13 Best Fixes For Instagram Stories Won’t Upload

We will tell you the best fixes for Instagram Stories won’t upload error. With the advancement of the platform, Instagram has come with several features that enhance the user’s experiences. However, some bugs or glitches may lead the application to dysfunction. 

One of them is stories not uploading. Sometimes even if the users try uploading it several times, they may come across the issue, regardless of retrying. However, every bug can be fixed, and if you face these issues, there are numerous methods that you could try. 

instagram stories won't upload

You can try out any of these methods and see if it works for you. A majority of the time, the problem lies within the application or network, so you can follow these methods to try and fix it. You need not have any technical knowledge to resolve this; these are relatively simple ways to go about it. 

How To Know If Your Story is uploaded 

Once you have tried uploading the story, you can check the red circle around your display picture. Once you tap on that, you will either see a Retry button at the bottom of the story or a black screen. 

If none of these are on the screen, you can also check if there is a Posting option at the bottom of the screen. If your story is uploaded, you can check the number of viewers and their usernames. 

While you are trying to upload the story, Instagram might or might not allow you to delete it. There are chances that it will get stuck at a certain point. Moreover, users tend to wait during this process since uploading it again might lead to posting the same story twice. 

When this happens, you will realize that your story has not been posted. To address this issue, you can check a few solutions mentioned below. Most glitches or bugs can be fixed through these methods. 

Solutions To Fix Instagram Stories Won’t upload

  1. Check Your Internet Connection
  2. Update Instagram application
  3. Restart Instagram application
  4. Clear cache on Android
  5. Post it through the gallery
  6. Incompatible file format
  7. Incorrect device time and date
  8. Don’t add GIFs
  9. Inappropriate Content
  10. Device settings
  11. Log in from the different account
  12. Reinstall Instagram application
  13. Report the problem 

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Unstable internet connection might be considered one of the most common issues. 

Sometimes, when there is a connectivity issue, you might not be able to load certain features and the basic functionalities of the application might also be blocked. 

It could either be a slow or inactive connection, for this reason, it is necessary for you to check your network settings. 

This is one of the most integrated solutions while trying to fix any issue with regard to any application that works on the basis of the internet. 

If you are using data or wifi, you might want to navigate to your device settings and check the same. You can try disconnecting from either of them and connecting it again. 

Another method that you could also follow is turning on airplane mode

wifi settings

Turning on the airplane mode resets all the connections and turning it off after a few seconds will allow your phone to make a stable connection again. Moreover, if you are using wifi, you can check the strength of the same, if the wifi connection is weak, you can try switching it to a different connection. 

A majority of the time, an unstable network connection can be the cause of Instagram failing to upload stories and other posts. So before we move on to other methods, you can check the internet connection first. 

2. Update Instagram Application

Old versions of applications lead to several problems. One of the main reasons why developers keep updating the applications is to fix previous bugs and glitches. Hence, if you are still using the old version of the application, chances are that you are dealing with those bugs and glitches. 

You can check the latest version of the application in the App Store or Google Play. Both iOS and Android have an easy way to update the applications. All you need to do is follow these steps

  • Navigate to App Store for iOS, and Google Play if you are using Android. 
  • Search Instagram and click on it. 
  • Tap the Update button if available. 

If the Update option is not visible next to the Instagram icon in the store, that would mean there are no new versions available. In that case, you are using the latest version and there is no need for updating. 

If that is the case, you can move on to the next method, which is restarting the application. 

3. Restart Instagram Application

If you have checked the latest version of the application and there aren’t any, you can try restarting Instagram. 

Sometimes several background applications running might lead the application to freeze or go through some glitches. 

For this reason, it would be better if you try to restart it. This method works best on iOS devices, mainly because there is no way for you to clear the data or cache. Even though you can restart it on Android too, this method is easier for iOS users. 

For iOS users, you can follow these steps to force close the application

  • Swipe upwards on the screen. 
  • Once the app drawer is visible on the screen, swipe upwards for all the applications. 
  • You will have to make sure that Instagram is no longer on the app drawer. 

