Learn How To Interpret Lights On PS4

Interpret Lights on ps4

With DualShock vibration technology and several other cutting-edge features, the PlayStation 4 controller is among the most technologically sophisticated in the game industry.

You’ll undoubtedly notice that the controller flashes multiple colors while you play or, apparently, at random. So what do these colors represent?

In the interpret lights on ps4 controller, several colors represent a player’s status or position in games.

Other colors may flash when there is a problem with your console or the controller, such as a loose connection or a charging problem. Issues are often indicated by flashing lights.

The lighting option is useful when playing online multiplayer games like Red Dead Redemption 2, grand theft auto, or Fortnite.

Once you’re accustomed to the various flashing PS4 controller lights, you’ll be able to tell when they’re flashing normally and when they could indicate a problem.

Let’s examine the various colors in more detail and discuss how to interpret them.

Why does Your PS4 Controller Have So Many Colors?

Depending on the game you’re playing, or if the system reports an error, the PS4 may flash different colored lights. You can learn much about what’s happening with the console or in the games themselves from the LEDs on the PS4 controller.

 PS4 Controller Have So Many Colors

Some lights come with a screen error and can help you determine what’s wrong with frequent PS4 issues. Other lights are game-specific and don’t even signify a mistake.

The most often seen are the blue, red, and white lights on the PS4 controller. Typically, these lights flash when the controller is charging or simply display system information.

Other lights, such as yellow, orange, pink, and green, can designate participants in multiplayer games or signify levels within games.

In contrast to earlier models, the PS4 controller’s vast variety of colors can improve gameplay by making it easier to spot PS4 issues.

What Flashing Lights Mean on Your Controller?

Flashing lights are often pretty normal, but they can also be used to identify PS4 issues. It’s normally nothing to worry about if your controller flashes various colors while you’re playing.

Here is what your PS4 controller’s flashing lights typically indicate:

Hardware Issues 

A flashing red, orange, or white light might indicate a problem with the controller or PS4 hardware.

A red flashing light might indicate a problem with the PS4’s system, while orange and white flashing lights indicate a hardware issue with the controller.

Another sign that your console is overheating is a flashing light on your controller. If this is the case, turn off your console and give it some time to cool down. To improve airflow, try shifting the console to a new position.

In general, if you have joystick drift, the controller is probably beginning to wear down and has to be cleaned or may be replaced.

Charging Problems 

There’s a chance that the controller isn’t charging correctly if you set it on charge and observe lights flashing. Dead batteries, a defective USB cable, or a damaged charging port might cause charging issues.

By observing how long it takes to charge, you may determine the condition of your PS4 controller. You must buy new parts if the cord or batteries are broken.

Connectivity Problems 

Another frequent reason for a white flashing light is a controller or PS4 connection issue. Occasionally, a malfunction or defect might cause your PS4 controller to disconnect abruptly. Restarting the console typically takes care of this little issue.

Game Indicators

Flashing lights don’t always indicate a problem with your PS4 or controller. In multiplayer video games, different colored lights are also utilized to identify the various participants. Player 1 uses blue, Player 2 uses red, and so on.

According to various game features, multiple colored lights may also flash. For instance, a red light can flash when your health is poor, and a green light might flash when your health is good.

Orange or green lights could also flash when shooting with a certain gaming character.

What Do the interpret lights on PS4 mean?

On your PS4 controller, flashing lights are frequently a message. This might be a system notification informing you that the controller or PS4 system isn’t working properly.

It could also be an in-game message that describes various game characters or events.

Here is what each flashing light on your controller means:

PS4 Controller Blue Light 

PS4 Controller Blue Light

The blue light is the most prevalent, and it will flash blue on your controller most of the time you are playing, especially while playing single-player games. Player 1 is often denoted with a blue light.

Although it differs from game to game, it may also be employed when you’re in neutral mode.

Another indication that the PS4 is attempting to connect to the controller blinks blue light. Normally, pairing your controller using Bluetooth is simple. However, if the PS4 is having problems connecting, the controller occasionally has a blinking blue light.

Try rebooting the console if the blue flashing light doesn’t fade after a short while. Check the controller’s battery level as well; a low charge might affect communication.

