Are Instagram Stories Not Working? 8 Best Fixes

Stories are one of the best features of Instagram. By checking the levels, you will view your favorite brand’s page at a glance or update your followers with your new service or product.

An Instagram Story is an in-app element that enables users to upload photos or videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours. They seem in a vertical format and are quick, memorable, and enjoyable by design. 

When you upload an Instagram story, a colorful circle around the profile picture, saying your followers shall tap on your profile photo to look at what you have just posted.

Your profile picture with the colorful circle also gets added to the top row of your followers’ home screens, making it the first thing they see. Therefore, you do not have to scroll down your Instagram homepage to see your desired feed.

However, it is frustrating when ‘Instagram stories are not working,’ and you only see the spinning circle. Instagram stories are an important way to increase Instagram’s engagement rate.

They load instantly, and you don’t need to wait too much. Unfortunately, though, rarely at peak times may be Instagram stories, videos, and sounds not working.

Sometimes, the video or the sound is corrupted, and it causes the ‘Instagram story not to work.’ This space aids you in solving this trouble. 

Why Are Instagram Stories Not Working?

Instagram stories are not working due to any of the likely reasons mentioned below;

instagram stories not working
  • When you have an unstable connection
  • If the Instagram app is crashing
  • When Instagram is out of date
  • While you load any Inappropriate content
  • The issue with your smartphone
  • When your app or device has a full cache
  • While there is an installation error
  • When you share directly from your gallery
  • Error in device’s date and time
  • Incorrect user usage
  • If the phone is on battery-saving mode
  • When the file format is not compatible

Continue reading to find solutions for the issue!

Solutions for “Instagram Stories Not Working”

We may have the solution for the problems you are running into! 

It is common for apps to crash and freeze, but that doesn’t make it less annoying. Instagram has released countless updates to fix bugs and keep the app from glitching, but sometimes, it’s inevitable.

Several things can make this issue arise while we are using any social media platform, and often, one of our suggestions below can even work to fix some problems found on other apps. 

Instagram story video not loading
  1. Restart Your iPhone/Android
  2. Check the Network Connection
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram
  4. Update Instagram to the Latest Version
  5. Check the Date & Time Settings
  6. Check the Storage Space and Clear the App Cache
  7. Update iOS System or Android system on Your Devices
  8. Fix Instagram Issues with iOS System Repair Tool

Let us see how to perform each solution mentioned above.

1. Restart Your iPhone/Android


The process of forcing the restart of an iPhone relies on the model. When the user has an iPhone 8 or higher version, users shall tap the volume up button, the volume down, and press the side button on the right until they see the Apple logo pop up. It might take a few seconds, so don’t panic if it doesn’t happen immediately. This process also works on the second-generation iPhone SE.

iPhone 7, 

  • Press the side and the volume down buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

If you are yet having an iPhone 6 or first-generation SE, 

  • Press the home and sleep/wake buttons until the Apple logo appears.


If you own Android devices, 

  • Hold and press the volume down and the power button for 7 to 10 seconds to force the phone to reboot. 

If your gadget does not have a proper power button, 

  • Hold down the side and volume down buttons for 7 to 10 seconds.

Android phones also have the bonus option of allowing you to reboot them in safe mode, which will enable owners to disable most third-party apps and inspect why their phone isn’t responding properly.

2. Check the Network Connection

Ensure that your gadget is connected to a WiFi or cellular network.

Tap Settings > General > About. 

You shall see an option to update your carrier settings when an update is released. To know the carrier settings version on your device, tap Settings > General > About and look next to Carrier.

  • Click on your Settings app and tap Network & Internet, Connections Mobile, or Cellular data.

You would need to select Data usage on some gadgets before seeing this. 

  • Turn On your Mobile data or Cellular data. If it is already on, put it off and on once again.
  • See if there is a data indicator, like 2G, 3G, 4G, or H, next to the signal strength lines at the top of your screen.
  • Sometimes this won’t display if you have an active WiFi connection. If this is the issue, turn WiFi off and check again.
instagram story not working

If you don’t get a signal data indicator, you may be in an area without coverage. If you can, move to a different location, go outside, and check your signal again.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If restarting your gadget and limiting your connection doesn’t help, try deleting and reinstalling Instagram.

iPhone and iPad:

  • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon from the Home screen until it shakes.
  • Tap on it to delete the app. Instagram will save your photos and profile info.
  • Open the App Store, install Instagram again, and log in with the username and password.


  • Take your phone or tablet’s Settings and click on Apps.
  • Open Instagram.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Open the Google Play Store, reinstall Instagram, and log in with your username and password.

4. Update Instagram to the Latest Version


Start by opening the App Store app on your iPhone. In the Store app, at the end, tap “Updates.” On the “Updates” page, you shall see apps that have to be updated. Here, open Instagram and tap on “Update” next to it.

When you do not find Instagram on this list, your app version is up to date already. So at this point, you do not have to do anything.


You shall update the application from the Play Store. First, connect to the Google Play Store on your device. Then, in the Store, tap the search box and type “Instagram.”

On Instagram’s app page, tap the “Update” button to update the app. When you do not see the “Update” button, you already use your phone’s most recent version of Instagram.

5. Check the Date & Time Settings

Instagram story not working - date and time change
  • Open your phone’s Clock app.
  • Tap More. Settings. To pick your home time zone: Tap Home time zone. To automatically update your timezone: Tap Change date & time. Set time zone automatically. To update your timezone based on your location: Tap Change date & time. Selected time zone automatically.

6. Check the Storage Space and Clear the App Cache


  • Open the Settings menu on your device.
  • Tap Storage. Tap “Storage” in your Android settings.
  • Tap Internal Storage under Device Storage. Tap “Internal storage.”
  • Tap Cached data. 
  • Tap OK when a dialogue box appears asking if you’re sure you want to clear cache in all apps.
Clear app cache for instagram story not working


  • Open Settings
  • Click on ‘Storage’
  • Choose ‘Internal Storage’ below ‘Device Storage’
  • Click on ‘Cached data.’
  • Give ‘OK’ when asked if you are sure to clear all app cache.

7. Update iOS System or Android system on Your Devices

  • Make sure your device is connected to WiFi.
  • Open Settings.
  • Select About Phone.
  • Tap Check for Updates. If an update is released, an Update button will appear. Tap it.
  • Install. Depending on the OS, you’ll see Install Now, Reboot and install, or Install System Software. Tap it.
Instagram story not working so update your android or IOS device

8. Fix Instagram Issues with iOS System Repair Tool

iOS device glitches will cause Instagram Stories not working especially when you install an iOS beta version.

  • Download and install ReiBoot or any iOS system repair tool on your PC.
  • Link your iPhone to your PC and click on Repair Operating System.
  • Click Fix Now to go on.
  • Tap on Download to access the firmware for your gadget.
  • Please wait for it to install the firmware on your phone. After it is completed, It will fix your iOS.


Just like all other apps, to get the best experience possible from the Instagram app, you must maintain the app updated on your iPhone or Android phone. When you upgrade the app, it welcomes bug fixes and new features.

As a result, it enhances your overall venture with the application. Also, updating Instagram is both cost-free and effortless. If you are using Instagram on the web, you’re always up-to-date.

If you are still facing the problem, try searching the Help Centre for the issue you are experiencing. You may also be experiencing annoyance if a component is unavailable to everyone yet.

If these steps don’t resolve your problem, it could be a bug or a broken feature. Look at how to report a bug so that Instagram can investigate.