5 Best Ways To Add A Instagram Link In Bio

Instagram has several features that allow users to share several links either on their story or bio. However, you might have come across many Instagram and Facebook users or other content creators mentioning that you should follow the “link in bio”. 

However, this article will also focus on various tools that will allow you to use bio links. Additionally, it will also help you grow your business with the help of those links. There are a few other third-party links and bio tools that will help users share several links through one link on their bio. 

instagram link in bio

If you are also trying to figure out where to find the link in the bio if Instagram users have been mentioning it. Then you can also go through some of these methods to navigate to the link that is on their bio. 

How to Use the Instagram link in Bio

Instagram allows users to insert a URL in their bio, which is a clickable link. This is slightly different from the links that you usually see on Instagram posts. Unless the posts are paid for or promoted, it is difficult to add clickable custom URLs to your posts. 

A majority of the time, social media platforms provide features or other options that allow users to add links to their bio. Their followers can navigate through the link in their bio to get to other websites or pages as well. 

Some of the ways that you can use the Instagram bio link is by promotion, which would be some of your best products or services. This works best if you have a business or other company. You might want to add a link to one of the most popular products or services from your website. 

This will give the users an idea about what your brand or business provides. Moreover, you can also design the website based on your choice and add the link to a specific page on your Instagram bio. 

Apart from this, other tools or third-party services can also be helpful while you are trying to insert a link on your Instagram bio. Those tools or third-party services have features that allow users to add more than one link in the bio. 

Several other social profiles, including Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts, can be linked or promoted through the bio. You can add links either through the mobile app or the desktop. 

Benefits of adding an Instagram link in bio

By adding a link to your Instagram bio, you can easily promote a certain product or even a sale. This is very helpful if you are trying to start your business or get more audience engagement. 

Landing pages on your Instagram account also help most users highlight a certain page or product; you can provide several details and also customize the same. Additionally, most of the time, using landing pages will also help you get certain reports of the traffic. 

You can also direct users to certain videos or podcasts, which will help you direct them to your account. There are several ways that you can direct your followers and other users either to your page or your website. 

If you are a booming business, you can also share a link to the page where they get a free demo or sample. They can follow the link and also add their contact details based on what your business or brand requires. 

Blog posts, new products, and youtube videos can be promoted through the links if you are using a business account. However, posts from Pinterest, SoundCloud can also be promoted through those links. Some of the key features include adding links to your Instagram feed, and this works only if you have paid for it. 

Ways to Add an Instagram link in Bio

  1. Add a single link to your Instagram bio
  2. Use Third-party services to add unlimited links
  3. Instagram Bio link tool
  4. Link on Instagram stories

1. Add a single link to your Instagram bio

Most of the time, you’ll see people mentioning “link in bio” for more information. One of the main reasons for this is that adding a link to your Instagram bio is far easier than any other method. 

If you have included a link on your Instagram bio, other users will be able to visit your profile and click on the link easily. That specific URL will take them directly to the website. This link or URL can point to any page you want. 

The steps below are one of the simplest ways to add a link to your Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram application from your device.
  • Visit your profile by clicking on the icon and clicking on Edit profile. 
  • The option of Edit profile is right below your profile picture. 
  • You will be able to see several options on this page. 
  • You can paste the URL, which is right next to the website field. 
adding link in your bio

After you’ve pasted the desired link, click the Done button at the top right corner of the page. You will be directed back to your profile page, where you will see the link right beneath your bio. 

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods for adding a link to your Instagram; it does have some limitations. One of the most important is that you can only add one link at a time. 

As a result, if you only want users to visit one page or website, this method will be ideal for you. However, if you want to add several links, you might want to try some of the other methods listed below.

This method will work for you, especially if you only have one link that you would want to add. Users will be able to click on the link and then get to the desired page or website as soon as they click on the link in the bio. 

2. Use Third-party services to add links

When posting captions or adding links to your captions, you will not be able to include non-clickable links. However, if you include hashtags and other links, you will still be able to reach your target audience. 

Another method for including a clickable link is to shorten the link so that it is easier to copy and paste. You can also personalize the link based on your brand and content.

If you want to add a link or have users directed to a specific page, you can create a landing page that allows you to do so. You can add multiple links using this method. 

When adding a link to your bio, several ads can be added by creating a landing page. These landing pages include several features that allow you to customize the page and add additional thumbnails.

3. Instagram Bio link tool

If you want, you can include a picture as well as a theme or bio. This is especially effective if you have a well-known brand. You can curate a suitable theme or include thumbnails to assist users in selecting other links.

Linktree and Campsite are two popular websites with a custom landing pages. You can personalize the link and add it to your Instagram profile using these services. You can either include the link in your Instagram post or in your bio. 

Despite the fact that the majority of these landing pages have paid versions, you can also use the free version, which allows you to add more than one link to these pages. If you need to add more links, this is one of the simplest ways to make a landing page.

4. Tap on Link on Instagram stories

You can add links to your Instagram story in a variety of ways. Because most people who follow you will come across your story before checking your profile, this is a great way to include the link in the story itself. 


Most users consider this method more simple and accessible because they can access the desired link directly from the story. Users are not required to visit the profile and then click on the link provided in the bio. 

You can add links to your Instagram story in a variety of ways, including link stickers, ads, and support stickers. 


There are a few ways that Instagram allows users to add links to their bio. You can either add a single link to your bio or use a third-party service which is a landing page. There are numerous benefits to adding links to your Instagram bio. 

You can curate your page or promote anything that you would want to by sharing a link. Adding a landing page will also help you get more traffic and engagement from your followers and other users, even for other social media profiles.

You will be able to analyze the report as well, and you can use several other third-party services as well to direct other users to more links. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Link In Bio Mean On Instagram?

Link in bio means the clickable URL, which can be added to the profile section. Users can visit a different page or a website through this URL. 

How Does The Link In The Bio Work?

“Link in bio” refers to the URL that is at the bottom of the profile bio. If you want to navigate to someone’s link in the bio, you will have to visit their profile and then click on the link that is in the bio. 

Should I Add A Link On My Instagram Bio?

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is generally very helpful if you have been trying to promote your brand or business. You can customize the website and other pages based on your business and other services you provide.