Top 15 Best IT Asset Management Software

IT Asset Management, abbreviated as ITAM, is the process towards guaranteeing an organization to be represented, sent, looked after, overhauled and discarded as per the requirement of the organization’s assets. In simple terms, IT assessment is making sure that all tangible, intangible, valuable, and other stuff in your firm are followed, and their utilization is highly efficient. 

The process of the Asset Management system assists with supporting vital dynamics in an IT environment.

IT Asset Management software is a blend of Information Technology and accounting administrations. The IT frameworks are utilized for records of assets for auditing purposes. The data contained in the frameworks can be utilized to set up an exact monetary record. This can help the administration in settling on prudent business choices. Furthermore, investors can dissect the business’s monetary situation all the more precisely with better Asset Management.

What is the need for IT Asset Management Software?

The reason for using  an IT Asset Management tool is to: 

  • Diminish IT and software costs. 
  • Viably help in dealing with the Asset Management system. 
  • Improve permeability of assets.
  • Guarantee consistency with administrative prerequisites. 
  • Guarantee ideal usage of assets. 

IT Asset Management software attaches the assets to the IT infrastructure of the association. With a vigorous asset, the executive’s framework, the board, and IT experts can audit and screen a wide range of assets inside the association. The data can be utilized to settle on particular procurement choices and different facets of the asset life cycle management. 

Record of assets is needed for administrative consistency purposes. In addition, precise records of physical and advanced assets likewise help in proficient asset arrangement. Those days are gone when associations used to keep manual assets on the executive’s registers. Today various kinds of Asset Management software are accessible, and they thus save time and improve productivity in tracking the organization’s assets. 

What is the job of an Asset Management System? 

An Asset Management framework plays out in various capacities. You can utilize Asset Management software to screen a wide range of resources. Utilizing Asset Management software, you can follow physical and advanced resources. 

Asset Management board software can be utilized to follow inventories, equipment gadgets, software, and other software. The framework likewise helps in the resource lifecycle of the executives. The product can follow resources at all stages directly from buy to removal. 

The framework assists with upgrading the cycle of the Asset Management system. You can utilize an Asset Management system framework to follow all sorts of records, including software establishments, business administrations, archives, and others, in a single vault. 

Use of Asset Management systems by and large begins with the account data about the organization’s physical and computerized resources. The data is utilized for checking the area of resources and settling on fitting Asset Management software. 

Asset Management system frameworks track resources, guarantee to authorize consistency and screen support history. Utilizing the framework saves time and exertion engaged with evaluating the resources. 

A significant part of the IT board framework is the agreement information. Information is frequently gathered from the maker or retailer, and it incorporates subtleties, for example, permits privileges, variant number, merchant SKU, administration levels, and other basic data about resources.

What is the best choice among several Asset Management Software?

Finding a tool for best utilization for Asset Management is a very tedious task. Before jumping over the internet ransacking for the best tool for Asset Management, here are some key points that you must have in mind.

You will discover different types of Asset Management software on the web. Asset Management software can be grouped depending on the sorts of assets that they help to oversee. 

Physical Asset Management Software: The asset is utilized to deal with a wide range of actual assets possessed by an organization. It includes light installations, tables, PC gear, cupboards, and other actual assets inside the organization’s periphery.

Monetary Asset Management Software: This product is utilized to record the monetary assets possessed by the organization. All the work done by an organization includes financial transactions, and to manage those transactions, these types of management software are required. The assets incorporate venture reserves, protections, credits, and other monetary assets. 

Software Asset Management Software: The application is utilized to oversee procurement, use, overhaul, permit renewal, and different parts of the software applications inside an organization. In the world of digitization, every job is controlled by the software, and to manage these, another management tool is required.

Infrastructure Asset Management Software: The application is utilized to record actual foundation assets, for example, streets, utilities, power generators, transport gear, and so on. They are, for the most part, used by open associations and enormous organizations that particularly deal with infrastructure-related works. 

You should purchase an asset dependent on business prerequisites. Ensure that you are clear about what you need with the Asset Management system. Set up top-notch of a wide range of highlights that you need in Asset Management software. 

Huge firms would require software that can record all the above highlights. Entrepreneurs may have just fewer necessities. Whenever you have decided on the necessities, you should investigate online to locate the necessary software.

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List of Top 15 Best IT Asset Management Tools

1. ServiceNow’s ITSM

ServiceNow IT Asset Management Software

ServiceNow’s ITSM item incorporates IT Asset Management usefulness that covers both hardware and software resources and permits management of resources. Also, asset lifecycle management, following assets worth, efficiently advancing the use of inventory, and so forth.

