Is My Switch Patched? Easy Nintendo Switch 101

Patching a console for adding modifications to the gameplay is a two-sided coin; The gamers will end up with the gaming experience they desired but on the other hand, they will lose certain originality and also void their console’s warranty while jailbreaking it. Hacking and adding mods in a console is a complicated process.

LEGO Nintendo Switch - Is My Switch Patched?

If you are considering hacking or adding mods to your Nintendo Switch you will need to understand what it means to you and your console, all the possible consequences you could be experiencing because of these actions.

That is why we made this article for Nintendo gamers to read before they start modding their handheld console, with the question “Is my Switch patched?”. Make sure that you go through this complete guide to Nintendo mods and modding before you proceed with it.

Unpatched vs Patched Switch: Which is better?

In terms of hacking a Nintendo Switch console, there are two types of this device – Patched and Unpatched. Before we try to understand what these two terms mean, in context to a Nintendo Switch, there is one more factor we have to learn about. This is the Recovery Mode, which is better known as RCM. It is through this feature that a user can hack their Nintendo Console.

If you have an unpatched Nintendo Switch, it means that it can be hacked. without any doubt, using the Nintendo RCM. For patched Switch consoles, it is impossible to hack them through the RCM. These are the basic meanings of patched and unpatched Nintendo consoles.

It all started when someone discovered that hacks or mods could be placed in a Nintendo Switch because of a weak link in the system known as Fusée Gelée. When Nintendo came to know of this, they patched it for all the consoles that came out after this discovery.

Some of the consoles were left unpatched while some of them were. If they were unpatched, users could still hack their Nintendo Switch. For people with a patched Switch, it was impossible to hack or mod as the Fusée Gelée was fixed on newer consoles.

Choosing between these two types of consoles can be very difficult since each of these variants has its own features. Instead of recommending one of these types of these Nintendo consoles, we thought that it is best to leave you to your choice. Refer to the differentiation table we have made below –

Patched Nintendo SwitchUnpatched Nintendo Switch
Longer Battery LifeEasier for Hacking
Piracy is impossibleCan run pirated games with third-party
software; high risk of getting banned
in online games
Modchip is extremely expensiveDoes not require any additional
hardware for modding
Faster, relatively newer and
common to procure
Much older and slower
Fixed hardware exploit featureHardware exploiting feature is enabled

What can a hacked Nintendo Switch console do?

There are some very attractive benefits, you can experience as a gamer who has hacked their Nintendo Switch. All of the below-given features you can get from hacking this console might be extremely advantageous but it is equally, extremely frowned up by the entire gaming community.

  • Hacked users can pirate any game or DLC they want, even titles that are not available at their location, but can be found in other places.
  • These hacks provide translation patches to certain games based on other languages, especially Japanese.
  • Hacking allows emulators like Retro Arch and Game Boy Advance (GBA), to run on your Switch.
  • There are several options for the hacked users to customize the Nintendo Switch with presets and customized themes.
  • Hacks can give you a GameShark-style cheat engine that will give you limitless health, stuff, and so on in the game.
  • Hacked Nintendo Switches will not be able to connect to the game and Nintendo servers. This makes it impossible to download legitimate updates. The users will have to depend on homebrew applications for getting updates for the installed games and the Switch OS.
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The Chronicles of Nintendo Switch and Hacks

The Nintendo Co., Ltd, far more than any other video game production company, has a record for being very strict about infringement of copyright and violation or theft of intellectual property. They go after anyone who published games illegally via hacked mods, hacked clients, and emulation ROMS, regardless of how old the game is.

Anyone who makes games with Nintendo-owned or based characters is also attacked by the legal policies of this corporation. Other game developers cannot incorporate designs owned or inspired by Nintendo into their projects. We all know how many duplicate Super Mario video games are out there.

