Introducing StormRunner Functional 1.61

Micro Focus StormRunner Functional (SRF)1.61

This version of SRF is packed with new features and integrations, enabling you to simplify and streamline your testing processes, validate your applications on newly supported cloud environments, and better analyze your test results.

This blog post provides a short overview of the main enhancements included in the latest SRF release.

What’s new in SRF 1.61?
SRF 1.61 introduces the following new features and capabilities:

Mac Support
SRF’s virtual lab now provides you with access to Mac testing environments in the cloud!

Now you can test your web apps on Mac environments provided for you by SRF in the cloud, saving the cost and hassle of procuring, setting up, and maintaining your own local Mac machines.

Video Reporting
SRF run results now include video recordings of your test runs.

Starting in version 1.61, SRF’s comprehensive run reports include video recordings for executed tests, both manual and automated. These videos improve your ability to analyze the root cause of any testing failures, and accelerate resolution.

License Segregation by Workspace
SRF Enterprise customers with multiple SRF workspaces can now segregate license concurrency, reserving specific amounts for each workspace.

Segregating license concurrency per workspace allows you to optimize and manage your license usage across your tenant.

Environment Sets
SRF now supports the ability to create sets of environments and reuse them across different SRF tests. These environment sets speed up and streamline the test design process.

You can create various environment sets for different test cases, and then associate the sets to your tests rather than manually adding each environment separately to each test.

For example: create an environment set that includes all the browsers used most by your users. Associate the set with each of your “sanity” tests.

Submit Defects to ALM
Submit defects for your test runs from SRF into Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

ALM customers can now submit defects directly from SRF into their ALM server, for both manual and automated runs. The submitted defects automatically include useful information about your tests, enabling an easy reproduction of the defect, and saving both time and effort.

Bamboo Integration
The Micro Focus Application Automation Tools Bamboo plugin now supports SRF.

You can now run your SRF tests from your Bamboo server, as part of your continuous testing process. This integration with Bamboo joins the Jenkins integration that is already available, and extends SRF’s support in the CI/CD stack.

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