PS4 Controller Red Light

PS4 Controller Red Light

Red is frequently used to denote danger, and a red flashing light on the PS4 serves the same purpose.

In certain video games, a red light may occasionally flash as a warning or when you take damage. It may also just say that you’re player 2 or player 3.

If your controller glows red when you aren’t playing a game, there may be a problem with the controller’s software or battery.

A red light indicates either a battery issue or improper controller charging. In Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, it also glows red when police are pursuing you or when your health is low.

Attempt plugging in the PS4 controller if the red light on it keeps flashing. If it keeps flashing, look at the USB cord. A broken USB cord frequently causes a red flashing light. Last but not least, consider changing the controller’s batteries.

PS4 Controller Green Light 

PS4 Controller Green Light

A green flashing light often only occurs during a game and isn’t connected to software issues. During games, a player’s health is often shown by a green flashing light.

A green flashing light might indicate that the character is in full health, while a red flashing light might signal their health is in danger.

If your controller isn’t correctly connected to the charging port, a green light on certain controllers will indicate this. Check to see if the charging port for your PS4 controller is functioning correctly.

Try a different cable if you’re charging the controller with a conventional one and see if the light stops blinking.

PS4 Controller White Light 

PS4 Controller White Light

During some games, a white flashing light could appear to signal player health or other in-game elements. However, a white flashing light often indicates that your PS4 controller has been unplugged.

Check the Bluetooth connectivity if your controller stops connecting to your PS4, and you notice a white flashing light. Wait for the controller to reconnect after pressing the PS button for 15 seconds.

PS4 Controller Orange Light

PS4 Controller Orange Light

An orange flashing light typically indicates a problem with the controller. In multiplayer games, it might be used for players 3 or 4. However, it often shows when the controller has a hardware or software problem. 

Try resetting the PlayStation and reconnecting the controller if you notice an orange flashing light and other issues on your PS4 controller.

You might need to swap the controller’s batteries or the charging wire if the controller has charging issues.

PS4 Pulsing Orange is going into sleep mode. This condition lasts briefly when the PS4 enters a rest mode.

Select the power button from the function screen, select Enter Rest Mode to start the mode, or press and hold the power button until you hear a beep. The PS4 is in rest mode and solid orange.

In this low-power mode, your PS4 may download remotely, get updates, and charge your USB-connected controllers.

PS4 Controller Pink Light

PS4 Controller Pink Light

Usually, the pink light on your PS4 controller light bar indicates that you are the fourth player.

Depending on your current level, your controller’s color may vary in some games, such as Thumper. The pink level is one of them!

Other Flashing Lights 

While these are the primary colors on your PS4 controller, certain games may also have other flashing lights.

On a PS4 controller, flashes of sky blue, pink, purple, light colors, and light green are also possible. These lights often flash during some games, along with the in-game features.

The part you play in certain games, like Far Cry 4, is indicated by yellow and light blue lights. Support players are shown in yellow, while medical personnel is shown in light blue.

How to Fix Your PS4 Console?

Certain PS4 controller LEDs may also indicate a malfunction with your controller. It may indicate wireless connectivity problems, battery problems, or other uncommon failures.

If your controller light becomes white, blinks blue, blinks red, or goes off while you are playing, take the following actions:

  1. Reset the Console
  2. Hard Reset the Controller
  3. Use the Forget Device Option
  4. Use the Controller in Wired Mode
  5. Monitor the USB Port Of The Console
  6. Change Your USB Wire
  7. Insert The USB Cable Tightly
  8. Replace your PS4 Battery
  9. Try Removing Your Charging Cable
  10. Restart PlayStation 4 console 
  11. Change PS4 Controller Ribbon Flex Cable
  12. Reboot PS4 In the Safe Mode
  13. Remove The Controller From Bluetooth Devices
  14. Press The PS Button Continuously

Let us go through every solution one by one:

Solution 1: Reset the Console

The issue with your controller is frequently related to the machine itself. However, restarting your console could make it easier for you to identify the problem.

