Top 30+ Best Internet Of Things Companies In The World

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What is the IoT?

IoT is an interconnected system of physical objects that have been integrated with electronic devices and software sensors, as well as networks and. IoT is the term used to describe what is known as the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things Companies

IoT allows these devices to gather and exchange information to increase the Internet connectivity of traditional instruments such as laptops or tablet computers and other appliances like toasters.

More About IoT

The Internet of things companies, also called IoT, is a group of interconnected computers, including electronic and mechanical machines, objects, or people, supplied with unique identification numbers (UIDs) and can transfer data over networks without human-to-computer or computer-to-human communication.

A thing that is on the Internet of things could include the owner of an implanted monitor for the heart, or farm animals fitted with a biochip transponder or a vehicle equipped with sensors that alert the driver that their tires aren’t in good working order or any other man-made or natural product that has been identified with to the Internet Protocol (IP) address and is capable of transmitting data over the network.

In increasing instances, companies across different industries are making use of IoT to improve their efficiency and better understand their customers’ needs to provide better services to their customers, increase decision-making, and increase the profit margins of the business.

What do IoT Companies do?

IoT companies offer solutions to help businesses overcome digital challenges and create new revenue streams using IoT technology.

Here are some of the critical functions that are carried out through IoT companies:

  • IoT software companies create IoT systems that can provide the ability to integrate software and hardware.
  • They aid their clients in identifying efficient and cost-effective methods to solve business problems.
  • IoT companies also provide complete stack IoT solutions for creating strategies for various industries.
  • IoT companies provide tools and materials for the construction of IoT devices that can be adapted to the needs specific to your business.

How does IoT work?

The IoT ecosystem comprises intelligent devices equipped with web technology that use embedded systems, including processors, software, sensors, and communication hardware, to collect and transmit information they gather from their surroundings.

Enabled devices share the sensor data they collect via connecting to an IoT gateway or other edge device. The data is further sent to the cloud to be examined locally or analyzed on the cloud. Sometimes, devices communicate with other devices belonging to the same family and then respond to the information they receive from one.

They carry out most of their work with no human input. However, users can interact with them by setting up, giving them directions, or gaining access to information. The networking protocols and connectivity utilized by these devices with internet connectivity primarily depend on the specific IoT applications used.

IoT can also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning to make the collection of data more straightforward and more adaptable.

What Are Some of the Top Companies in the internet of things or IoT?

Here are some of the top IOT companies:

  • Samsara
  • Vates
  • Oxagile
  • HQ Software Industrial IoT Company
  • IBM
  • PTC
  • GE Digital

The above mentioned are some of the leading companies developing the internet of things.

How do you identify the most reliable IoT firms that meet your requirements?

Before deciding on the Internet of Things companies to invest in, you should send crucial concerns to the companies you have chosen, such as:

  • Dashboard Customizable Dashboard Customizable: It is suggested to choose an IoT company that has the option of a customised dashboard, which gives you an extra degree of control over different operating IoT devices.
  • IoT Security IoT Security: It is essential to determine the security measures the IoT platform has put in place to safeguard your data. The most secure IoT solutions offer various tools, including verification techniques and encryption that goes from end to end, login access control, and so on.
  • IoT Protocols Compatibility in the IoT architecture devices protocol is essential for smooth operation within the IoT. IoT system.
  • Data Management Strategy Data storage is an essential element of managing the data. Therefore, it is crucial to select a firm with the most extraordinary capacity for storing and managing data that can handle your data.
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The internet of things development companies serve various sectors and provide various services such as chip, hardware, technology, agriculture, healthcare, etc.

What are the benefits of IoT Technology?

Here are the significant benefits of IoT technology:

  • Technology for Technical Optimization IoT can help make technology better and improve the quality of technology. For instance, with IoT, the automaker can collect data from many sensors mounted on vehicles and evaluate their performance to enhance the design and quality of the car.
  • Improved Data Collection Traditional data collection is complex because of its limitations, and it is intended to be used passively. IoT lets you take immediate action on the data.
  • The Internet of Things offers live data in real-time that aids in effective decision-making and the control of time and resources. For example, when the car manufacturer discovers an issue with several automobile engines, they can track the manufacturing process and address the problem immediately.
  • Improve Customer Engagement IoT allows users to engage in conversations with IoT devices, and this lets you enhance your customer experience by identifying issues and improving the process.

Which are the top IoT applications?

Various industries widely use IoT solutions. The most popular IoT applications are as follows:

  • Smart Thermostats

It will help reduce heating costs by looking at the patterns of your usage.

