How To Use Voicemod On Discord | 4 Best Methods 

Voicemod is a service that improves or modifies your speech. It can be used to remain incognito during a conversation, prank your friends, record funny voices, generate content, dub, etc. The usage of the Voicemod is advantageous, but the question of how to utilize a Voicemod on Discord arises. You’ll have to go via a distinct procedure.

How To Use Voicemod On Discord | 4 Best Methods 

You can use a voice changer for various reasons, whether you want to prank your pals online or you want to remain anonymous as a content provider. I’ll explore how to utilize Voicemod on Discord.

Methods To Use Voicemod On Discord In Computer.

  1. Download Voicemod
  2. Set Microphone
  3. Choose Voice Filters
  4. Voice Settings

1. Download Voicemod

For its unique capabilities, Voicemod is one of the best voice changer software available on the internet.

  • To begin the download, go to the Voicemod website.
  • You’ll see the button “Get Voicemod Free.”
Get Voicemod Free
  • The site will initiate to sign in using the Discord, Twitch, or Google account. Sign in with your Discord credentials.
  • The “.exe” file will be installed to the PC/download Mac’s folder once you’ve logged in. As soon as the “.exe” file is downloaded, run it.
  • A wizard will appear to guide you through the installation process. Follow the wizard’s installation instructions to install the program on your PC/Mac.
Voicemod App
  • When the installation is finished, the process will ask you to restart your Windows Mac or PC.
  • The Voicemod program icon will appear on your desktop screen after your Mac/PC has restarted.
  • Proceed further to add Voicemod on Discord.

2. Set Microphone

  • When the software first starts up, you must choose the input and output you want to use.
  • Choose the microphone that will be used for input.
  • Test your voice to see whether there is any background distortion that you can hear through your headphones or speakers.
  • Proceed further to add Voicemod on Discord.

3. Choose Voice Filters

  • After choosing your input/output, you can experiment with different filters on your voice.
  • Every day, new filters become available for you to utilize.
  • You’ll need to upgrade to the “pro-version” of the program if you want to use all of the filters.
  • Proceed further to add Voicemod on Discord.

4. Voice Settings

  • Open the Discord account and then go to settings to connect Voicemod with it.
  • In the App’s settings, choose Voice & Video.
Voice & Video
  • Adjust the “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device” input device from “Default.”
Adjust the "Voicemod Virtual Audio Device"
  • Proceed further to add Voicemod on Discord.

How To Fix Voicemod Not Working Discord?

  1. Restart Your Windows PC/Mac
  2. Install Windows Updates
  3. Re-Install Voice Changer Voicemod Drivers
  4. Enure The Mic Is Properly Set

1. Restart Your Windows PC/Mac

Restarting your desktop computer, while not a technical solution, corrects improper settings and cures various problems with your computer system, programs, and hardware.

So, if your Voicemod in Discord suddenly stops working, restart your Windows PC/Mac first before proceeding, as this is the first step in resolving voice difficulties. Check if Voicemod on discord is working correctly.

2. Install Windows Updates

If you’re running Windows 10, there are two types of updates available: performance and security fixes. An update may be able to resolve a few driver and software problems automatically.

You may rapidly resolve the voice chat issue by simply adjusting the system settings. Here’s how to get Windows 10 up to date:

  • You can access your Windows settings by hitting the “Windows button” and the “I” key.
  • Select “Update and Security” from the drop-down menu.
Update and Security
  • Select the option “Check for Updates” from the drop-down menu. If an update is identified, it will automatically be installed on the machine.
Check for Updates
  • Keep doing this until it says you’re up to date. Then restart the computer.
  • Check if Voicemod on discord is working correctly.

3. Re-Install Voice Changer Voicemod Drivers

The problem indicates that you’re running faulty or outdated drivers. Simply reinstall your Voicemod driver to resolve the issue. Remove your Voicemod driver from your Windows PC/Mac first. 

  • Open the “Run box,” hit the “Windows button” and the “I” key on the keyboard.
  • Click “OK” after pasting or typing “devmgmt.msc.” The “Device Manager” will arise as a result of this.
Device Manager
  • “Audio Inputs & Outputs” can be expanded by clicking the “expand” button.
  • Choose “Uninstall device” from the “Microphone WMD” menu.
Uninstall device
  • There will be a pop-up window. Select “Uninstall” from the menu.
  • Check if Voicemod on discord is working correctly.

