Top 10 Best Free IP Camera Software

What is an IP Camera?

The IP Camera (Internet Protocol camera) is a video camera (digital) that works similarly to a webcam and transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. It’s not like a regular camera in that it’s a stand-alone device with its IP address that only needs a network connection to transfer images. The IP camera communicates to a network in almost the same way that any other network device.

They’re widely used for surveillance, but unlike analog closed-circuit television cameras, they don’t need a local recording device; instead, they just need a local area network.

Features of an IP Camera Software Over Analog Camera 

An analog camera is a type of CCTV camera that has been around for a long time. It sends video to VCRs or DVRs via cable. IP cameras are digital cameras that can transmit signals over a network and store them. Many modern security camera systems are hybrid systems that combine analog and digital components.

  • Video quality: In general, IP cameras provide better video quality than analog cameras. They have a more comprehensive range of video site options, such as a wide or narrow field of view and improved zoom-in capabilities.
  • Intelligence and manageability: A IP camera provides network intelligence as well as remote management. They may send photographs, or portions of images, to multiple recipients at the same time.
  • Expandability: IP cameras have less complicated cabling requirements. They have more expandability and scalability than analog cameras. However, with the help of converters and extenders, you can still use your existing cabling infrastructure to migrate to cameras.
  • Transmission media: Coax cable is used by traditional analog cameras. An IP camera can also be used with twisted-pair, coax, and wireless connections.
  • Wireless: In areas where running cable is difficult or costly, wireless IP camera network connections can be an efficient solution.
  • Security: Data is impossible to intercept with a camera. They encrypt and compress data before sending it over the Internet to your server, and they also support VPN connections.
  • Resolution: Digital cameras typically have resolutions that are 6 to 20 times higher than analog cameras.
  • Distance: IP cameras can transmit digital video over twisted-pair Ethernet cable up to 100 meters and over IP networks up to an unlimited distance.
  • Ease of installation: Over a single cable, the IP camera can receive power, video, audio, PTZ control, and control signals.
  • Reliability: Because of the data encryption and compression, IP systems have built-in reliability. Although backup systems can be used to reduce outages, they are only as reliable as the network.

What is the procedure for setting up an IP camera?

Establishing an IoT Device is straightforward, requiring only a network connection and a little patience to install and configure the camera. The bulk of IP systems on the market can be configured to provide live viewing, continuous recording, scheduled operation, or event triggering.

Top 10 Best IP Security Camera Software

1. Xeoma 

Xeoma IP Camera Software

Xeoma is a free IP camera software for Windows that allows you to record video and audio. It provides you with immediate responses and alerts. It allows you to simultaneously capture screens from different monitors.

  • Features:
    • Intellectual modules and features:
      • Face detector and recognizer, Stay time tracking
      • Emotion Recognition, Double authentication FaceID
      • Object Recognition, Color recognition
      • Crowd detector, Gender Recognizer
      • Sound events detector, Automatic number plate recognition
    • Professional Surveillance Features:
      • Flexible setup of access rights, Password protection of settings
      • Support for PTZ control, including presets, guard tour, joysticks
      • 0-360° camera image rotation, TLS secure connection between the server and client parts
      • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, Support for dual streaming
      • Acceleration on the hardware For Windows and Linux, CUDA, and QuickSync is available.
      • Using a web server, create a surveillance network of Xeoma CCTV software servers.
      • APIs (web API, REST API, JSON API) are available and support user plugins through the “My Detector” module.
  • Price:  
    • Xeoma IP camera software provides variable pricing as per need.
      • Xeoma Starter: 5.95 for two security cameras
      • Xeoma Lite: 39.94 for four security cameras
      • Xeoma Standard: 153.95 for eight security cameras
      • Xeoma Pro: 459.95 eight security cameras
    • For more information on price and plans, contact Xeoma.
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2. Security Eye

Security Eye IP Camera Software

Security Eye is a video surveillance software that monitors via webcams and IP cameras. This android application will keep invaders out of your home or office building. This IP camera software sends out SMS and email notifications. 

  • Features:
    • Video Surveillance: Security Eye conducts unrivaled video surveillance using IP security webcams. The software supports more than 1200 IP camera designs and virtually all webcams.
    • Video Recording: Keep track of what happens in your house, office, or store. The integrated video player is easy to use and allows you to playback recorded video at any time and any speed.
    • Motion Detection: The video frame rate analysis algorithm is used for motion detection. Because the sensor and masking tool is completely customizable, you can rest assured that you will not receive any false alerts.
    • Alerts via Email & SMS: It can also send you an email alert with pictures from the cameras attached. It will also send text messages to your phone.
    • Task Scheduler: Video record and motion tracking are easy to use. The software allows you to schedule these assignments for specific times of day and dates.
    • Capture the Incident: When the program detects motion, it can take photos and record video.
  • Price: 
    • Security Eye video surveillance software is a Free IP camera software.
    • For more information on security camera software, visit Security Eye

3. Blue Iris

Blue Iris IP Camera Software

Blue Iris IP-based surveillance system can capture screenshot images in JPG, AVI, MP4, and DVR formats. Blue Iris video management software allows you to watch recorded videos without any hassle. It can send you alerts through text messages, voice phone calls, and other methods.