  • Connected Cars

IoT automatically helps car companies charge parking, insurance, and other related problems.

  • Activity Trackers

It lets you record your heart rate as well as calories burned, the level of activity, as well as temperatures on your wrist.

  • Smart Outlets

Remotely turn on or shut down every device from a distance. It lets you check the energy level in devices and then send personalized messages to your smartphone.

  • Parking Sensors

IoT technology allows users to identify parking spaces via their phones.

  • Connected Health

A connected health system provides monitoring health at a real-time pace and patient-centered healthcare. It assists in improving the medical decision-making process by relying on patient data.

  • Smart Cities

Smart cities can provide many applications, including transportation, water distribution, and waste management, among other possibilities.

  • Smart home

Smart homes are a means to connect home technology. It encompasses smoke detectors, light bulbs, windows for home appliances, doors, and door locks.

  • Smart supply chain

It helps you keep track of the tracking of your products in real-time when they travel or negotiate with suppliers in exchange for inventory information.

What are the requirements to select the best IoT Platform?

Here are some significant things to consider when choosing the ideal IoT or Internet of things leading companies for your business.

  • Your IoT service should develop the products it sells with security and reliability in mind.
  • IoT businesses should make use of strong security and authentication protocols.
  • They must deactivate services that are not essential.
  • The IoT service should provide energy-efficient algorithms that enable the system to stay running longer.

Top IoT Companies of the world

The best internet of things companies list mentioned below:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Indium Software
  3. Cisco (San Jose, CA)
  4. ARM IoT Security Company (Cambridge, Cambs)
  5. PTC
  6. SAP (Walldorf, Germany)
  7. Telit
  8. Konstant Infosolutions (United States)


ScienceSoft creates and develops safe and adaptable IoT software, including products designed for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Industrial IoT (IIoT) intelligent cities, the administration of fleets, intelligent connected devices, and more.


Manufacturing, retail, healthcare transport, oil and gas telecoms, and many more areas.


The USA as well as Europe


  • IoT Consulting Strategy IoT design planning and choice of the right technology stacks.
  • IoT development: covering sensor/device connectivity sensors, intelligent devices and sensors storage, data streaming and study of IoT application control, and the development of user-friendly applications.
  • IoT Analytics Services provide complete IoT analytics maintenance and development of your solution and a cost-based IoT analysis service that lets you obtain IoT insights without having to install the analytics platform.
  • Managed IoT Services Support for technical issues or troubleshooting problems with cloud management, security. IoT solutions evolution.

Indium Software

Indium is an enterprise focused on technology that has vast expertise in the arena of modern technology called “the Internet of Things (IoT). Indium Software’s IoT service also offers Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), an essential component that is a crucial element in Industry 4.0 and which has been employed in numerous areas.


Production of smart homes, intelligent electronic gadgets, wearables for consumers, and many more.


USA, UK Singapore


  • IoT data ingestion
  • Analytical models are based on machine learning.
  • Processing of data
  • Refresh and streaming of data

Their IoT service allows users to make better decisions based on data and become an organization that truly focuses on the customer.

Cisco (San Jose, CA)

The company was first established in 1984 with over 10000 employees and a revenue of around $49 Billion. There are offices throughout many locations, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and many more. Networking, IoT, Mobility & Wireless, Security, Collaboration, Datacenter, etc are some of the sectors covered by Cisco.

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Energy, Commerce, Education, Financial Services, Cities & Communities, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, and many more.


San Jose, CA


To support IoT, Cisco offers solutions for 

  • IoT Networking, 
  • IoT Gateways, 
  • IoT Operations Management, 
  • IoT Data Management, and 
  • IoT Security.
  • Cisco is well-known for its work in developing products, manufacturing, and selling Internet Protocol-based networking products.
  • It also develops products related to the communications and IT industry. 

The services and products delivered by the company are used in a wide range of industries.

ARM IoT Security Company (Cambridge, Cambs)

In 1990, the company was established with 5001-10000 employees and a revenue of $1.6 B.

ARM Company is well known for its 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors. For IoT, it comes with the Device-to-Data Platform that allows the management of connectivity and the management of data and devices.


Automotive, Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.


Cambridge, Cambs


ARM offers products and services required to support 

  • Processor IP, 
  • IoT, and
  • the design and development of instruments and programs.
  • Mbed OS
  • SoC Solutions 
  • Kigen SIM Solutions.

It also provides devices-related products and proper solutions for AI, IoT, and security to various industries.


PTC was established in 1985 and started its operations in the same year with between 5001 and 10,000 employees and annual revenue of over $1 billion. The products are utilized in various sectors, such as A and Defence, Automotive, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and many more.


