9 Fixes: iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working Error

9 Easy Solutions: iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working Error

How to fix iPhone wireless charging not working? Much to everyone’s delight, the wireless charging feature is set to come on board with Apple’s next iPhone release. 

No more cords. No more mess. While the excitement grows, so does a dreadful fear that someone will end up with another big disappointment, as many of us have faced – and more importantly, how do you fix it?

Enough with the pomp and the glamour of how cool it is. Let’s dive into how you can deal with this if you land in this situation.

Factors causing the iPhone wireless charger not working issue

1. Your Old Charger Is Not Powerful Enough

Check your charger’s compatibility with your iPhone. Whether or not it is powerful enough to charge your current iPhone. 

2. Smudges On Your Device Or Charger

Another common reason people face this problem is when the small particles and gunk are on your devices, causing this malfunction. Your charging co

3. iPhone Could Be Damaged by liquids 

Dirt and Debris stuck in the charging port prevent your phone from charging. So does liquid damage. It actually can also pose a big problem. 

If you dropped your phone in the water a while ago, ensure it is completely dry before plugging in your charger. Even a little water or liquid can impact the connections and lead to even more problems.

4. Extended Exposure To Heat

In such cases, phones tend to have a mechanism where they won’t charge over 80% or stop getting charged completely.

So you must wait for your iPhone to cool down and try again. Move to a cooler room if you can.

message that your iphone needs some time to cool down

5. Regular Wear And Tear

If you have worked through all possible reasons and couldn’t find any match to your problem and your iPhone still won’t wirelessly, you may need to replace or repair your charging pad.

Your iPhone might not have an issue at all, it might be just the charging pad that might have worn off through the years.

Fixing the iPhone Wireless charging not working issue

  1. Restart your iPhone
  2. Hard reset your iPhone
  3. Make sure your charger is plugged in
  4. Place your phone at the center of your magnetic charger
  5. Check whether your charger is Qi-enabled
  6. A Magnetized Case Or Cover Is Blocking The Charging
  7. Update your iPhone
  8. DFU restore (Device Firmware update)
  9. Check all firm connections
  10. Visit the apple store

restoring your iPhone’s Wireless charging

After you’ve checked the various issues that might be happening to you, try out these methods to fix your iPhone wireless charging problem-

1. Restart your iPhone

This is the simplest method to restore your charging if your devices malfunction. You can restart your iPhone by pressing your volume-up and power buttons simultaneously.

After a few seconds, your screen is going to look like this.

iPhone restart screen

Slide to power off. After 2 minutes, switch your phone back on after pressing the power button for 15 seconds. Check if your problem is solved.

2. Hard reset your iPhone

If your iPhone has become completely unresponsive, you should try and perform a hard reset on your iOS device. This will at least solve your problem temporarily, if not permanently. 

To hard reset your phone, you need to follow these steps-

  • Quickly press and release your phone’s volume-up button
iPhone volume buttons
  • Repeat the same by pressing and releasing the volume down button
  • Next, press and hold the side button.  
  • Keep performing the last step until the apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. 
iPhone blank screen with apple logo

It will take around 15-30 seconds for the hard reset to finally take place.

3. Make sure your charger is plugged in

iPhone charger

Admit it, we’ve always been there, connecting your phone to the charger only to realize an hour later that the switch was never on! But this is something you should quickly check at least once before panicking. 

4. Place your phone at the center of your magnetic charger

iPhone on Wireless charger

A lot of times, your phone is not getting charged is that your phone is not placed correctly over the charging pad. The charging coil in magnetic chargers is often placed in the middle.

So, to ensure that this is not the reason your phone isn’t getting charged, place your phone exactly at the center of the charging pad and check if your problem was solved.

5. Check whether your charger is Qi-enabled

Genuine Apple chargers

You need to know that your charger will only charge your iPhone if it’s Qi-enabled. Hence, ensure that you don’t have a knock-off or low-quality brand with you because if you do, that’s probably why your iPhone is not charging.

6. A Magnetized Case Or Cover Is Blocking The Charging

Covers and cases are built firmly for the protection of your iPhone. But sometimes, thick iPhone cases do not let the wireless charging pad charge your phone.

So, if you have a thick and hard case, try to charge your phone without the cover and check if the problem is simply with your case. 

Thick iPhone case that interrupts wireless charging

7. Update your iPhone

The feature of wireless charging was introduced initially through a software update launch. So, if your iPhone is not charging from your charger, it’s safe to ensure that your device is updated to its latest version and eliminates any software bugs.

You can do this as follows-

  • Go to settings> General>
  • If an IOS update is pending, click on ‘Download and Install’
checking for software updates on settings
  • After your update is installed, you’ll be shown a message- ‘You’re iPhone is up to date; this is when you know that your iPhone is fully updated.
  • Now, go on and try charging your phone again.

8. DFU restore (Device Firmware update)

There’s still a chance that a software issue causing this dysfunctionality on your iPhone won’t wirelessly charge.

So let’s try to fix a potential software problem by initiating the DFU restore. It is the deepest type of restoration that can be done on an iPhone. All you have to do is put your iPhone into its DFU mode!

Here is how you take this troubleshooting step-

  1. Plug your phone into your laptop
  2. Open iTunes or finder, depending on your macOS.
  3. Press and release both the volume buttons of your phone.
  4. Hold the power button until your screen goes all black
  5. Hold all three buttons.
  6. After five seconds, release all the buttons except the volume down button
  7. Release that button, too, when your iPhone gets recognized on your mac
  8. Now your phone is in DFY mode.
  9. Click restore on your mac screen.
  10. Follow the steps shown to restore your iPhone.

9. Check all firm connections

There are three firm connections you need to confirm to ensure wireless charging.

  1. Check if the power adapter is firmly connected to the wall.
  2. Check if your lightning connector cable is firmly connected to the adapter.
  3. Check if your lightning connector cable is firmly connected to your iPhone device.

10. Visit the apple store

If your iPhone still does not get charged with the charging pad, it’s safe to assume now that the matter is well beyond your hands.

This might be a hardware issue, and you should get both of these items checked out at a nearby apple store or with an authorized Apple reseller.


Different factors may cause your iPhone wireless charging not to work. This can be frustrating if you have a new iPhone. 

Thankfully, this blog had comprehensive details so that you could learn what you can do to fix the problem with your wireless chargers and apple devices.