Top 12 Solutions to Huion Pen Not Working

Huion is a Chinese drawing tablet and stylus manufacturing brand that is known for its range of style and graphics tablets at an affordable price range, for basic and professional users. Their products are one of the best in the stylus/graphic tablet market.

Sometimes, there can be issues with your Huion pen causing it not to function while drawing over the display tablet. We looked into every problem that can be possibly faced by the Huion users, collected every possible step to fix them, and put them in this article for their reference.

Graphics Tablet and Stylus pen

Similar Huion Pen Problems

A. Cursor not moving

The cursor may not move when you move the pen nib over the graphics tablet.

B. Pen works only when plugged in

There may be a situation when your digital pen is detected only when it has a charging cable connected.

C. Display tablet is blank

If your Huion pen tablet is blank, you will notice that your pen isn’t working.

D. Loose pen nibs

The pen tip or pen tip is an integral part of your pen. If it is loose or damaged, you can reattach it or get a new pen nib.

A set of Huion pen nibs

E. Corrupt or Out-of-date Huion tablet driver

A table driver needs to be updated regularly. If it ends up being corrupt, it can cause the “pen is not working” problem.

F. Pen Lag

Your pen might lag causing the cursor to move slowly when you use the Huion pen tablet for tools like Photoshop.

Factors That Cause The Huion Pen To Not Work Or Malfunction

1. Low Batteries

An obvious reason for the Huion digital pen not functioning properly is a low battery or no batteries. You need a new AAA battery for the pen to be turned on.

2. Windows Ink issues

Windows Ink is a Windows feature that was designed to help the tablet and the digital Tablet through the Operating System. Though this is quite helpful, there are situations where this can be troublesome.

3. Problems with the Sleep Settings

If you try to use the pen after it remains idle for a while, your Huion pen can stop working as there may be problems with your Huion tablet while it tries to re-initialize after a short nap.

4. Outdated or Corrupt Tablet Drivers

The Display tablets have drivers, which have to be updated regularly to stay on top of form and performance. If the tablet driver files are old or corrupted, the pen may not work on the tablet.

5. Incompatibility with touchscreen computers

There are chances that your Huion pen is not compatible with your touchscreen laptop. If this is your situation, you cannot synchronize your pen and the drawing display.

6. Lose or Damaged USB ports

The USB slots on your system can be damaged or unstable. This does not offer a proper connection between the pen and the tablet. Thus, causing the “Huion pen not working” issue. 

7. System Error States

If your system has several damaged configuration files, it is forced into an error state where external devices are not detected by the OS. This is another factor that affects the functioning of the Huion pen.

Methods To Fix The Huion Pen Not Working Problem

  1. Take a look at the battery
  2. Check your Display Tablet and pen for damages
  3. See if your devices are compatible
  4. Try a different USB slot
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Perform a Power Cycle (Laptop)
  7. Disable Sleep Mode on your computer
  8. Update your Display Tablet’s driver
  9. Switch on the Support TabletPC feature
  10. Disable the Windows Ink feature
  11. Change Pen Pressure sensitivity
  12. Turn off “Flicks”

Fixing the “Huion Pen Not Working” Issue

Method 1: Take a look at the battery

One of the most hilarious mistakes we all make is not turning it on before using it. Verify if the power button is on. If you have a battery pen, check if it has a battery or if the battery could be out of charge. Then, examine the slot and see if your battery is properly inserted inside. The pen’s positive pole should not be looking in the same direction as the pen tip

If you have a battery-free pen, you need to check the charge on it and the charging cable to confirm that there aren’t any hardware issues.

These are some of the simplest mistakes that we can make or overlook while we try to work with digital pens. If there are no further issues with the pen, this fix should help you make your pen work properly again.

Method 2: Check your Display Tablet and pen for damages

You may be in the possession of a tablet or a pen with physical damages. If your devices are dropped or banged against a hard surface by mistake, they can suffer from physical damage and in the event, lose a sensor or become chipped. Products like these may not function as expected. If the interior negative pole is damaged, you can feel free to push it back in place.