As soon as you clear the Instagram application, it gets closed. Tap on the Instagram icon to reopen it and try posting the story again or check if it has been uploaded again or not. 

For Android users, restarting the application depends on the device. For certain devices like OnePlus or Google Pixel, the method is exactly like that of iOS. However, for other Android devices, you can follow these steps

If there are too many applications open, for some devices, there is an option of Close All. You can select that to close all the running applications. Once you do this, you can reopen Instagram and check whether you’re able to upload the stories or not. 

4. Clear Cache on Android

Since every device stores data and cache on the device, it also leads to full storage. This can sometimes lead to problems with applications and the device in general glitching. If there is too much cache and data stored from several applications, the devices start functioning slowly. 

Due to this reason, deleting cache often might help clear storage and give more space for applications to run smoothly. Since there is no specific option for clearing cache on iOS devices, either restarting or reinstalling the application works. 

As for Android, you can try following these steps to clear the cache from your phone. 

  • Navigate to the device settings 
  • Locate Instagram 
  • Click on it and tap on Clear Cache

You will have to note that there will be two options available here. Clear data and clear cache. Clearing data from applications would mean that your login credentials and other related data also get wiped out. 

However, clearing the cache does not remove those details and it just enhances the application’s functionality, especially if you are going through these types of technical issues. 

 5. Post it through the gallery

When you are having problems with stories getting uploading, you can also try sharing the image or video directly from your gallery. 

Small bugs or glitches might temporarily disable the functionality of Instagram stories. 

Due to this reason, you can try to share the post directly from the gallery. This method is also relatively easier, and it can be done even when you are not facing issues while uploading Instagram stories. 

You can follow these steps to share the image or video from your gallery. The steps are very similar for both Android and iOS. 

  • Navigate to the Gallery on your phone. 
  • Once you open the gallery, tap on the picture you want to post to your story. 
  • Find the share icon as soon as you maximize the video or image on your gallery. 
  • For Android users, you will find a share icon. Press on that and click on an Instagram story from the pop-up menu. 
  • As for iOS users, you can click on the icon with an upward arrow. 

As soon as you click on the share icon on iOS and Android, you will get a pop-up message and select an Instagram story. Once you do this, you will automatically be led to your Instagram story page

You can then share your post with your followers or your close friend’s list. While following this method, it is also integral to note that you will have to select an Instagram story. 

Since there is a different option for Instagram posts, you will have to tap on the right option. 

This method is almost the same as uploading the story directly from the Instagram application. Hence, you can try this and see whether it works or not. 

6. Incompatible File Format

Instagram does not allow you to post images or videos of large sizes. It is important to note that the post you want to upload on your story is not above 15MB. Moreover, if it is a video that you are trying to upload, make sure that it is in mp4 format. 

This issue is common, especially if you have downloaded the image or video from an external source and the format is slightly different than jpg or mp4. While uploading videos, there are a few other factors that you should keep in mind. 

Some of them being the video’s frame rate should be 30 FPS; if it is beyond that, or 60FPS, Instagram might not load the video, which results in a disruption while posting the story. 

These are some of the few things that you should keep in mind while uploading because the file format’s incompatibility might be an issue. 

7. Incorrect Device time and date

Even though this might not seem like a reason for this issue, it is something that you might want to check most of the time. Sometimes, when the device’s time and date are automatically updated, there is a possibility of it being an error. 

Hence, to ensure that your device has the correct time and date, you can check the same through the device settings. 

Dates and times get automatically updated so that when users move to different places or travel, they can access the internet even while switching their IP address. 

You can follow these steps to fix it both on iOS and Android. 

  • For iOS devices, you will have to navigate to the device settings. 
  • Select General from the settings
  • Click on Date and Time
  • Tap on it so that it can be automatically enabled. 
date and time

The method is extremely similar on Android as well. You will have to go to the device settings and find the Date and Time. Click on it and update it automatically. This solution is often disregarded. However, you might want to check this. 