What you must do is as follows:

  • Simply press the PS button to enter the menu if your controller is powered enough.
  • Select Power, then select Restart PS4 to restart your PS4.
  • Hold down the power button on the console if your controller is completely unresponsive. Till you hear two beeps, continue.
  • You can restart it once it has been turned off.

Check to see whether your controller is connecting by turning it on. If so, your console was the source of the issue. If not, you should pay attention to the controller.

Solution 2: Hard Reset the Controller

You can attempt a controller hard reset if the first option doesn’t work. Your controller will return to its default settings after doing this.

Hard Reset the Controller

What you must do is as follows:

  • Disconnect the console.
  • Search for the Hard Reset button. A little hole is on the back of the controller, on the right side.
  • Press down on the button with the tip of a paperclip or anything.
  • You may now pair your controller once more.

You need the USB cable that connects the controller to the console to repair your controller.

Solution 3: Use the Forget Device Option

You can manage the devices connected to the PS4 by using the Forget Device option in the settings menu.

To start the pairing procedure, you can use it to forget your controller.

Use the Forget Device Option

You may resolve wireless connection problems like automatic disconnects during the pairing procedure.

Solution 4: Use the Controller in Wired Mode

If none of these options work, you can see if your controller is connected. Simply use the paired USB connection to connect the controller to the console.

You might need to think about getting a new controller if it doesn’t function.

Solution 5: Monitor the USB Port Of The Console

They will eventually become damaged if you use your PlayStation, computer, and other electronics without providing the required maintenance or care.

A broken or corrupted USB port is the main reason the PS4 Controller’s red light is on. The USB port stops functioning when there is no charge, and the bar controller displays a red light.

Therefore, it is advised that you try to clean and charge your battery before connecting the USB connection. Try inserting the card into another USB port if the issue persists.

If the issue persists after trying the solutions above, or if you are unable to resolve the issue, go to the subsequent steps listed below.

Solution 6: Change Your USB Wire

Getting a new USB wire to charge the play station controller’s battery is preferable if the existing one is broken or damaged.

Change Your USB Wire

You’re unsure if you’re using a DS4 controller wire or another cable, but you want to ensure. Use the cable for charging an Android device after checking it. If your battery charges properly, the USB cable is faulty or broken, but no red light shows.

Solution 7: Insert The USB Cable Tightly

Whether none of those above options were able to fix your PlayStation 4 controller’s red light of death, you should check your card to see if it’s plugged in securely.

The Controller may discharge or get disconnected if the battery and port are not tightly connected.

You must plug or insert your power cable firmly to properly charge the battery and cure this problem.

Solution 8: Replace your PS4 Battery

Replace your PS4 Battery

Have you been playing on your PlayStation 4 for a long time? The battery life may then have passed. The battery drains and stops charging when the cable is connected after prolonged usage.

Therefore, we advise you to get a new battery and swap it out for a cell already in use for the first remedy. This should fix the difficulties with the PlayStation controller.

Solution 9: Try Removing Your Charging Cable

Try Removing Your Charging Cable

Many people occasionally notice a red light on their PS4 Controller when charging. You must unplug that region’s PS4 Controller charging wire to see whether the issue is still there.

Remove the charging wire if the controller displays a red light. If the issue persists after removing the charging cord, the issue is not with the charging cable.

Solution 10: Restart PlayStation 4 console 

Restarting the PlayStation 4 console has been recommended since it has helped many people with the controller light problem that won’t go away.

To restart your PlayStation 4, follow the steps below:

  • First, briefly press and hold the “Power Button.”
  • Remove the cable from the PS4 console at this time.
  • Re-insert the Power Cable into the Console after some time has passed.
  • The PS4 console will now turn on when you press the power button.

It is thought that your problem has now been fixed, but if it continues, move on to the next suggested solution.

Solution 11: Change PS4 Controller Ribbon Flex Cable

In addition to the previously mentioned fix, the red light on the PlayStation 4 controller may not turn off if you utilize a defective or broken ribbon connection. It may be a hardware problem.

Change PS4 Controller Ribbon Flex Cable

The PS4 controller won’t charge if your ribbon cable is broken since you won’t be able to recharge the PS4 console battery. Your PS4 gaming console’s low battery will also prevent you from playing.