  • Features:
    • Video Security Features: Recordings can be triggered by motion or audio or done continuously or regularly.
      • JPEG files, MPEG movies, and Windows Media movies can all be captured.
      • Receive notifications via external program/script, loudspeaker, email, instant message, voice phone call, or external program/script.
      • On a shared PC, run Blue Iris as a Windows service so that only you have control over its operation.
    • Web Server (UI3): Take your Blue Iris with you wherever you go, thanks to the built-in web server.
      • Any web-enabled device can connect to the internet.
      • If the IP address changes, it adjusts automatically.
      • Use the powerful digital Zoom and Pan functionality of Blue Iris.
      • Viewing options include both desktop and mobile devices.
      • Live cameras, filmed video, and alerts are all available to view.
  • Price:
    • Blue Iris security camera software is a free IP camera as well as paid.
      • V5: Free IP camera
      • Legacy V4: Free IP camera
      • Full Version: $69.95 Supports all the security needs
      • LE Version: $34.95 Supports single IP camera
    • For more details on Blue Iris, video surveillance software, contact Blue Iris.

4. Ivideon Server

ivideon IP Camera Software

IVideon is video surveillance software that can be used in both the workplace and at home. Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows users can use Ivideon. The official website also has access to the surveillance feed. 

  • Features:
    • Automatic Monitoring camera: Ivideon monitors your devices and notifies you immediately if any of them go offline. When you have different locations, this is especially important.
    • Affordable Prices: It is the best quality video management software and only costs $5 per month for each camera.
    • Hybrid System for Data Storage: Even if your location is equipped with multiple cameras with poor data connections, you can rest easy knowing that your videos are stored locally and in the cloud.
    • Easy Setup and connection: It allows to skip the complicated configuration, external IP addresses, and other hassles that traditional surveillance systems require.
    • Third-party Integration: Ivideon can be programmed to match incidents from cash registers, access control systems, and fire and security alarms.
    • Tech Support: Our engineers keep a close eye on our system and respond quickly to any requests for assistance, regardless of the time.
  • Price: 
    • Ivideon security camera software is a Free IP camera software.
    • For more information on its license policy, contact Ivideon.
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5. Netcam Studio 

NetcamStudio IP Camera Software

Netcam Studio is a video surveillance software that can be used to monitor your home, business, or family. Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive commands can be received or sent using this tool.

  • Features:
    • Home Surveillance: Keep an eye on your home at any time and from anywhere.
    • Automatic Motion Detection: Netcam’s surveillance software motion and speed detection algorithm ensures that it only reacts when it is required.
    • Business Protection: Don’t leave your possessions unattended. Don’t lose sight of the possibility of robbery.
    • Family Monitoring: Always keep an eye on the people you care about.
    • Remote Access: Unusual activity is alerted to you through email and push notifications. Simply connect to the internet to check the monitored area.
    • Other features include:
      • Most local webcams and capture sources are supported.
      • ONVIF is used to identify and configure network cameras.
      • GPU/Hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding (H264 / HEVC) is supported.
      • Your videos, recordings, and alerts will all be stored in one place.
      • Sync with cloud storage (Dropbox / Google Drive).
      • Frame rate, Motion, blob, and speed detection of the highest quality
      • Actions are carried out based on legislation or external signals.
      • To protect the system from unauthorized access, use brute force detection.
  • Price: 
    • Every paid plan requires two years of upgrades and is a one-time payment for a perpetual license.
      • Free: Free IP camera
      • Basic: $49 
      • Premium: $75
      • Pro: $99
    • For more information on IP camera software, visit Netcam Studio.

6. WebcamXP 

WebcamXP IP Camera Software

WebcamXP IP camera software connects to mobile devices and desktop computers and sends video to your website. Adjust the settings to capture stills or recordings when needed, and the footage is transmitted in real-time. Control its activities thanks to its motion detector.

  • Features:
    • Pan and tilt control is available both locally and remotely.
    • FTP/FTPS and HTTP/HTTPS Post are supported.
    • Motion detector (optical or acoustic) with a variety of alert options.
    • Advanced users should grant restricted or unrestricted access.
    • Picture-in-picture, animated gifs, alpha-blending, and text editing are all supported by the overlay editor.
    • Interact with the automation software PowerHome.
    • Audio from network cameras is supported.
  • Price: 
    • WebcamXP security camera software offers a wide variety of plans. 
      • WebcamXP Free:  Free 
      • WebcamXP Private: $49
      • WebcamXP PRO / webcam 7 PRO: $99
      • MoonWare Universal: $49
    • For more information visit WebcamXP

7. ContaCam

Contaware IP Camera Software

Contacam is a security camera software available, and it will meet your security requirements. Contacam security is multilingual IP camera software that includes a built-in web server with password protection. It is a free surveillance software that works with HD cameras and webcams.