Automotive, Electronics, high-tech hardware, Utilities, Software, Medical Devices, and many more.


Boston, Massachusetts


PTC provides solutions for 

  • drawing and designing
  • PLM
  • Augmented Reality
  • Industrial IoT, etc. 

PTC offers the solution to IIoT. Solutions are accessible to many industries. It is used for Manufacturing, Service, and Operations.

HQ Software Industrial IoT Company (the USA and Europe)

In 2001, HQ Software was founded with 50 to 100 employees.


Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Smart cities, and many more.


The USA and Europe


HQ Software offers various solutions such as 

  • custom-designed software development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Consulting & Prototyping
  • software engineering re-engineering

To offer IoT services, The company provides Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, and IoT Automotive. IoT services offered by HQ Software include High-level development of devices and sensors, analysis of data, design and UI/UX Mobile, and web-based development of applications.

GE Digital 

GE Digital provides the services of advice and software. It also offers industrial applications such as Predix Asset Performance Management, Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems, Predix Operations Performance Management, and many more.


Manufacturing automotive chemicals, steel, semiconductors, paper, pulp production, wastewater or water, and more.


San Ramon, California


  • Implementation and support services, 
  • industrial managed services, 
  • educational services, 
  • Data Science Services, and many more. 

GE Digital provides products and services to various industries like the IIOT Platform.

Siemens IoT Analytics Company

Siemens is one of the most well-known businesses that provide transmission of power generation equipment medical diagnosis.


Healthcare, Environmental, Infrastructure, Finance, and many more.


Berlin and Munich, Germany


  • Health
  • Energy
  • city infrastructures
  • Manufacturing
  • Digitalization
  • Financial Services, etc.

Siemens provides a complete IoT operating system, i.e., MindSphere. To provide industries that require IoT services, MindSphere provides the intelligent gateway. Siemens is famous for its solutions, products, and services to construct and run microgrids.

Siemens is a major player in 


IBM is a significant producer and supplier of middleware, computers, and software. It also offers services like hosting and consulting for different areas, ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


Finance, Banking, Retail, Government, Telecom, Media, Entertainment, and more.


New York, USA


IBM provides IoT solutions that comprise 

  • IoT Platform
  • Watson IoT Platform
  • Watson IoT
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Systems Engineering. 

It provides solutions that cater to various industries. IBM is famous for its middleware, hardware, and software. The cost of the Watson IoT Platform starts at $800 per month per instance.

ITRex Group 

ITRex Group is an IoT development company that creates and implements feature-rich, secure, and secure Internet of Things solutions. The company’s expertise extends into cyber-physical systems that collect information from sensors, analyze the data using AI algorithms and offer advanced insight to the end-user.


Manufacturing, supply chain management, healthcare, and educational and retail institutions. 


Minsk, Belarus


ITRex experts assist entrepreneurs in:

  • consumer electronics 
  • developing an entire software infrastructure 
  • enable customised devices such as devices worn on the body 
  • intelligent Home solutions.

In 2009 alone, ITRex has provided more than 500 specific solutions for industries like Walmart, Procter & Gamble, JibJab, TASC, PotentiaMetrics, Hyginex, Dun & Bradstreet, Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox, DogVacay, DealMe, and Dollar Shave Club, among others.


iTechArt Group is a custom-designed software development company with a primary concentration on providing high-end security and IoT solutions to startups and businesses proliferating. 


Biotech, robotics, industrial, enterprise, wellness, and many more.


New York, USA


  • GPS tracking 
  • creating intelligent home security systems that are safe and intelligent in their design
  • developing IoT applications
  • gateways for data analytics
  • third-party integrations.

The iTechArt team is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to build complete IoT solutions.

With more than 1800 skilled engineers, iTechArt can be trusted for each service it provides.


They create and construct enterprise-grade IoT solutions that include advanced manufacturing equipment in smart devices and the latest generation of intelligent machines.

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Healthcare, Automotive Manufacturing, public safety, and Retail industries


New York, USA


Oxagile is a well-known IoT business that offers all kinds of services, including:

  • IoT consulting 
  • hardware prototyping
  • software development Integration
  • Continuous Improvement

Oxagile leverages its deep tech expertise in Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Big data, and Cybersecurity to deliver state-of-the-art connected solutions and perfectly-architectured IoT ecosystems.


Huawei is a multinational company that provides electronic consumer products, telecom equipment, and networking equipment.


