What Happens If You Unfollow Someone On Facebook?

Social Media has become a crucial segment in most of our lives. Often, we spend a large chunk of our daily lives looking at the screen and going through social media. Facebook is one such place where we can connect with people and exchange our views.

There are different ways to connect and make friends on Facebook. The most direct way is to send a friend request, and once it gets accepted, you can communicate via Messenger or Facebook chats. You also get a directly follow option on the profile of the person, which ensures that the person’s posts turn up on your feed.

What Happens If You Unfollow Someone On Facebook? Let’s find out through this article.

Why Should You Unfollow On Facebook?

What Happens If You Unfollow Someone On Facebook? Facebook 101

That’s a real question because, without a real motive, there is no requirement to unfollow someone on Facebook. However, there can be several reasons and benefits if you unfollow someone on Facebook, some of which are enlisted below:

Freedom From The Toxic Community

The Facebook Community can turn out to be extremely toxic in several conditions. Trolls can often be found with negative comments under someone’s posts.

 If you happen to go through the comment sections of several posts and are an extremely sensitive individual, it is best to unfollow that person.

Saves Time

If you realize that you spend a long time mindlessly scrolling through your feed, it is best to unfollow your friends. 

This will ensure they no longer show up on your feed as a distraction. However, you will still be able to see their posts if you search and go through their profile.

You will be surprised to discover how many hours a day you can save by simply giving up the mindless scrolling of 5-10 mins since these few minutes culminate over the day to take on a huge chunk of your valuable time.

Prevents Negative Feelings

When you mindlessly scroll through Facebook, you are bound to be affected with negative feelings simply because people will be posting about their vacations or accomplishments. 

Since humans are hardwired for comparison, you tend to compare your happiness with the amount of time you spend on your vacations or the amount of success you are deriving in your chosen field.

 Once you start going through such posts, the Facebook algorithm keeps on recommending similar posts, which makes you even more negative and skeptical towards your own lifestyle. 

Unfollowing becomes the only logical option wherein you can avoid all the negative toxicity.

Makes You More Productive

Once you have unfollowed someone, their posts no longer show up on your feed. This means you are no longer distracted by the variety of posts that used to show up on your feed which, in turn, reduces the mindless scrolling and provides you with some extra time.

You can use this extra time for various purposes and for productive accomplishments like taking part in an intuitive activity or a hobby you have wanted to try out for a long time. 

Ideally, you are left with a feeling of accomplishment that makes you more productive.

How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook


Now that we have gone over the benefits of unfollowing someone on Facebook, the question that arises is: how to do it? Not to worry, we have got you covered here as well. To unfollow individual accounts, follow the given steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account either through google chrome or through the Facebook application;
  • Go to the search bar and search for the name of the profile that you want to unfollow;
News Feed Preferences
  • Click and visit the profile;
  • For a personal profile, tap unfollow.
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  • You have successfully unfollowed the personal profile. However, if you want to unfollow a page or a group, you have to add in the following steps:
  • Go to the following tab of the page’s profile and you’ll get the option to unfollow from there,
  • For a group you previously joined, go to the ‘joined’ option. There you will notice an unfollow button, after pressing which you will have successfully unfollowed the group.

But what to do if you want to unfollow everyone on Facebook? There is a simple trick to get into that as well. You can download the Chrome extension and follow the given steps to unfollow everyone from your Facebook account:

  • Add the Chrome extension: ‘Unfollow everyone on Facebook with one click’ to your Google Chrome:
  • Sign-in to your Facebook account from Google Chrome. Make sure to enable the extension before logging in. If you are already logged in, log out and re-login again.
  • After logging in, go to the extension tab once again. Your extension will show a list of all the people, groups, or pages you follow. You can either unfollow individually or press the option of unfollowing all at once, which will unfollow all the profiles you have followed.

So, it’s quite easy to unfollow someone once you set your mind.

What Happens If You Unfollow Someone On Facebook

Well, this is a burning question in the mind of people about what happens if you unfollow someone on Facebook. 

Will you still be able to see their posts? Will you guys remain friends on Facebook? Will your friends still be able to see your posts? Don’t worry; we have got your questions covered.

So unfollowing is a one-way business, which means the only relevant change will be that the pot of the profiles you have unfollowed do not show up on your news feed. That’s pretty much it.

Your friends will still be able to go through your posts and comment just like it used to be earlier. If you want to go through your friend’s posts, you can also do that. But this time, you will have to go through the search tab and search for the profile whose posts you want to see.

Unfollowing is not unfriending, so you will still remain friends on Facebook. Only if you are blocked, or the profile is private will you not be able to view their profile. 

Since following and unfollowing are done from your side only, it does not affect the other person, and you will still continue to be on the friends list of the other person.

If you unfollow someone on Facebook, they do not come to know about it. In cases of large groups or pages, no notification is sent if you re-follow after unfollowing. 

However, for personal accounts, if you re-follow and the other person has kept the notifications on, then he/she will be notified of you following them again.

Often, the unfollowing lasts until you decide to change it and re-follow manually. However, if you want to unfollow for a short duration, then we recommend checking out the snooze feature on Facebook that prevents all posts for a limited time of 30 days.

Bottom Line

Unfollowing is useful if you think that Facebook has had a distracting effect on your life. It helps shut out all the negativity from being online, helps save time, and helps you become more productive.

 Not only that, but it also helps add concentration and greater value to your life by simply making more time to do things you have actually wanted to do and cutting out all the mindless scrolling.