7 Fixes For Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working

Facebook and Instagram have become an inescapable attraction for over a billion people. It is the first app or website you open, even when you wake. Such is the craving for these social media platforms that it becomes a test of patience for young users. But what if these services stop working one day?

why is Facebook and Instagram not working

You may be curious why Instagram share to Facebook stopped working? Most of the time it is a simple server outage but there can be many reasons behind it. We will discuss all the possible reasons why these services are not working. Moreover, you will learn useful methods to get them working again.

Reasons why Facebook and Instagram not working

There could be many reasons why Facebook and Instagram are not working:

  • The servers are down( maintenance, errors, and other cause of the outage).
  • Corrupted web browser or app cache.
  • Outdated app version.
  • Compatibility issues with the device.

7 Steps to fix Facebook and Instagram not working issue

Here are 7 easy steps to fix Facebook and Instagram not working problem. Start out in a linear fashion to avoid using steps that may be completely unnecessary.

Refresh your browser

If you’ve been on the page for too long, it may stop working properly. Moreover, the page may become unresponsive due to slow internet or inactivity. Click on the reload button present in your browser. You can also hit Ctrl and R keys simultaneously to reload the webpage.

Check to see if Facebook is online

It is possible that the problem isn’t at your end. Facebook and Instagram are big web services that may be down. Their servers may be under maintenance due to a problem at their end. So, you won’t be able to access it unless they fix the problem. A simple google search will tell you about any global outages of Facebook pages and Instagram pages. 


Another useful resource is following and checking Twitter trends. Moreover, there is a website that keeps an eye on which services are inactive at the moment. You can visit the DownDetector website to see whether Instagram and Facebook are down or not. Sometimes, the outage can affect other apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Clear your browser’s cache

Clearing the web browser cache is a surefire way to solve website issues. The outdated cache can interfere with Facebook and Instagram, so you should clear it. To clear the browser cache in Chrome, repeat the following instructions:

  • Go to the right-hand side corner and find the vertical three-dot menu button.
  • Tap on it and then select the Settings option from the menu.
  • Find the Privacy and Security tab from the left-hand side menu and open it.
Privacy and Security tab
  • Now, tap on the Clear browsing data option.
  • Select the time range to All-Time and then tap on the Clear Data button. 
  • Now, exit the browser and reopen it.
Clear Data button chrome

Close and reopen the app

Like the browser, the Facebook app or Instagram app may hand from time to time. The reason could be a memory issue or a network issue. You should try exiting the app and closing it in the background and then reopening it. If that doesn’t work, you can try force closing the app and then relaunching it on your phone or PC. Then try to open your Instagram Profile.

Restart your device

A quick restart can fix any issue with Facebook or other apps on your phone. Restarting your phone frees up the memory and kills all the background services. So, you can start afresh and give adequate system resources and network speed to the FB app. Restart methods vary with different devices(iPhone, Android). But usually holding the power button works for most of them.

Update or reinstall your app

If you have the habit of ignoring updates, it could be why your Facebook app isn’t working.  An outdated app version may conflict with the new features of the app. Please make it a habit to frequently update to the latest version of your apps. If it sounds like a chore, you can enable the auto-update feature in the Play Store or App Store.  

If you are already running the latest version of the Instagram or Facebook app, then reinstall it. Reinstalling will remove the app and create a fresh installation on your phone. Now, try to use the Facebook app and access your Facebook profile. Reinstalling will wipe your data and app settings and you will need to re-login.

Try using Facebook with a different browser or device

If all the above methods don’t work then you can try switching to another system. By doing that, you can find whether it is a device issue or an account issue.

Open the browser on your mobile or on another computer. Then, try to log in to your personal profile on your Facebook or Instagram account. If it doesn’t work then, you must contact Facebook to troubleshoot your issue.

down detector website


These were our 7 best methods to solve the “Instagram share to Facebook stopped working” problem. Usually, it is a server-side issue or global outage behind this problem. It will take some time to fix but the service will eventually be active again. If it doesn’t, you can try clearing cookies, app cache, or reinstalling the app on your mobile device. 


Why are Instagram and Facebook not working?

Instagram could be facing a global server outage. It may take some time for the service to come back online again. You should check the official page for any such events.

Why have Facebook and Instagram crashed?

Facebook and Instagram are well-equipped to manage heavy network traffic. So, the cause for their crash could be a server-side maintenance program. Sometimes, DDOS attacks may affect social platforms.

Why is my Instagram not working?

The Instagram app may crash if you don’t have adequate system resources. Moreover, slow internet can also cause problems as the page and fields load slowly. It could be a global outage due to a server fault or scheduled maintenance.

Is the Facebook server down now? 

Facebook servers rarely go down at a global level. There may be some regional-level outages. You can check it on the DownDetector website.