If your scenario is similar to this, check for visual damages first. If you find any or hear rattling sounds from the inside, you will need a new device. You can claim a warranty if your conditions fulfill the firm’s regulations. 

Method 3: See if your devices are compatible

There is a certain level of requirements that the Huion digital pen and tablet need to function, without compatibility issues. It is very important for you to know that Huion tablets respond only to Huion pens.

Users also need to know that not all Huion pens are compatible with all Huion tablets. We recommend using the pen that came along with the tablet. If you use a different Huion pen, you can check with the support website to see if they can be synced together.

Method 4: Try a different USB slot

The problem may lie with the USB port or even the USB cable your pen is connected to. Trying other USB slots present in the system can help you fix this issue.

USB slots on the side of an MSI laptop

Method 5: Restart Your Computer

There could be incorrect configurations on your system. Restart your whole system to restore these settings to normal.

Open your Start Menu, click on the Power button and choose Restart. After the restart is complete, try using the pen again.

The Restart option in the Start menu

Method 6: Perform a Power Cycle (Laptop)

A Power Cycle for old laptops with removable batteries can be a fix for this issue.

  1. Switch off your laptop and remove everything that is connected to it.
  2. Remove the battery from the slot, carefully.
  3. Press the power button for about 5 to 10 seconds, to flush out all the charge it has.
  4. Wait for around 10 minutes and charge your laptop.

After these steps, see if the pen problem exists. 

Method 7: Disable Sleep Mode on your computer

Sleep mode is a power-saving feature that ends a few features The Sleep mode on your Windows computer could be responsible for the “pen is not working” issue.

  1. Right-click on the Windows button and choose Power Options. You’ll be taken to the Power & Sleep settings.
The Power options setting in Quick Access menu
  1. On the right side, click Additional power settings.
The Power and Sleep page in the Windows Settings
  1. In the Power Options, choose Change Plan Settings.
The Change plan settings in the Control Panel power options
  1. Click on the Put the computer to sleep drop-down menu and choose Never.
Put the computer to sleep drop-down menu in the Control Panel
  1. Click Save Changes.

Method 8: Update your Display Tablet’s Driver

Your pen is not working properly, probably, because of an old driver. You can download the latest drivers from the Huion site or from a Huion device driver CD/DVD, that comes with the device. 

  1. One simply has to locate the tablet’s driver update they need, by entering the tablet model and OS. After you download the driver correctly, users have to extract it and run it as an administrator. 
  2. The Huion drivers installation wizard will guide you through the process. 
  3. Once it is finished, all you have to do is restart the computer and see if the new Windows version updates fixed the problem.

Method 9: Switch on the Support TabletPC feature

The Support TabletPC feature is responsible for the pressure and sensitivity of your pen.

  1. Open the PenTablet control panel, by clicking on the tablet driver icon in the task tray.
  2. Under the Pen Settings section, uncheck Support TabletPC.

Method 10: Disable the Windows Ink feature

Windows Ink is a useful feature that is responsible for third-party pen devices to write on the tablet.

  1. Open the Huion Tablet Driver Interface by clicking on the Huion tablet icon in the Task tray.
  2. Navigate to the Stylus Pen settings and open it. 
  3. At the bottom of the Window, you’ll notice the Enable Windows Ink option.
  4. Uncheck Enable Windows Ink checkbox. 

Method 11: Change Pen Pressure sensitivity

  1. Open a NotePad document. Right-click on the Desktop and select NotePad. 
  2. Type in the following and save it.

UseSystemStylus 0

The Pen Pressure modification command in a NotePad document
  1. Move it to this directory:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2020\Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 Settings

Method 12: Turn off “Flicks”

  1. Open your Control Panel. You can search for it in your taskbar’s search bar.
  2. Find the Pen and Touch settings, in the Hardware and Sound options, and open it.
  3. In the Pen and Touch dialog box, click on the Flicks tab and uncheck the Use Flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily option, on top.
  4. Click on Apply and Ok to save the changes. Restart your computer, after all the above steps.

The above methods should be able to fix all types of the “Pen is not working” issue. 

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