Increasing the resolution of images captured by Sprinter, which appear in the Sprinter Story Board

Images captured during a Sprinter Test Run, and appear in the sprinter storyboard are low.

The image resolution captured by Sprinter in the Sprinter Story board are low by default.

The Sprinter 11.0 patch 9 has enhanced the resolution quality of captured images.

After applying patch 09, in order to view the images in their best quality, click on the Maximize button in the upper part of the storyboard and maximize the window to Full Screen.

If the resolution is still not satisfactory, try changing the "ImageQualityPercentage" key in the Sprinter config file.

This key controls the quality and size of the images in the storyboard. (which is the JPG compression level.)

When this key is set to a value of 100, the resolution of the images is at its best quality, however the size of the images increases.

The default value of the key is 30.

Steps to change this key:

1. Open Sprinter.exe.config file under <Sprinter Installation Folder>\Bin.

2. find the key "ImageQualityPercentage".

3. Change the value to the preferred value of the user (take into account that the larger this value is, the larger the images are).

4. Save and Close the file.

5. Start Sprinter

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