Major Competencies: Managing asset life cycles, Tracking asset worth, Efficient optimization of the usage of the existent asset inventory. 

Features: Incident Management, Problem Management, Performance Analytics, Reports and Dashboards, Walk-Up Experience, Service Level Management, Change, and Release Management, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, Agent Workspace, Request Management, Virtual Agent, Agent Intelligence, Asset, and Cost Management, Knowledge Management, Gathering and sharing IT knowledge among your team, Configuration Management, Continual Improvement Management, Surveys, and Assessments.

Why choose Servicenow ITSM? 

  • Thirty-one years in IT management services.
  •  More than seven years in application DevOps practices.
  • Twelve years of experience in ITSM.
  •  ITIL personnel holding ITSM-related certificates.
  • More than 700 IT specialists, including Microsoft Certified Professionals AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, AWS Technical Professionals, AWS Certified Solutions Architects,  Red Hat Certified System Administrators.

Pricing Policy: It depends on the project size and the nature of the delivered service; there are four types of pricing models.

  • Fixed-price
  • Time & Material
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Monthly subscription fee

Click here to know more about ServiceNow ITSM.

2. AssetExplorer

AssetExplorer IT Asset Management Software

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is an electronic IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that encourages you to screen and oversee resources in your organization from the Planning stage to the Disposal stage. AssetExplorer gives you fully integrated approaches to guarantee the revelation of the multitude of resources in your organization. There is a built-in software Asset Management module that helps you to track software utilization and maximize software license compliance.

Major Competencies: Software and Licenses, Manage IT Hardware.

Features: Asset lifecycle Management, Hardware Asset Management, Software License Management, Remote Control, Reporting License, Compliance Management, Software Asset Management, CMDB, Purchase Orders, and Contract Management.

Why AssetExplorer?

  • IT Asset Inventory Management
  • Software License Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Tracking Software

Benefits of AssetExplorer Asset Management software

  • Find all the resources in your organization. 
  • Oversee and Monitor software and equipment resources. 
  • Deal with the total IT Asset lifecycle. 
  • Guarantee software permits consistency. 
  • Settle on educated choices about equipment and software buys all through the whole IT Life Cycle. 
  • Track Purchase Orders and Contracts. 
  • Know the absolute expense of responsibility for resources.

Pricing policy: Free Edition, which is fully functional, is restricted to 25 nodes. The professional package starts at $955/ annually for 250 IT assets.

Click here to know more about Asset Explorer.

3. SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds IT Asset Management Software

SolarWinds Service Desk, erstwhile known as Samanage Service Platform, is a cloud-based help desk for IT service management with fully integrated management of resources. 

A sole platform for service management, IT Asset Management, and management of configuration, the Service Desk is ITIL-prepared and complete with Incident and Problem Change. Progressed reporting modules enable clients to break down patterns, screen administration quality, and ceaselessly improve service management measures.

Major Competencies:  IT Asset Management,  IT Service Management (ITSM)


  • Configuration management
  • Asset Management dashboard
  • Policy and contract enforcement
  • Software and Hardware Inventory Tracking
  • Has feature
  • Robust and Flexible Reporting
  • Has feature
  • Knowledge Base

Why choose SolarWinds Service Desk?

  • Consolidate your assets with a unified IT Asset Management dashboard.
  • Automate risk detection by using Asset Management tools.
  • Leverage IT Asset Management to align assets with incidents.
  • Automatically discover current assets for better IT Asset Management.
  • Create a centralized overview of asset configurations.

Pricing policy: As per the planning policy, the pricing is divided into four plans. 

  • Team: $19/month
  • Business: $39/month
  • Professionals: $69/month
  • Enterprise: $89/month

For further information on pricing and other stuff, visit their official website by clicking here.

 4. SysAid

SysAid IT Asset Management Software

Change your group’s profitability with the most remarkable service management in the business. SysAid ITSM incorporates everything for useful IT Asset Management.

Major competencies:

IT Asset Management, Network discovery, Hardware, and network monitoring, Patch management, IT service management.


  • Asset Management dashboard
  • Configuration management
  • ITSM collaboration and documentation
  • Policy and contract enforcement
  • Subscription-based notifications
  • ITSM reports and dashboards

Why choose SysAid?

