Is Driver Easy Safe To Use? Expert Reviews

If you are a Windows user, you know how your hardware can malfunction if its driver is not updated. It is extremely time-consuming to find the latest drivers of hardware pieces from time to time as companies release them regularly. That is where Driver Easy is useful, as it is an automatic driver updater software for Windows users.

Driver Easy searches for the latest drivers of your hardware and updates them on your system. However, there are many online users and Reddit reviews that state Driver Easy is an unwanted software and a scam.

Is Driver Easy safe to use? Do you even need Driver Easy? In this article, we will clarify all the doubts and answer your questions regarding Driver Easy in our unbiased review.

What is Driver Easy?

Driver Easy is a driver updater tool for Windows that updates the drivers of the various hardware on your computer. The software searches for the latest hardware drivers and downloads them as per their availability.

After that, Driver Easy replaces the existing drivers of the various hardware with the latest drivers. Driver Easy has a free as well as a premium version.

The free version is called Driver Easy, while the paid version is named Driver Easy Pro. It is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 11. It is supported by both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The main reason behind its popularity is that a user can update all the latest hardware drivers on his computer with a single click only. The user interface is clean and easy to use by all users.

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Features of Driver Easy

Here are the features of the software Drive Easy that make it a must-have for every Windows user.

  • Updates all outdated drivers of hardware with a single click.
  • Automatically detects missing and mismatched drivers.
  • All downloaded drivers are tested and certified by device manufacturers.
  • All drivers are compatible with the corresponding operating system version.
  • Outlines the differences between the latest and existing driver for specific hardware.
  • Manually control which driver to update and which not to update.
  • A free trial version is available with enough features.
  • Updates drivers faster than most driver-updated tools.
  • Check the system information of different hardware on your computer.
  • Compatible with the latest and older Microsoft Windows versions.

Do You Need Driver Easy?

You must be wondering if there is any need to install the software Driver Easy on your computer. Before that, you must understand why you need to update the drivers of your hardware in the first place.

Most malfunctioning of hardware, such as monitor not displaying proper resolution, printer not responding, and system crashing due to driver error, are caused by outdated or mismatched hardware drivers on your computer.

That is why manufacturers of hardware parts release updated drivers from time to time to bug-fix any existing issue on their hardware items. Hence, you need to update the driver of your hardware as soon as possible to overcome any issue you are facing while operating the hardware.

Without a driver updater software, you have to spend a lot of time searching for the latest drivers of devices you have on your computer. You can do it manually from Device Manager or the manufacturers’ websites.

Instead, you can use a driver updater tool to get all these jobs done automatically for out. Therefore, you can save time, and effort, most importantly, get the latest, certified, and compatible drivers for all your hardware parts on your computer. Driver Easy is one of the best and fastest driver updaters in the market.

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Is Driver Easy Safe On Your PC?

Now that you have understood how useful Driver Easy is and why you need it on your computer, it is time to find out the answer to the biggest concern regarding Driver Easy.

Is Driver easy safe to use? Is Driver Easy Pro safer? Is the program malware or virus? These are some common questions from online users who want to use Driver Easy but are baffled by some wicked online reviews.

The short answer to all these questions is yes. Driver Easy is safe to use on any PC. To prove our claim, you will review Driver Easy from all aspects starting from performance to safety and security, so that you can decide if it is a safe program to have on your computer.

Is Driver Easy Safe Performance-wise?

You can consider software safe performance-wise when its operation does not take too many available resources and does not affect the computer’s overall performance.

We ran the program on our computer, and when it is active, it uses less than 1% of the CPU and around 50 MB of memory. Therefore, it is safe to say that Driver Easy does not affect the overall performance as it does not occupy huge memory and put stress on the CPU.

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However, downloading and updating multiple drivers may use memory more than usual. In such a case, you can use the software when your computer is idle so that the software can update all drivers without your computer showing lag issues.

Is Driver Easy a Virus or a Malware?

First, if you run a scan on the software using the Windows Security app, you will not get any result that shows that the software is not a scam or malware. However, not many consider the Windows Security app a legitimate virus and malware scanner.

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That is why we have used our third-party antivirus and malware scanner, and the result is the same. Therefore, there is no precaution to follow, and you can install the application safely on your computer to update drivers timely.

Is Driver Easy’s Website Safe?

Users have to download and install Driver Easy software for Windows from its official website and many have left bad reviews regarding Driver Easy website.

To purchase the Driver Easy Pro version, you must make a monetary transaction through the website. In this scenario, asking if the website is safe to use is quite relevant.

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We have run some tests, and there is nothing negative to highlight regarding the Driver Easy website. Along with promoting their software, the website has useful articles to trouble various issues Windows users face. Therefore, you can download Driver Easy from their official website without a second thought.

Final Words

There is nothing to worry about regarding Driver Easy as a driver updater software. The tool is extremely useful for updating the drivers of your hardware regularly.

Most importantly, it is safe to use and is neither a virus nor malware. You should install it on your Windows and update the drivers regularly with a single click.