How To Underline In Discord | Basic Text Formatting Tips

In a Discord server or your DMs, you’ve probably seen someone utilize bolded or colored text before. You can learn effortless commands to do basic text formattings, such as writing in bold or italics, and complex text formatting, such as employing single-line code blocks, whether you’re a complete newbie or have your Discord server.

How To Underline In Discord | 10+ Other Basic Text Formatting

How to Underline in Discord? 

You will become addicted to this application after just one use, and you will not be able to stop using it. This guide will walk you through setting up text formats if you’re new to Discord. You may make your words stand out or highlight a specific topic by underlining text. 

The way people read has altered as a result of these eye-catching results. Additionally, the focus text has a fantastic effect when someone views your message. It draws attention to your key point.

In the Underline in discord texts, formatting style is the most popular. Many people want to use it, but they don’t understand how to Underline in Discord properly. As a result, I took specific steps. Simply gaze ahead.

  • Launch the Discord software on any device and go to the Discord Personal Message section.
  • In the Discord chats, put any message you want to have an underline in Discord effect.
  • Before and after your words, use the keyboard to add two underscores (__). By hitting Shift + –, you can add it.
  • For example, if you want to underline in discord the phrase “How to Underline in Discord,” you should write it as __How to Underline in Discord__. That is sufficient to convert it.
add two underscores (__)
  • Alternatively, write it as “__Discord__ ” if you wish to underline a specific word. ( Without Quotation marks )
  • Finally, press the enter key to confirm that you want to send a message.
  • The message will be highlighted as soon as you press enter to other people.

How To Underline In Discord With Bold And Italic Text Effect

To use several different markdown syntax combinations, you must first grasp which code is being used for which purpose. As a result of the easy tactics that enhance your abilities, you can also wow others with your code writing styles.

We covered the basics of text formatting before moving on to advanced text formatting, which is commonly found on Discord. We’ve made it incredibly simple to utilize codes here, so you can easily change the text styles in Discord.

  • Launch the Discord app and type whatever you wish to send into the text field.
  • Then, right before and after the words Look Like (__**), add two underscores (__) and two asterisks (**) for Bold + Underline.
  • **__how to underline in discord__**
, add two underscores (__) and two asterisks (**)
  • For Italic + Underline, use two underscores (__) with only one asterisk key (*), as in ( *).
For Italic + Underline, use two underscores (__) with only one asterisk key (*), as in ( *).
  • For example to write “how to underline in discord,” type *__how to underline in discord__*
  • To send a message, use the enter key.
  • Others will see your text as both an Underline in discord and a Bold effect simultaneously.
  • We also have a separate page on How to Bold and How to Italic that goes over all the different ways you can combine codes, so if you’re a Discord fanatic, you should check it out.

Some of the codes will highlight the entire sentence; however, you will not be able to highlight any part or single line. The good news is that all markdown codes work on every platform, whether it’s an iOS or Android device.

Some Other Discord Text Formatting

Discord is not bound to a single format; how you use it is entirely up to you. Because Discord is a text-based platform, you should use symbols to make your text bold, italicized, underlined, strikethrough, etc.

You can also use colored effects on text, create spoiler tags, etc. However, this section will tell you about a few frequent effects employed at random in all-day conversations.

Several basic commands are frequently used to make the dialogue more appealing. So, on Discord, experiment with different Discord font styles and text markdown formats. Simply place the above symbols or characters around the message you want to change the appearance of.

1. Discord bold text – How to bold in Discord

Discord bold text - How to bold in Discord

When you wish to highlight the text by darkening it, use this. This is similar to the HTML tags <b> and <strong>.

  • To make the text bold, place two asterisks (*) at the beginning and end of the text.
  • The asterisk is on the ‘8’ key, and you can get it by pressing ‘Shift + 8’.
  • When using Discord on a PC, you can also select the text and hold down ‘Ctrl + B’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + B’ (Mac) to bold it.

2. Discord italics – How to italicize in Discord

Discord italics - How to italicize in Discord
  • Applying this technique when you wish to accentuate the text by slanting the characters. The or tag in HTML Markup Language is similar.
  • Italicize by placing one asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the text you want to bold.
  • While bolding text takes two asterisks at the beginning and conclusion of the text, italicizing text in Discord markdown simply requires one asterisk.
  • As seen above, to italicize text, press and hold ‘Shift + 8’ a single time at either end of the desired text.
  • When using Discord on a PC, you can italicize text by selecting it and pressing ‘Ctrl + I’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + I’ (Mac).

3. Discord strikethrough Text – How to strikethrough Text on Discord

Discord strikethrough Text - How to strikethrough Text on Discord

Strikethrough is used to make a word or sentence appear as though it has been crossed out. A horizontal line runs through the text’s center. In HTML, this would be the <strike> tag.

  • Striking through text on Discord is done with the tilde (~) key.
  • Strikethrough the text with two tilde keys at the beginning and finish.
  • On ordinary keyboards, the tilde is located to the left of the number ‘1’ key, on the same key as the backtick (‘).
  • To get “, press and hold ‘Shift + `” twice.
  • When using Discord on a PC, you may also select the text and hold down ” to strikethrough it.