  • Leverage IT Asset Management to align assets with incidents.
  • Deal with the total IT Asset lifecycle management. 
  • More than ten years of experience in ITSM.

Pricing policy: 

  • Free or Freemium Version Available
  • Free Demo Available
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available
  • An entry-level setup fee is Required.

For more info on current pricing, click here and mail to SysAid.

5. Asset Panda

Asset Panda IT Asset Management Software

Asset Panda is a flexible cloud-based IT Asset Management software for digital and physical Asset Management of all forms of assets. To streamline the Asset Management process, create workflows and behavior—configurable records of all your tech for full visibility, quicker fixes, and more brilliant choices. Get complete, updated documents in a time of exceptional telecommuting. Design custom fields to follow the details that are generally essential to you. Make limitless connections for visual fix accounts, receipts, manuals, etc.

Major Competencies: Tracking and management of all kinds of assets.


  • Compliance tracking
  • Contract management
  • Full asset lifecycle management history
  • Asset assignment
  • Asset tracking
  • Funding source tracking
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Software license tracking

Why choose Asset Panda?

  • Unified asset knowledge
  • Smarter tech decisions
  • Bring everyone on board.

Pricing policy: pricing policy may vary for exact information; contact the official website by clicking here.

A free demo is available.

6. NinjaRMM

NinjaRMM IT Asset Management Software

NinjaRMM provides managed service providers (MSPs) and IT practitioners with powerful, intuitive server management tools. A solid, efficient IT management platform developed by NinjaRMM drives performance, reduces ticket volumes, and improves ticket resolution times that IT professionals love to use. It helps track usage, the health of your hardware,  software, inventory, and subscriptions with NinjaRMMs Asset Management reports. 

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Major Competencies: IT service businesses, Managed service providers (MSPs), and mid-market companies with small IT departments, software Asset Management.


  • Record a Holistic View of Your Networking Infrastructure
  • Oversee Component Health & Utilization
  • Full-Spectrum Visibility With Patching
  • Flexible pricing as per requirement
  • No maintenance fees
  • Intuitive design and workflow
  • Saves major time

Pricing policy: NinjaRMM offers a free demo of their product. Based on the features required, Ninja is priced on a per-device basis.

For more information on NinjaRMM, click here.

7. Freshservice

Freshservice IT Asset Management Software

Freshservice is a program for online Asset Management software that can help you retain hardware, software, documents, as well as other asset records. The assets can be grouped by region, date created, date developed, and kind of asset. Via various phases, you can track properties and even get a timeline at the moment. Freshservice simplifies ITSM with its inherent and intelligent Asset Management solution.

Major Competencies: Assets and project management, Asset Management solution, software and hardware management


  • Gain asset visibility and accurate asset information
  • Scan, discover, and manage all IT assets.
  • Make intelligent change management decisions with CMDB.
  • Manage and control assets throughout its lifecycle
  • Enable Proactive Contract and License Management

Why choose FreshService?

  • Intelligent service desk software for all your IT requirements.
  • Empower your end-users.
  • Streamline service requests.
  • Effective multi-channel support.
  • Move from reactive to proactive ITSM.
  • Automate with ease.

Pricing policy: The pricing policy of Freshservice has four divisions as per the workload. These are

  • Starter: ₹999/agent/month, billed annually,₹1499/agent/month, billed monthly.
  • Growth: ₹2499/agent/month, billed annually, ₹2999/agent/month, billed monthly.
  • Pro: ₹3999/agent/month, billed annually, ₹4999/agent/month, billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: ₹4999/agent/month, billed annually, ₹5999/agent/month, billed monthly.

Note: Price is in rupees prevalent exchange rate will apply as per geographical location.

Visit their official website to get more information by clicking here

8. GoCodes

GoCodes IT Asset Management Software

GoCodes is a powerful modeling Asset Management software. Custom areas, QR codes, audits, GPS monitoring,  excel imports and exports, maintenance, APIs, reports, analytics, and inventory management are provided by the program free of charge in the basic version. 

If you want advanced features such as company URL, data backups, recurring services, asset stock transfer, and advanced access control, you can go for the paid version. It is one of the best IT Asset Management software in the market.

Major competencies: Managing multiple kinds of assets with depreciation. Asset tracking of all types of peripherals. 


  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Report designer
  • Manage unlimited asset with the enterprise package
  • License management
  • Cloud-based tracking
  • Asset tracking

Why choose GoCodes?

