5 Methods To Increase Volume Beyond 100% In Windows

You can’t really enjoy a good movie if you can’t hear much of it. If you often wish that the volume of your laptop was a little better, we get it. There are countless ways to increase your computer’s volume beyond 100%. Some of those include using a third-party volume boosting app or simply getting a pair of speakers. 

Windows comes with a couple of settings that can raise your system’s volume by a little bit. Besides, third-party programs can help you increase the volume by over 500%. This article will give you 5 efficient ways to raise your computer’s volume level beyond the 100% cap.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Volume For Windows 10

You should not have to make an effort to listen to a song or the dialogues of a movie on your Windows 10 system. All it does is make the entire listening, movie watching, or gaming experience tedious. The following is a collection of the 5 best ways to increase your computer’s volume level:

Note: We recommend that you update the Realtek drivers before moving to any of the methods. Updating Realtek audio drivers is a simple trick that can solve most of your laptop’s audio issues.

Method 1. Use The Loudness Equalizer Option in Windows 10

The Loudness Equalizer option of Windows 10 can raise the volume of your laptop a bit beyond its usual default cap. This feature is usually present in PCs that have Realtek audio drivers. 

  1. Right-click on the volume icon from the right side of the taskbar. 
  2. Click on Open Sound Settings and choose the option that says Sound Control Panel
  3. Click on Speakers and choose the Properties button
  4. Go to the Enhancement tab in the Speakers Properties window
  5. Click on the Loudness Equalizer checkbox in the Enhancement tab
  6. Click on Apply and then on OK to close the window.

Note: Microsoft’s recent update has removed the Loudness Equalizer from the Windows audio settings. So, if you can’t find this setting on your system or are using the latest Windows version move on to the next solutions

Method 2. Use Windows 10 Loudness Equalizer Alternative

Windows 10 used to have an in-built loudness equalizer. This was capable of boosting your laptop volume beyond 100%. In this case, you didn’t need any third-party app. But, ever since the KB4497934 update, this feature was removed and not added ever since.

However, you can use Equalizer APO, which works as a good replacement for Loudness Equalizer. This software will enhance your system’s volume in real-time without imposing any CPU lag.

  1. First, install the Equalizer APO app.
install equalizer apo app to increase volume
  1. After the installation is finished, you’ll be taken to the Configuration Editor. Select the device you want to install the app for and restart your system.
  2. Open the Configuration Editor and boost your system’s volume past the default 100% cap. 

The app comes with even more enhancement options to customize the listening experience. But, in case, the other features bother you and you only want the volume boost, get rid of the rest of the options using the minus button in red color.

You need to increase the gain value until you have the desired audio level. However, don’t go beyond the maximum which is up to +20dB. Otherwise, you’ll have audio distortion and the audio quality and clarity will get reduced.

Method 3. Download And Install A Sound Booster App

Given below are some of the best-rated sound boosting apps that allow you to increase the sound quality and adjust the volume to take it beyond 100%.

  • Letasoft Sound Booster

Using a third-party application is one of the easiest ways to boost your computer’s volume beyond 100%. Sound Booster is capable of increasing the volume of your system up to 500%. 

  1. Go to the Letasoft website and download the Letasoft Sound Booster application by clicking on the button that says Download Now
download the Letasoft Sound Booster application
  1. Once the installation is finished, the trial period of the Sound Booster app will start and you can use it for 14 days for free.
  2. Launch the Sound Booster app and you’ll see its control icon placed in the taskbar.
  3. Click on the arrow towards the right of the taskbar to open the hidden icons.
  4. Right-click on the Sound Booster icon and click on Show from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to control the volume level via the slider. The Settings menu will give you access to several boosting modes which will further personalize your experience.

Letasoft is a great sound-boosting app that can even make sound-dead audio files audible. This app can amplify the sound level for any file. It works like an added amplifier and allows you to increase the volume level to 500%. It works great for online communication, web browsers, media players, and other things. 

In addition to all that, it is pretty easy to use and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It comes for free but once the trial period is over, you need to purchase it.

boom 3d sound booster

The Boom 3D Sound enhancer app is a great tool that allows you to experiment with your Windows 10 laptop sound or PC. Besides allowing you to enhance the sound quality of any media file on your computer, it also gives you 3D effects with media players, headphones, streaming apps, etc.

Despite increasing the laptop volume considerably, Boom 3D can catch every audio detail. It is a favorite of music lovers, gamers, and binge-watchers.

With over-the-top features such as equalizer presets, 3D surround sound, and volume controller, this app will work as your go-to sound-boosting app.

fxsound application to increase the volume

FxSound app works as a volume booster for Windows 10 that allows you to boost the volume in all ways. Go to the FxSound Downloads website and pick one of their 3 products for sound enhancement. The paid app, FxSound Pro costs around $20 per year and gives you complete control over your system audio.

Method 4. Install Google Chrome Volume Booster Extension

A lot of users keep complaining that the Google Chrome volume is too low for them, especially when on YouTube. Don’t worry, this can be easily resolved and you don’t even need to install an app for this. 

There is a free Google Chrome extension called Volume Booster which can boost your computer’s volume while you are browsing the web on Chrome.

  1. Go to the Volume Booster extension page.
volume booster chrome extension
  1. Click on the Add To Chrome button.
  2. Go to your Chrome extensions tab and turn the newly installed extension on. 

There will be a blue rectangle next to every tab for which you have boosted the volume. If you do notice the blue rectangle, that means the extension is working fine.

  1. You just need to click and drag the extension’s slider on a tab to increase or decrease its volume. 
  2. In case, you want to go back to the system volume, click on Turn Off to stop the extension from working.

Method 5. Add VLC Media Player to Windows 10

VLC Media Player is a free video player that is capable of increasing your computer’s volume well past the 100% cap. It can boost the system’s volume up to 125% and even higher up to 300% if you want. A lot of Windows users have this installed on their PCs and you too can get it if you want to play videos at a boosted volume.

  1. Go to the VLC homepage and click on the Download VLC.
download vlc media player
  1. Double click on the downloaded file to open the VLC setup wizard. Follow the instructions given to install the VLC software.
  2. Open the VLC media player and click on Tools. 
  3. Select the Preferences option or just press Ctrl + P to open the VLC Preferences window.
  4. Click on the All radio button from the bottom left of the Interface Settings
  5. Type in Maximum volume in the search box.
  6. Next, click on Qt to open the rest of the Qt interface settings.
  7. Type in 300 in the field for Maximum volume displayed
  8. Click on Save for the new setting to apply.
  9. Restart the VLC media player and now, you’ll see that the volume bar of the player is up to 300% and not 125%.

Other Alternatives

  • Get A Set Of Speakers

You can get a pair of external speakers and they will allow you to increase your system’s audio level well beyond 100dB. 

  • Go For An Amplifier

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of speakers because that might disturb your neighbors, you can keep the boosted volume to yourself by using an amplifier for headphones. These are small devices that can connect to your laptop’s headphone jack and rev up your system volume.

Final Words

It’s not always convenient to wear headphones while dealing with low sound, especially not if you have friends over and are watching a movie. If you are struggling with low sound while watching movies, listening to songs, playing a game on your PC, you need to enhance your laptop’s sound. 

With that in mind, there is a lot of third-party sound-boosting apps to consider, but only a few will match your needs.  The above article discusses all the different ways you can try out to increase your Windows 10 system’s volume. We hope you found a method capable of serving your audio needs well.