Once you fix the date and time settings to update automatically, you can check whether you are able to upload the story or not. 

8. Don’t Add GIFS

Not being able to upload stories if you have been using GIFS might be a common issue on certain devices. Due to this reason, sometimes, when Android users insert GIFs, they cannot post stories. 

Hence, if you are a Samsung user and have also added GIFS, you might want to try uploading the story by removing the GIF. The main reason why this issue leads to disruption while uploading the story is that GIFs sometimes comprise bugs. 

You can also try removing certain stickers or emojis, so if you can, try and remove them from the story. However, if you want to add those GIFs and emojis to your story, you can follow this method without coming across this issue. 

You can add the GIFs or the emojis on the image or the video and then save it. Once you save it in your gallery, you can post the saved post on your story again. 

9. Inappropriate Content

Instagram also detects the content you share, so if some content does not abide by the guidelines, it will automatically prevent you from posting it. 

This could be one of the reasons why sometimes users are unable to post individual posts either on their feed or story

You will have to make sure that the posts are not offensive, which does not result in Instagram blocking your posts or account. 

Sometimes, certain words or images do not abide by the guidelines, so you will have to keep that in mind when you are posting stories or other posts on Instagram. 

10. Device Settings

Sometimes, there might be an issue with your device, leading to several bugs or glitches within applications. 

Moreover, you will also have to keep in mind that excessive data or full storage will also lead to glitches. 

These sorts of issues are generally addressed by restarting the device. You can either resort to clearing the application’s cache, but if that method does not work, you can try turning off the device and turning it on again. 

This method will work both on iOS and Android. All you will have to do is turn off your device and turn it on again after a few seconds. This is one of the most simple and easy ways to fix a glitch. 

11. Login From Different Account

If you have the issue of not being able to upload the story, you can also try and log in from a different account. 

There might be cases wherein you have logged in from a different account, and if you have tried logging out and since you were not able to log out properly, Instagram might block you from posting. 

This method works if you have recently tried logging out from a different account. Make sure that you post from the account you would want to. If you have not done this, you can try another method. 

If you have multiple accounts, you can try posting a story from one account and seeing if the issue exists. 

If you cannot post it from one account but can post it from another, that would mean you will have to report the problem to Instagram. 

This would also mean nothing wrong with your phone or other settings, and this issue is related to your Instagram account

12. Reinstall Instagram

One of the easiest ways to fix any glitch or bug within the application is by uninstalling it and reinstalling it again. Moreover, it becomes easier to clear the cache and data if you have uninstalled it. 

Reinstall Instagram application

This method is relatively easy to go through both on Android and iOS. Long press the Instagram icon on your phone and drag it to the bin icon. After you do that, click on Remove from the phone. 

Reinstall Instagram application

Additionally, the process is very similar on iOS as well. After long pressing the Instagram icon, all you have to do this click on the Remove Application from your phone. After doing this, you can navigate to the App Store or Google Play and install the application. 

13. Report The Problem

If you are not able to post the story on your Instagram from your account but can do so from a different one, you can try reporting the issue. Due to some glitch or bugs, Instagram might have blocked your account from posting. 

To report the issue, you can go through the Instagram support center and check if there are any solutions available for your issue. You can follow these steps to report the issue to Instagram. 

  • Launch the Instagram application and click on your profile icon. 
Report issue to Instagram
  • Tap on the three-line menu at the top of the page. 
  • Navigate to the Settings
Report issue to Instagram
  • Click on Help and tap on the Report a Problem option. 
Report issue to Instagram

You can write a list of your issue and add screenshots regarding the issue you are facing. You can then send it to them, after which you will get a response from the Instagram team. They will either fix the issue or respond with an email. 

Report issue to Instagram


Users often complain about several issues that they come across. Some issues can be fixed either within the application or through the device settings. However, some solutions will help you fix the issue in one go. 

You can try any of the methods and fix the glitch. You can start by checking the internet connection and the device settings.