  • A full asset tracking solution that harnesses the power of cloud software, proprietary QR code tags, and mobile scanner apps.
  • Monitor your assets’ location when you use your smartphone to search the QR code tags. Using Google Maps, they display their location.
  • Able to manage multiple assets like monitor, routers, switches, desktop, laptops, etc.

Pricing policy: The pricing policy of GoCodes includes five types of plans, which are

  • Standard: $450/year
  • Premium: $810/year
  • Premium elite: $1500/year
  • Professional: $2160/year
  • Enterprise: contact GoCodes for this plan

Visit their official website to get more information by clicking here.

9. Ivanti

Ivanti IT Asset Management Software

Ivanti is innovating the service desk, allowing IT to provide the organization with more value. To become a more strategic partner, strengthen your alignment between IT and the company. Ivanti manages both Asset Management ITAM and service help desk. 

Major Competencies: License Management,  Software Asset Management,  IT Asset Management


  • Drag & drop workflow
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Voice automation 
  • Multi-channel self-service
  • Service desk
  • Service management
  • Cloud storage

Why choose Ivanti?

  • Allows many customization options
  • Offsite PC Access through LANdesk Gateway.
  • Ivanti License Optimizer and Optimizer for SAP applications that also extends to provide software Asset Management
  • Ivanti’s new service and Asset Management developments overcome up to 80 percent of issues before customers record them.

Pricing policy: Free demo is available. For further information on its pricing policies, visit their official website or click here.

10. IT Asset Management Software offers interactive tools for the management of IT activities. It has project management, helpdesk, procurement, and Asset Management functions. Your digital and physical assets can be tracked. It will let you seamlessly customize the views and updates.

You can track and update it on the go with the help of the mobile app. Via the dashboard, it will have a concise summary of work and activities.

Major Competencies: Tracking and managing asset portfolio.


  • You would be able to simplify the processes of your support.
  • has features designed to streamline and execute requests.
  • It has features for handling the method of acquisition.
  • This offers the features of project management that will help you to schedule, track, and collaborate.
  • It offers the functionality to communicate with external suppliers in real-time.

Why choose

  • Manage your physical and digital assets
  • Maintain and track your IT infrastructure. Customize notification and views seamlessly.

Pricing policy: It offers a free demo.

There are four kinds of pricing plans as well.

  • Basic ($39 per month)
  • Standard ($49 per month)
  • Pro ($79 per month)
  • Enterprise contact 

Note: All these prices are for five users.

For more information, visit

11. Samanage 

Samanage IT Asset Management Software

Samanage is known for its IT Asset Management solution. A variety of features are provided by the software, making it the best IT Asset Management system. Shift management, a self-service portal, scheduling, licensing, and risk detection provide components of the Asset Management software that make Samanage the best IT Asset Management software. 

Major Competencies: Managing IT hardware and software.


  • Contract and Asset Management.
  • Risk detection and notification
  • Configuration management.
  • License management
  • Asset tracking 

Why choose Samanage?

  • By seamlessly collecting tickets submitted via e-mail, phone calls, service portal, and even walk-up, keep incident queues cleaner. 
  • Consolidate your assets with a single dashboard for IT wealth management. 
  • Automate risk detection by using instruments for Asset Management. 
  • Leverage control of IT assets to sync assets with events. 
  • Discover existing assets automatically for better IT Asset Management. 
  • Build a centralized overview of configurations for properties.
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Pricing policy: Pricing policy is divided into four categories which are:

  • Team
  • Business
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Contact Samanage for the best price by visiting their official website.

12. Snipe-IT

Snipe-IT IT Asset Management Software

Snipe-IT is an open-source web app for online Asset Management software. The mobile app comes with several features that can make it easy to control your inventory. The dashboard includes a rundown of the most recent operation. Using the REST API, you can also integrate the software with your own framework.

Major Competencies: Mobile devices management of assets.


  • Based on location, assignment, and status, keep track of properties. 
  • Checking one-click 
  • In the case of expiring permits, email warnings. 
  • Auditing properties 
  • Stocks for importation and sale. 
  • Generate labels for QR codes.

Why choose Snipe-IT?

  • Mobile-friendly on-the-go for asset alerts 
  • Runs on any web server running Linux, Windows, or Mac, 
  • Web-based applications to operate on any equipment. 
  • Check-in/checkout Slack notification integration 
  • Loads of safety features to safeguard your data 
  • Pre-defined KITS for smooth checkout.
  • Generate QR code labels for easy mobile access and labels

Pricing policy: Pricing policy is of two types:

  • Self-hosted: free of cost
  • Hosted: $39.99/ month or $399.99/annually

Click here to visit the official website.

13. InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets IT Asset Management Software

The IT Asset Management (ITAM) functionality of InvGate includes what you can expect from a fully matched ITAM and software Asset Management (SAM) tool plus so much more, like a smooth integration for better problem solving with InvGate Service Desk.

An excellent Asset Management software is InvGate Assets. The software enables IT asset discovery and management. To build a single repository of properties, you can compile all the asset data from network discovery data and third-party sources.

Major Competencies: IT Asset inventory monitoring, Asset Management system, hardware, and software inventory management.


  • Asset inventory
  • Asset tracking
  • Software license management
  • IT financial and life cycles

Why choose InvGate Assets?

  • Better cost management and decision making.
  • Improve IT support capabilities and operations.
  • Better risk management.
  • Fully integrated Asset Management system
  • Improve governance and compliance.
  • Email alerts for expiring warranties and software licenses.
  • Asset Models let you group common features.

Pricing policy: Unavailable 

You need to contact InvGate for the best prices and plans. Click here to visit the official website.

14. AssetCloud

AssetCloud IT Asset Management Software

A flexible software platform for Asset Management solution is AssetCloud. You can handle physical and digital assets via the application. To learn about overdue checkouts, warranties, planned repairs, and more, you can build pre-built reports.

Major Competencies: Managing IT hardware and software, licenses, Simplify workflow, Asset Management solution.


  • Manage and track purchase orders from IT. 
  • The maintenance schedule of facilities. 
  • Object tags with names. 
  • IT landscape for cross-reference.
  • Management of network devices.

Why choose AssetCloud?

  • Asset cloud is easy to use.
  • AssetCloud Save time.
  • Holistic management platform.

Pricing policy: It has three different kinds of pricing.

  • Assetcloud: $995/annum
  • Assetcloud OP(basic): $1795 one time cost
  • Assetcloud OP(complete): $6995 one time cost

Click here to visit the official website.

15. EZOfficeInventory

EZOfficeInventory IT Asset Management Software

EZInventory offers a robust Asset Management solution. Barcode asset tracking, RFID asset tracking, tool tracking, fixed asset tracking, inventory tracking, and IT hardware and software tracking are part of the software solution. It is a cloud-based technology.

Major Competencies: Managing hardware and software inventory, network Asset Management.


  • IT assets auto-discover. 
  • Manage software licenses for hardware and software. 
  • QR Code, Barcode, & RFID. 
  • Managing orders for sales.
  • Alerts & Notifications

Why choose EZOfficeInventory?

  • Make use of actionable insights.
  • Reduce instances of lost assets with tracking and scan-based audits
  • Centralize management across Mac and Windows endpoints
  • Role-based User Management
  • Asset Life cycle Management
  • Helpdesk integration

Pricing policy: EZOfficeInventory pricing policy is as follow

  • Essential: $35/month
  • Advance: $45/month
  • premium: $50/month
  • enterprise: $custom 

All the pricing is for 250 items to manage with unlimited users.

For more information, check their official website.


It is essential to have an Asset Management system for all your IT assets for proper utilization and to make service efficient. Reading about the best Asset Management applications would make it easier for the firm to pick the right software. Before buying the app, make sure to know about each of the products, compare them, and choose the best suited.

You should check the online reviews and ratings to choose the best IT Asset Management software. Most of the app reviews should be positive. Otherwise, the software is not worth investing in. Before making an actual purchase, consider attempting a free demo. It will assist you in trying the program to make sure it meets the specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions related to IT Asset Management tools.

What Is Asset Lifecycle Management?

The lifecycle of assets usually consists of four phases: 
Functioning and maintenance 
The advantages of management of the asset life cycle using an Asset Management framework are: 
Good asset procurement estimate.
Decisions on educated purchases. 
Ensure punctual repairs. 
Know the asset’s depreciation expense.

How much does IT Asset Management cost?

The costs of the IT Asset Management system will vary significantly, and when included in complete ITSM platforms, they will cost more. The majority of ITAM products are paid per user per month, with a certain standard license or appliance fee. The more you pay, the best IT Asset Management software you get.

Why is IT Asset Management important?

When ensuring that the use of software licenses is consistent with license terms, preventing hardware degradation from interfering with business operations, and managing asset oversight such as unused hardware or licenses, IT asset planning is fundamental.

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