The Nintendo corporation strives hard to defend its interests and properties. For instance, Nintendo Switch Minecraft gamers will know that the Mario world in the game can only be played with other players with a Switch console. This remains so even though the Minecraft: Switch Edition game has a multiplayer, cross-platform feature in it.

Is My Switch Patched?

As told before, it is not possible to mod all variants/models of the Nintendo Switch console. Only an unpatched Nintendo Switch can be modded so far. There is a process to find out if the Nintendo Switch you have is patched or not.

You will just need the serial number of the Nintendo Switch, which can be found on the back of the box the console came in. Alternatively, you can also see this number on your Switch itself, through the System > Serial Information settings page. Once you have made note of this, check the index below to see in which category your Nintendo Switch falls.

Serial Number starting with XAW1

Unpatched – XAW10000000000 to XAW10074000000

May or May not be patched – XAW10074000000 to XAW10120000000

Patched – XAW10120000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XAW4

Unpatched – XAW40000000000 to XAW40011000000

May or May not be patched – XAW40011000000 to XAW40012000000

Patched – XAW40012000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XAW7

Unpatched – XAW70000000000 to XAW70017800000

May or May not be patched – XAW70017800000 to XAW70030000000

Patched – XAW70030000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XAJ1

Unpatched – XAJ10000000000 to XAJ10020000000

May or May not be patched – XAJ10020000000 to XAJ10030000000

Patched – XAJ10030000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XAJ4

Unpatched – XAJ40000000000 to XAJ40046000000

May or May not be patched – XAJ40046000000 to XAJ40060000000

Patched – XAJ40060000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XAJ7

Unpatched – XAJ70000000000 to XAJ70040000000

May or May not be patched – XAJ70040000000 to XAJ70050000000

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Patched – XAJ70050000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XKW1

Unpatched – Does not exist

May or May not be patched – Does not exist

Patched – XKW10000000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XKJ1

Unpatched – Does not exist

May or May not be patched – Does not exist

Patched – XKJ10000000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XKW1

Unpatched – Does not exist

May or May not be patched – Does not exist

Patched – XJW01000000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XJW1

Unpatched – Does not exist

May or May not be patched – Does not exist

Patched – XJW01000000000 and succeeding

Serial Number starting with XWW1

Unpatched – Does not exist

May or May not be patched – Does not exist

Patched – XWW01000000000 and succeeding

The May or May not be patched category is quite tricky. The Switch consoles that fall under this category might not be able to be hacked but there can be a few exemptions here too. It is not easy to check if these devices are patched or unpatched for hacking and so it is better if you leave them alone.

Is it a good idea to jailbreak my Nintendo Switch?

This is yet another warning for you if you are considering performing a jailbreak on your Nintendo Switch. No, it is never a good idea to jailbreak a Nintendo Switch, be it patched or unpatched.

You will lose the device manufacturer and store warranty. There is also the risk of the console being bricked. If you still wish to mod or hack the Nintendo Switch, we will not be around to congratulate you when you get a new Nintendo Switch.

Is modding a Nintendo Switch illegal?

Modding a Nintendo Switch is not something that is appreciated by the console’s developers. By their standards, yes, modding a Nintendo Switch is illegal. This is exactly why the consequences they have designed for people who choose to mod is severe.

It is not a crime to modify the Switch OS but publishing a modded Switch and other elements compatible with it is definitely illegal. Those who distribute such content have the risk of facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from the company, which puts a lot of time and effort into developing whatever content the modders and hackers are basing their content upon.

The Risks of Jailbreaking a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has so many restrictions on what their users do with both their devices and the games they are producing.

  • As we mentioned earlier when you modify the Switch console your device’s brand and store warranty will become instantly invalid.
  • Because the console has been hacked or modded, any authorized Nintendo service center can deny your request to set the console right.
  • Users will also not be allowed to use any online feature on their Nintendo Switch, including browsing and online gaming.
  • There’s also the possible risk that any alterations to the Switch Operating System will make your device become completely dysfunctional.

