6. You need to check for drivers and, if necessary, install drivers.

5. Explain the benefits and the drawbacks of working in an Agile environment? 


  1. Agile workplaces are very flexible.
  2. They encourage employees with all the tools and technologies that they need.
  3.  They satisfy the customers by providing useful software.
  4. They pay attention to technical excellence and designs.
  5. They maintain excellent cooperation between the clients and developers.
  6. Easy adaptation to new circumstances or situations
  7. There will be a continuous interaction between customers, developers, and testers so that there is no communication gap.


  1. In this environment, only senior representatives are capable of making decisions during the development process.
  2. If the customer representative is not clear about what they want, the project can go smoothly.

6. Differentiate between RAM and ROM?

Random-access MemoryRead-only Memory
RAM is a volatile memory where the data is stored only when there is a power supplyRead-only Memory(ROM) is non-volatile memory, where it can regain the data or information, even when there is no power.
In the case of seed, it is High-speed memory.In the case of speed, it is slower than RAM.
The CPU can access the data stored on RAM.The CPU cannot access the data from the Read-Only Memory.
RAM is large in size and capacityROM is smaller in size and has less capacity

7. What steps do you follow to solve a technical problem?

  1. First, understand what the problem is about so that you can proceed further.
  2. You need to come up with answers that can fix the particular problem.
  3. If possible, you need to come up with alternate solutions to the problem.
  4. You need to implement your plan and follow up on the solution.

 8. How do you deal with the blue screen of death (BSOD)?

Blue screen of death results whenever your computer finds issues with the hardware or software and the windows stop loading.


  1. First, you need to analyze what you had done a few minutes ago. Did you install new software or update a driver. If so, you need to undo the changes.
  2. You need to check for free space left on the drive.
  3. Quickly scan your computer for viruses.
  4. Check for window updates.
  5. You have to update your BIOS.
  6. If you have made any changes to the BIOS setting, then bring it back to default values.

9. Name the hardware components of a desktop computer?

Hardware components are listening below:

  1. CPU(Central Processing Unit)
  2. Monitor
  3. Hard Disk drive
  4. Network Interfacing Cards
  5. USB Ports
  6. Graphic Cards
  7. Motherboard

10. What strengths do an IT Technician should possess?

  1. One should have problem-solving skills.
  2. One should work in teams.
  3. One should have good communication skills.
  4. One should have a passion for technology.
  5. One should be self-disciplined.
  6. Pay attention, even to a minute error.

11. Have you learned anything from your mistakes as an IT Support Engineer?

Here you need to answer in such a way that the interviewer should get impressed. You need to tell something like this.  As an IT support engineer, my work is to maintain and install computer hardware and software systems. Every day I need to face some new challenges, which keep me motivated to research a lot more. It keeps me updated about recent viruses or any information related to my field.

12. Which operating system have you worked on before?

You need to answer this question based on your experience. Tell the interviewer which operating system you have worked on, even if you have to research which operating system the company is currently working on. Plan your answer accordingly.

13. How long does a  phone call should last?

Here the answer has to very straight when you get a customer service call. The conversation has been quite to the point so that the other person doesn’t get bored. On average, it has to be less than a minute.

14. Will future technology advances impact your job?

The answer should be something like this.  Yes, future technological advances may have some impacts on the job. The efficiency and speed of the work have increased due to advancements in technology. With Artificial Intelligence’s evolution, I think there would be a profound impact on employees’ work.

15. Can you tell me any problems that you have working as an IT technician?

If you are a fresher, your answer should be like, I have solved the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH issues, recovered a password.

If you are an experienced person, tell them the most critical thing that you have solved. For example, you have fixed the “Fatal Error C0000034 Applying Update Operation” or Black monitor or set some sound issues.

16. What tools do you think are mandatory for technicians to solve problems?

  1. Solarwinds service desk
  2. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
  3. Zoho Desk
  4. Zendesk Suite
  5. Dameware Remote Support
  6. Oracle Service Cloud
  7. SolarWinds Web Help Desk Free Edition

17. What are device drivers?

Device drivers or hardware drivers are a  group of files that enables hardware devices to transfer data to the operating system. Without the hardware drivers, the computer will not send or receive information correctly to the hardware devices. Examples of drivers are card readers, printers, speakers.

18. Why does the Intel 8085 processor is called an 8-bit processor?

An 8-bit processor is capable of transferring 8 bits of data at a time. Intel 8085 processors are used to transmit 8 bits of data at a time. Nowadays, we have 64-bit microprocessors.

19. What challenges are you expecting as an IT Technician?

You can say about the challenges you have faced in your previous job or say something like this.

  1. I am looking forward to this job to enhance my technical skills and learn new software.
  2.  To develop leadership qualities so that I will be able to manage a team in the future.
  3. I want to contribute to the company performance, by increasing the sales.
  4. To get more motivation, I prefer working with my team members.
  5. You can tell them a scenario where you had handled a critical situation in the past so that the interviewer knows how good you are at your profession.

20. Tell me something about the company?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Here the interviewer wants to know how interested you are to work for their company.

  1.  Research the company before you go to the interviews.
  2. Make sure you have some key features handy so that you can impress the other person.
  3. Focus on the positivity of the company.
  4. If you have any key points about the company you are interested in, make sure you explain them, it shows how enthusiastic you are to work for them.
  5. Make sure you check the goals of the company so that you can explain them.

21. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years in our company? 