Electronics, telecom, networking, communication


Shenzhen, Guangdong


Huawei is famous for its tablets, smartphones, and laptops. IoT provides an intelligent solution for 

  • Water
  • AMI Smart Metre Reading
  • Shared Bike Lock
  • Smoke Detection Smart Building
  • Smart Factory
  • eLTE Gas Detection
  • Elevators
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Gas, and numerous others
  • IoT Platform (Free trial available)
  • Machine Learning Service (Yen 0.53 per hour)
  • Cloud Stream Service (SPU unit cost is 0.50 per hour).

Huawei offers IoT solutions, such as Connected vehicles, Public Utilities, and Predictive Maintenance. Huawei Cloud can be experienced at no cost by signing up to create an account. It also gives you the option of a full five-day refund.


Samsara is one of the most trusted service providers of IoT. 


transportation and logistics, construction, field services, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and food and beverage.


San Francisco, California


  • They can help you increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations which drive your business. This IoT service provider offers solutions for
  • data design
  • enhance the security of operations 
  • increase efficiency in various industries.
  • The sensors linked to the business allow businesses to run their business efficiently. It lets you monitor and monitor the performance of your company.

Bosch IoT Sensor Company 

It was established in 1906 and had more than 10000 employees. It has an annual net income of more than 78 billion euros. Bosch IoT Suite price starts at 2500 Euros, including. VAT.


Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. 


Farmington Hills, MI


Bosch provides services and products related to 

  • Drive and Control Technology
  • Packaging Technology
  • Power tools for Professionals
  • Security Solutions
  • Software Solutions.

Bosch provides the IoT Suite for connecting and managing devices, sensors, and gateways. It provides security-grade access management. It also gives the option of an unlimited IoT platform that can be used to cover all domains.

SAP (Walldorf, Germany)

The cost for a cloud IoT platform is determined by the devices sold in 100-piece groups. The cost generally starts at Euro 250 per month. The cost will be reduced if the device’s price rises.


Energy & Natural Resources, Finance, Consumer Industries, Discrete Industries, and Public services


Walldorf, Germany


SAP provides various services, such as 

  • Digital Platform
  • Intelligent Technologies
  • Analytics
  • CRM and Customer Experience, and much more.

SAP provides services to various sectors. SAP comprises SAP Leonardo IoT, SAP Edge Services, and SAP Cloud Platform.


IoT Engineers and Systems Integrators use high-end prototyping equipment to ensure that your solution is ready to go on the launch and has the impact you wish on customers and the bottom line you’re looking for.


Manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and healthcare.


Florida, USA and Santiago de Chile


Specialty Areas Available For Sale Include:

  • All the way to end IoT Solutions
  • IoT Software Development
  • IoT System Integrator
  • IoT Hardware Knowledge
  • Fibaro, Wemo, and AEOtec Sensors and Actuators.
  • Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth Protocols.
  • Raspberry, Orange PI, CyberTAN, and Advantech Gateways.
  • Micro-controllers like ESP32 and a variety of Objective-Specific Hardware.
  • LoRa Z-Wave Alliances and LoRa’s open-source protocols.

When it comes to IoT applications, Vates can offer assistance in making crucial decisions during designing and development. In reality, defining the appropriate hardware and prototyping requirements is essential to avoid costly errors.


Telit offers the top IoT solution and services. Telit can assist you with the most efficient IoT expertise and development instruments.


Technology, manufacturing, instrumentation, communication, and many more.




Telit offers solutions and products that include 

  • cellular communications modules for every technology
  • GNSS
  • short-to-long range wireless module
  • IoT Platforms software.

Konstant Infosolutions (United States)

Konstant Infosolutions is a prominent mobile app development company that provides top-of-the-line IoT solutions. 


Technology, manufacturing, instrumentation, communication, and many more.


United States


  • Mobile app development
  • E-commerce development
  • Cloud computing
  • App prototype and strategy
  • Offshore staffing

The company uses the most recent technologies and tools to create IoT solutions that provide seamless connectivity to its customers.


In the final section of this piece on IoT Companies, we can say that Indium Software and HQ Software are internet of things software companies that provide IoT solutions, such as Smart Home, Industrial IoT, and Healthcare IoT. Cisco offers a range of IoT solutions like IoT Security and IoT network, IoT Security, many more.

There are many leading internet of things software companies too. Its ARM processor is perfect for ARM. It is an IoT solution for managing the devices connected to it, driving them, and managing data. Huawei offers a wide range of easy solutions for IoT, such as intelligent water systems and smoke detection. PTC, together with GE Digital, provides an IoT platform.

Bosch’s IoT Suite is an open IoT platform used for every business sector. MindSphere is called the Open IoT OS by Siemens. Watson IoT is one of the most well-known IoT solutions offered by IBM.