4. Combined Text Formatting In Discord (Line Code Block)

  • Underlined and Italicized Text: __*underlined Text With italicized text*__
  • Underlined and Bolded Text: __**underlined Text with bolded text**__
  • Underlined, Italicized, and Bolded Text: __***underlined, italicized, and bolded text***__

5. Discord Spoiler text – How to spoiler in Discord

Discord Spoiler text - How to spoiler in Discord

Just like underline in discord, use spoiler text formatting to make your text look incredibly cool and as though it contains a secret message.

  • Add spoilers by placing two vertical bars (|) on either side of the text you want to spoil. You can also pick ‘/spoiler’ from the alternatives provided by pressing the forward-slash (/) in the text box.
  • Vertical bars are usually found on the duplicate keys as the backslash on most keyboards (\).
  • Press ‘Shift +’ to add spoilers; your text will look like the block below.
  • When you send a text, it will appear as a black block, and you will only be able to view what is written below it by clicking on it, thus uncovering the content.

6. Discord Highlighted text – How to highlight in Discord

Highlighting the typeface is another simple approach to making a message stand out. Just like underline in discord it gives the appearance of a monospaced or typewriter font with slight spacing between the letters.

  • Make text stand out: Add a single backtick (`) as shown in brackets on either side of your text to emphasize it.
  • As noted above in the strikethrough formatting, the backtick is to the left of the number ‘1’ key.

Formatting colored text in Discord

You’ll need to generate many line code blocks before deciding on the syntax highlighting language. Like underline in discord, make a multi-line code block by using three backticks and placing the reference to the highlighting computer language right at the start.

1. Highlighting Red Text In Discord Using Diff Syntax

In the first line of the code block, specify the reference highlighting programming language (Diff) and include hyphens/dashes (-) before the phrase you want to make red.

2. Using CSS syntax to make text orange-red in Discord.

CSS is the programming language for reference highlighting, and you’d have to put brackets [] before and after the text you wish to make orange-red.

3. Fix syntax is used to highlight Yellow Text in Discord.

Fix, a reference highlighting programming language turns everything you write yellow by default. There are no other codes necessary.

4. Using Apache syntax to highlight text in Discord in dark yellow.

The reference highlighting programming language Apache has the restriction that no spaces can be used in the code. It works similarly to Fix, and anything you type in the Apache syntax is highlighted in yellow.

5. CSS syntax for blue text highlight in Discord

You can no longer use spaces between the text because of this restriction.

Before the text you want to render blue, you must put brackets with a single dot (.).

6. Using INI syntax to highlight text in Discord.

You’d have to insert brackets [] before and after the text you want to render blue in the reference highlighting the programming language, INI.

7. Use ASCIIDOC syntax in Discord to highlight text in blue

You can submit text with spaces using the asciidoc syntax, but you must include at least two hyphens (-) on the line below the content.

8. Using Diff syntax to highlight text in light green in Discord

Before the line you want to make light green text, you must insert a plus sign (+).

9. Highlighting text Cyan in Discord with the YAML Syntax

The reference language for highlighting text in cyan is YAML, and no spaces in the text are required. On the first line, type three backticks and then ‘YAML.’ Then type your content on the following line and finish with three backticks on the third line.

10. Using arm syntax to highlight text in Discord.

Using the ‘arm’ syntax in Discord, turn your text orange. You can’t use spaces in your text with Arm, either. Simply type ‘arm’ after the three backticks on the first line of the code block, and then type the text on the second line without spaces.


From how to bold, italicize, strikethrough, and underline in Discord to sophisticated coloring options, here is a thorough tutorial on Discord text formatting. 

I have put together a thorough guide on Discord text formatting below to help you show off with cool fonts and prevent embarrassment due to not knowing what you’re typing. Everything from how to bold, italicize, strikethrough, and underline in Discord to complex coloring options will be covered.


How Do You Bold And Underline In Discord?

Use three asterisks (*) before and after the content to make it bold and italicized. ***Bold italicized text*** is an example. Use 2 underscores with one asterisk at the start and one asterisk and two after the message to underline and italicize text.

How Do You Underline In Line?

Choose the text you want to highlight. You can use the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut. Select an underlining style from the Underline in Discord style drop-down list. To modify the line’s color, use the Underline in Dioscord color drop-down menu.

How Do I Extend An Underline in Discord Without Text?

In Microsoft Word, click Ctrl + U to generate underlining without any text, then press Ctrl + Shift + spacebar to produce non-breaking spaces. To create underlining, press and hold this keyboard shortcut combo to add numerous underlines next to each other.

How Do You Do Paragraphs In Discord?

Use Shift+Enter on a desktop keyboard to get a hard return break in a Discord communication. The Welcome channel is a read-only channel on the server that provides an overview of the server’s rules for discussion with newcomers.