Since any Nintendo service unit will not repair any hacked or modded Switch consoles, your only option will be to purchase a new Nintendo Switch.

Before you decide to hack your Nintendo Switch, give it some thought because there is no way for you to bring it back to normal ever again. If you still want to hack your Nintendo Switch, enjoy your in-game extra benefits.

Jailbreaking a Nintendo Switch

If you still wish to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch after reading everything we warned you about above, we also have the list of materials required to mod all variants of the Nintendo Switch.

Proceed with the modding at your own risk. This is your time to remember that a service center will not help you after this. Considering that the warnings were abundant, let’s get into it.

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Note: We may sound like it but we are not enthusiastic about modding or hacking any consoles to manipulate the user and gaming experience. The sole purpose of this article is to provide information on the topic and to answer queries; not to promote intentional adjustments that might provide strategic advantages over other players or the meant-to-be gaming experience.

We are proud members of the gaming community and play by the set of moral etiquette that every legit gamer adheres to.

Unpatched Erista V1 Nintendo Switch

For those who do not know, the Erista V1 is the first Nintendo Switch variant to be released, which makes it instantly unpatched. An unpatched Erista V1 Nintendo Switch is one of the easiest Nintendo consoles that one can hack.

This does not need much hardware like hacking the other Switch models would. Not to exaggerate this, there are videos of a V1 Nintendo Switch being modded with a simple paper clip.

The only piece of hardware that you will require to hack a V1 Switch is a small dongle for the Switch RCM. As for the procedure to mod a V1 Nintendo Switch, you should be able to find tutorials on YouTube. As we mentioned earlier, we do not condone the act of modding or hacking to influence your gaming.

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Steam  Deck

The rest of the Switch models will require modchips developed by other parties for modding the Nintendo handheld console.

Patched V1

Patched V1s are very rare to find but in the highly unlikely chance that yours is one, you will need an SX Core or an HWFLY clone for modding these.

Patched “Mariko” V2

If your OLED Switch was purchased after the middle of 2020, your Switch is most likely to be a V2 Mariko switch. These models are completely patched. In this case, only an SX Core modchip or an HWFLY clone will help you mod this version.

Switch Lite

Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is the smallest Switch version in production, with a 5.5 inch LCD screen. To mod this Switch, you will need an SX Lite or HWFLY Lite modchip. It is very easy to install it without anyone’s help.

OLED Nintendo Switches

OLED Nintendo Switches is the largest variant of this console, with a 7.0-inch Organic LED display. For OLED Switches, you will find OLED-based HWFLY modchips to use on the console.

This is everything you need to know about modding or hacking a Nintendo Switch. We still do not appreciate or support this activity. If you were to have second thoughts about this, once you have modded the console, you can always get a new one on the Nintendo Online store. If you tried talking to the Nintendo support team, they won’t have any solutions for you. Happy hack-free Gaming!


How Do I Know If My Switch Is V1 Or V2?

To find out the version of your Nintendo Switch, you can find this information on the back of the box in which the console came in. You can also use the Nintendo Switch System settings to find out this information.

Can A Patched Switch Be Hacked?

A patched Switch means that the feature that permitted modding or hacking in the console has been removed through a patch update by Nintendo. This makes it impossible to hack a patched Nintendo Switch. If your goal is to hack a patched Switch, you can try it with an SX Core modchip or a new HWFLY clone modchip.

How Can I Tell Which Switch I Have?

You can find the model of your Nintendo Switch mentioned on the box it came in. Also, if you are familiar with the Nintendo Switch specifications, you should be able to figure out the Nintendo Switch variant you own.

Which Switches Are Patched?

Most Nintendo Switches that are purchased on other-party online stores like Amazon or Newegg, after mid-2020 are mostly patched. Only after the weak link was detected and fixed, did the patched Switches come into existence. You can also check your serial number and the patched/unpatched index to see if the one you own is patched or unpatched.