You can use the techniques listed below to resolve this problem:

  • Remove the Ribbon Flex Cable and PS4 rear cover first. Try charging the battery after cleaning the cable with alcohol and reinstalling it.
  • After cleaning your PS4, you still can’t charge it, so getting a new PS4 Ribbon Cable is advised.

Solution 12: Reboot PS4 In the Safe Mode

If none of the other options worked for you, the PS4 console should be restarted in Safe Mode to resolve the PS4 controller light blinking issue.

You may fix any firmware problems with your controller and PS4 console by restarting it in safe mode.

Reboot PS4 In the Safe Mode

To achieve this, adhere to the directions below:

  • Turn off your PS4 if it is currently on.
  • Press the power button once more to hear the Beep sound.
  • Next, attach the USB cord from the PS4 Controller to the gaming system.
  • Click the PS (PlayStation) button to turn on your PS4 and start it in safe mode.

Check whether your PlayStation controller’s red light issue is permanently fixed when your DS4 (DualShock) controller is turned on.

Solution 13: Remove The Controller From Bluetooth Devices

You must take the Controller out of the console if it isn’t functioning. At the same time, unpair any Bluetooth devices you have paired with your controller (such as an iPad).

Remove The Controller From Bluetooth Devices

The PS4 Remote Play app must then be downloaded from the Android Play Store. You may operate the console by putting it on your device, including disconnecting the Controller from various Bluetooth devices.

This solution is used to troubleshoot the yellow light on ps4 controller.

Solution 14: Press The PS Button Continuously

Many PlayStation 4 users have fixed this issue repeatedly by pressing the PS button after connecting the charging cord.

Let’s try our luck by fixing this problem by following these instructions.

  • Shut down your PlayStation 4 completely first.
  • Put the USB charging cable from your Dual Shock 4 controller into the console now.
  • Switch on the video game system.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep after seeing the “Press The PS Button To Use The Controller” screen.
  • Let your console turn off right now.
  • After that, turn on your PS4 device once more.
  • When the “Press The PS Button To Use The Controller” screen appears, disconnect the Dual Shock 4 controller’s USB cable.
  • Start pressing the PS button continuously as soon as you reconnect the USB cable to the port.

What Are Some Other PS4 Controller Features? 

The wireless controller for the PS4 is called the Dualshock 4, and it has several upgrades over earlier generations.

For a more immersive experience, it boasts a superior motion sensor, a light bar with vibrant colors, and built-in speakers.

The controller’s battery life is also quite good, lasting up to five hours when completely charged. However, these controllers are not indestructible, and after roughly seven years of usage, you can start to have problems.

When to Buy a New PS4 Controller?

If your PS4 controller is older than seven years, you could find that it disconnects frequently or that the battery doesn’t last as long. Then it could be time to get a new one.

A high-quality PS4 controller may be purchased for around USD 60 at stores like Amazon.com. New PS4 controllers are not overly costly. Additionally, there are used choices available.


The lights on the PS4 controller are intended to improve and immerse you in the game. Depending on the number of participants and the game you’re playing, the different light colors have distinct meanings.

You can try the following if your PS4 controller is malfunctioning:

  1. To restart the controller’s internal mechanism, reset it.
  2. Reset your console to determine whether the issue is specifically with the PS4 system or the controller.
  3. To reconnect your controller to the console, use the Forget Device option.
  4. Use the device in wired mode if none of that works.

It might be time to consider obtaining a new controller; even the wired mode won’t function.


What Color Light Shows That PS4 Is Off?

White pulsing color then to nothing. PS4 is shutting off. The light will briefly pulse white before totally going out after you shut off your PS4 altogether.

How Do I Turn My PS4 Off?

From the function screen, choose Power, and then choose Turn Off PS4. On the quick menu, choose Power > Turn PS4 Off. When the system beeps twice, press and hold the power button for at least 7 seconds.

Does PS4 Automatically Turn Off?

Sometimes, just after you switch on the system or after you’ve been using it for a bit, the PlayStation 4 will turn itself off. Depending on when it occurs, this might be a small problem with a quick cure or an indication that your console requires service.