  1. Over the next few years, I would like to see myself as the manager, or I want to be a Team Lead.
  2. I would enhance my technical skills by learning new software and techniques.
  3. I need to achieve my goals(If you any plans, you need to explain them for example, You want to learn some new techniques about software installation or hardware maintenance)
  4. Be positive while answering this type of question. The interviewer has to find some exciting things in you so that he can hire you.

22. Can you please describe a typical day in your previous help desk position?

You can tell about your job description, something you had worked before

  1. That you had helped you, customer, by recovering their password
  2. Fixed your PC will automatically restart in one minute issue
  3. You had fixed the Blue Screen Of Death.
  4. You had fixed some hardware-related issues that the computer was facing.
  5. You had fixed some Windows Errors.
  6. You had to provide support to the users who were facing issues with the up-gradation of the system.
  7. You were always supportive of the users, and still, you were available on time to solve their problems.
  8. You were working on antivirus installation and up-gradation to provide security.

23. What are the primary responsibilities of the IT Support Engineer?

  1. IT Support Engineer is responsible for managing computer systems, including hardware, software installations, and networks.
  2. One significant aspect for an IT Support Engineer is documentation. They have to make documents regarding the system update process or make any changes to the software.
  3. Most IT Engineers create computers that are specific to their employee’s needs.
  4. They have to identify and resolve the issues related to the systems.

24. What are your work habits as an IT support officer?

AS an IT support officer

  1. I have to maintain and monitor all the software and hardware-related issues.
  2. I have to provide technical assistance to my colleagues.
  3. I have to support system users through email or phone calls. If necessary, I need to use remote desktop software.
  4. I need to troubleshoot network problems.
  5. If there are any new users, I have to set up accounts and profiles for them.
  6. I have to prioritize and manage tasks. 

25. What does a question mark(?) sign in the device manager indicate?

We have various signs, w.r.t device manager. One among them is a question mark. When you get a question mark, it specifies that a device-specific driver is not available. To fix the issue, you have to install the specific driver.

26. What does Mail Exchange Record (MX Record) mean?

MX Record describes the mail server which is responsible for accepting the mail messages on behalf of the domain name(DNS)

Domain Name. MX Record specifies for which specific IP address we have to send the email.

27. What do the lights on the modem specify?

  1. If the modem light is on, that means there is an adequate power supply, and the battery is in good condition.
  2. If the modem light is flickering then, there is the power supply, but the battery is low.
  3. If the modem light is off, then the battery is deleted or is missing.

28. What is an IP Address?

IP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a numerical label or string of numbers separated by periods. The numbers in the IP Address range from 0 to 255.

28. What is an A record?

A record usually uses the domain name to find the IP address of the computer. Here “A” stands for address.

29. Name three words that your colleagues would describe you?

My colleagues would describe me as:

  1.  A good team player
  2. A positive person
  3. A Creative or Innovative person

30. What do you look for in a job other than salary?

You are required to answer this type of question to impress the other person.

  1. First, I have to love the job that I am doing because I need to satisfy myself because of the end-of-day.
  2. I need to check whether the job is provisioning a work-life balance.
  3. I need to be recognized or appreciated for my work.
  4. I would check for opportunities so that I can build my career.
  5. I would like to check on the work location so that it suits my needs.

31. How do you explain a relevant technology to a non-technical person?

Information Technology plays an essential aspect in almost every company. Here, the interviewer wants to check the candidate and how well the candidate has communication skills. There will be situations where the candidate has to communicate with a non-technical person. 

32. Can you tell us the situations where things didn’t go the way you wanted at work, such as a project that failed and you had to overcome it?

It is a behavioral question where the interviewer wants to know how you will react in a critical situation if you wish to get motivated yourself and try for a different project or take it personally and you are off the track. While answering this type of question, you have to be honest, and you have to admit your fault, which creates a positive impression on the other person. Explain clearly what went wrong in the project and what was your part. Accepting your flaws will not get a negative image. Instead, it gives you positive vibes.

33. What is the Domain Naming Service(DNS)?

DNS, i.e., Domain Naming Service is a mechanism used to convert computer hostnames into IP addresses. For example, if a computer needs to connect with a .Net web server, it requires the server’s IP address. We know that an IP address is a string of numbers. The computer doesn’t understand what we type(example,, so whatever is typed( is converted into numbers.

34. What has to be used to connect two computers without using switches?

We generally use cross cables to connect two computers without switches.

35. What is Hard Disk partitioning?

In Hard Disk partitioning, the Hard Disk drive is partitioned into several smaller segments to free up space. Now the partitioned part is considered as a separate disk.

36. Can you list some of the Microsoft Office applications

  1. MS Outlook’
  2. MS Word
  3. MS PowerPoint
  4. MS Excel
  5. MS Access

37. What is SID?

Every computer has a unique ID called a Security Identifier(SID)

38. Can you name a few Components which are needed to set Home Network?

You need a Router or Hub, Land Cards, and Lan Cables.

39. Why did you opt for the Help desk role?

  1. The Help Desk job is a type of job where it involves more customer interactions, which I love to do.
  2. I would love to help people to solve their problems. 
  3. It gives a kind of satisfaction, by doing this job.

40. What is a USB w.r.t Computer?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard protocol for cables and connectors. USB is a process that allows a person to connect an external electronic device to the computer. Some USB devices are Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Microphone, Digital cameras, MP3 Players, Keypad.

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