How To Use YouTube Music For Free

YouTube Music offers a free plan with some limitations, including ads. However, there are ways to enjoy the platform for free while still being able to listen to music in the background.

For Android users, an effective workaround is to enable Picture-in-Picture mode in the YouTube app settings. Simply press the Home key to shrink the video and continue playing in the background, allowing you to multi-task while enjoying your favorite tunes.

iPhone users can utilize Safari to play a YouTube video. Switch to the desktop site and then close the app. Access the Control Center and press play to resume the video, enabling background playback without the need for a paid subscription.

While these workarounds provide a free alternative, it’s important to note that they may not be as seamless as using a paid subscription. Nevertheless, they offer a convenient solution for those who want to listen to music on YouTube Music without ads and interruptions.

Workarounds for Using YouTube Music for Free

Android users have the option to enable Picture-in-Picture mode in the YouTube app settings, which allows you to shrink the video and continue listening to music while using other apps on your device. This workaround is especially handy when you want to enjoy your favorite tunes while multitasking. Simply open the YouTube app, go to settings, enable Picture-in-Picture, and press the Home key. The video will shrink to a small floating window, and you can freely navigate through other apps without interruptions.

For iPhone users, accessing YouTube Music for free requires a slightly different approach. Start by opening Safari and playing a YouTube video. Then, switch to the desktop site by tapping on the AA icon in the top-left corner of the screen and selecting “Request Desktop Site.” Once the desktop version of YouTube is loaded, you can close the Safari app.

To continue playing the music in the background, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center. There, you will find the play button, which you can tap to resume the video. This workaround, although effective, may not provide the same seamless experience as a paid subscription, as it requires manual intervention and navigation between apps.