  • Features:
    • From Windows Vista to Windows 10, it is indeed supported.
    • Motion detection recording on CCTV security surveillance.
    • Password-protected integrated email server.
    • Webcams, WDM, DV devices, and Network/IP cameras (streaming with RTSP / H.264 / H.265 or MJPEG) are all supported.
    • License plate recognition is integrated with Plate Recognizer.
    • By allowing port forwarding or using a Cloud Client, you can keep an eye on things from afar.
    • USB webcams, capture cards, and RTSP IP cameras all have audio support.
  • Price:
    • Contacam IP camera software solutions are Free IP cameras and do not need money but request a donation of $10 for software development costs.
    • For more information, visit Contacam


AnyCam IP Camera Software
  • Features:
    • Live Stream: It is a helpful software solution that allows you to monitor multiple IP cameras simultaneously.
    • Video Archive Playback: You can listen to tapes on your computer or a shared network drive.
    • Easy To Use: Only the IP address or domain name must be entered, with the port number being optional. When you click ‘Save,’ the tool will attempt to stream the images that your device has captured.
    • ONVIF / MJPEG / RTSP (H.264 / H.265 / MPEG-4) stream cameras are supported.
    • It runs on the Windows operating system.
    • Cameras are grouped into tiles that can be viewed separately, in windowed mode or full-screen mode.
    • The video archive is dynamically indexed and played.
  • Price: 
    • security camera software is Free as well as paid Ip camera software.
      • Home: $29 for four  IP cameras
      • Standard: $37 for eight  IP cameras
      • Pro: $49 for 32 IP cameras
    • For more details, contact
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9. Luxriot Evo

Luxriot IP Camera Software

Luxriot Evo video surveillance software solutions are high-definition security camera software used at work or home. The user interface for this security camera software tool is intended to make the configuration process as simple as possible.

  • Features:
    • 64-Bit core: With Luxriot’s Evo 64-bit core, you can use your hardware’s maximum capability without any restrictions on the application level.
    • Remote Access: This Luxriot Evo product is limited to a single simultaneous remote connection as a Complimentary Edition.
    • Live Podcast: Make a live videocast to a website or YouTube using a streaming server.
    • Edge Recording: With IP device storage, synchronize your data. When a network connection is restored, it will be transferred in its entirety to your server.
    • Failover: In the event of a sudden server failure, your system will be automatically recovered.
    • Multicast: Using Active Directory or LDAP technology, the functionality allows for fully integrated work with large enterprise environments.
    • Integrations and API: Luxriot Client Kit, a software development kit (SDK) that allows for custom integration with other software systems, is available.
  • Price:
    • Luxriot Evo security camera software is Free IP camera software. 
    • For more about Luxriot Evo, visit the official website Luxriot Evo.

10. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder - IP Camera Software

ZoneMinder, a video management software, is one of the most effective video surveillance programs for monitoring your office and home. This application is cooperative with a wide range of cameras. Third-party integration is possible with this software thanks to APIs.

  • Features:
    • Monitor From Anywhere: ZoneMinder IP camera can be accessed from any internet-connected device. With a fully functional web browser interface and Android and iOS apps.
    • Use Any Camera: Use any analog or IP camera with ZoneMinder. Night vision, 4K resolution, and other features are required.
    • Control Data: Fully on-premises, with secure, cloud-enhanced features are provided.
    • System Size: It is suitable for a variety of applications, including multi-server enterprise deployments. From the Raspberry Pi to the newest server-class hardware, it’s all compatible.
    • AI-Powered Detection: Utilize third-party contributions such as EventServer and ZM-Magik to obtain real-time Object, Person, and Blended event summaries.
    • Actively Maintained: a group of open-source enthusiasts actively maintains ZoneMinder.
    • Supported OS: Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, Gentoo, Source, Mobile App.
  • Price: 
    • ZoneMinder IP camera software is Free IP camera software.
    • It requests donations for IP camera software development from those who are willing.


Considering there is so much to select from, finding a software(best) security camera solution can be complex. Installing software is also a problem, as are businesses attempting to persuade free users to pay. Invest sufficient time when selecting the best software for management for your cameras, as this is a judgment that will affect you for a long time.

All the above IP camera software will help you to secure your periphery and your places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the IP camera directly to the PC?

Components that make up a primary local network include the following: Using a network cable, you can connect an IP network camera to your desktop PC. Even though it is connected to a router, a desktop or laptop computer is not connected to the internet when using an IP camera.

Which is a better CCTV or IP camera?

Compared to older CCTV systems, IP cameras usually have better image quality, advanced recording features, and the ability to connect a more significant number of cameras to the system. Instead of a physical DVR, videos are stored digitally on a network video recorder or NVR.

Can IP cameras be hacked?

Without SSL/TLS encryption, IP cameras’ video surveillance footage is open to intrusion and misuse by criminals. The lack of awareness of security between cameras and routers is also a contributing factor to WiFi cam hacking.

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