4. Ensure The Mic Is Properly Set

  • To launch Windows settings, simultaneously hit the “Win” logo and the “I” key on the keyboard. “System” should be selected.
  • The option “Sound” is located on the left. Simply press the button.
  • Set up Voicemod’s sound on Windows.
Voicemod's sound on Windows
  • You must first test the microphone. Go to the “Input” section and select “Headset” instead of the Voicemod microphone.
test the microphone
  • Select “Device properties & test microphone” from the drop-down menu.
  • Ensure the “disable” box is unchecked and the volume section is set to 100.
  • Speak into the microphone after pressing the “Start test” button.
  • Click “Stop test” after that. If the highest value displayed is more significant than zero, your microphone is working correctly.
  • Check if Voicemod on discord is working correctly.

How To Use Voice Changer Voicemod on Discord (Desktop Computer)

You’ll get free basic filters, but you’ll need to upgrade to the “pro-version” of voice changer Voicemod to unlock and access all of them.

If you only need a few filters, though, the “basic version” should work. Aside from that, by sharing your app on social media, you may gain access to one additional free filter.

  • To open the software, double-click the Vociemod icon on your desktop. If you can’t see it there, go to the bottom-left corner of the screen and click the “windows icon.”
  • Simply type “Voicemod” into the search box, and the software will appear. To open it, simply double-click it.
  • When the app first launches, you’ll be prompted to select the output and input it will use.

Discord Settings

  • Open the Discord account and navigate to the settings (gear icon) at the bottom-left corner of the screen to set up Voicemod.
  • Right under the app options, select “Voice and Video.”
  • You’ll need to adjust the Voice settings to do Voicemod work.
  • Select the “Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio” option from the “Input Device” drop-down menu.
Select the "Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio
  • You may easily change the voice within the program after you’ve adjusted the settings. Not only that, but other users will be able to hear your audio change.
  • You’ll get seven accessible voice selections with the “basic version,” which will change daily.
  • The “pro-version,” on the other hand, gives you access to over 80 different speech selections.

How To Change Voicemod For Discord On Mobile?

Voicemod is also available for usage on mobile phones. It’s also available on iOS and Android under “Voicemod Clips.” You will not only receive filters for your speech, but you will also have the option of receiving filters that are linked to your camera.

You may make entertaining videos for your audience or friends by utilizing these filters. You’ll have ten speech filters to choose from in the mobile app. You can also make as many films and audio recordings as you want. It’s one of the best apps for content creators who want to share their work across multiple social media platforms.

  • If you’re an Apple user, go to the App Store, and if you’re an Android user, go to Google Play.
  • After you’ve downloaded the Voicemod on Discord phone, you may use it to customize your profile. You can see all of the different voice and video filters.
  • You can also make original Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok videos.
  • You can select the type of content you want to produce, such as an audio or video clip.
  • On your smartphone, open the Discord app. Select Settings, which is indicated by a “cogwheel” near your name and avatar.
  • Select “Voice and Video” from the drop-down menu. Select “Voicemod” under the input device choice and “headset” under the output device option.


I’ve discussed utilizing Voicemod on Discord, an excellent desktop real-time voice changer software. On a PC or a mobile device, you can alter your voice. Also, there are solutions to fix if Voicemod stops working. Follow all the solutions listed above to get Voicemod on Discord.


How Do I Get Voicemod To Work On Discord?

Open Discord after installing it. Go to the User Settings cog in the main window’s bottom left corner. Select the Voicebox option on the left side of the main window in Voicemod. Thanks to your microphone signal, your new voice should now be audible on Discord.

Why Does Voicemod Not Work On Discord?

You should also check the Discord settings, as this could be the source of the problem. On your Discord, go to Settings and then Voice and Video. Examine the input settings now. Make sure the Voicemod Virtual audio microphone is selected in this option.

Does Voicemod Soundboard Work On Discord?

Use the Voicemod soundboard to add sounds and effects to your Discord party chat. Our mix of custom and preset sound options means that great replies are just a button press away, whether attempting to level up your roleplaying session or having fun with pals.

Can You Use Voicemod On Discord Mobile?

Yes, Voicemod for Discord is entirely secure. You should be able to download it and use it with Discord without any problems. Furthermore, it integrates well with Twitch, Skype, and game recording applications such as OBS, Teamspeak, VR Chat, and others.