How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote? 5 Easy Ways

Roku televisions have a number of features hidden up their cables, which also happen to be a huge advantage to the user base. Not many of us, Roku tv users, know that these televisions can be switched on or off, even without a remote. 

It took me no time to realize that these tricks could help those who have misplaced their remote or looking for some way to efficiently use their smart device to control the television’s power settings. This article has everything that will answer your question “How to turn on Roku tv without remote?”

How To Turn On Roku Tv Without Remote? 5 Easy Ways

Methods to Turn on Roku TV Without The Television Remote

  1. Power Button
  2. Roku Application
  3. Mobile Phone Remote
  4. Satellite or Cable Remote
  5. Get a New Roku TV Remote

How to turn on Roku TV without Remote?

Power Button

All electronic devices have a power button to switch them on or off and so does your Roku tv. This is the same for all brands that your Roku tv aligns with. You can use these power buttons to turn on the television along with the Roku tv on your system. Depending on the brand that manufactures your television, the power button could be placed in different positions on the television. 

TV power button

Because we could be looking at several television models with Roku designs, these are the places on your television model that could be hosting the Roku Tv – 

  1. Left Side of the Back Panel
  2. Right-side of the Back Panel
  3. Under the Television model
  4. On the middle of the bottom panel

Sometimes the button is hard to find and even feel the button panel might not get it. Eventually, you will get it and you just have to push the button for the Roku Tv to launch. 

If you are not able to locate the button, you will find the appropriate information on the user manual that comes in the box.

Roku Application

Using the power button is annoying because every time you want to watch television, you’ll have to walk to the television and push the button. There is an alternate method that would require the Roku application on your mobile. 

For users with Android devices, you can use the Google Play Store to install the RoByte app. iOS and iPadOS users will be able to get the Roku RoKie application from the Apple AppStore. 

Roku App scanning

When the app has been downloaded, you just have to launch it and connect it to your TV. This is not a complicated procedure and all you need to do is to tap on the TV that is detected on the application. Once the television is connected, you just have to use the red power button on the digital remote. 

For users who cannot connect the Roku TV and the Roku application, you can use these steps to power cycle it.

  •  Unplug the Roku TV from the power socket and exit the remote application. 
  • Push the plug into the socket it belonged in. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds, which is the time an average Roku TV takes to connect with the Roku application.

The app should now work with no issues on your device, as a controllable remote. 

Mobile Phone Remote

Every remote control set has an Infra-Red (IR) sensor emitter and receiver. They are located in the remote control and TV receiver, respectively. Most modern mobile phones have IR emitting sensors which should be convenient for you to use as a remote. 

TV Remote
TV remote control in hand 20170128

You will need an interface to control the television from your mobile. Most applications not only allow you to turn the television on and off but also adjust the settings, control the volume, and more. 

Mobile remote application

Since we are dealing with the Roku TV, we recommend using the Roku application. If you are unsure about the availability of IR emitters on your phone, you can check the specifications list or the box it came in. 

Satellite or Cable Remote

If you have a spare remote lying around, there is a chance that it might help you with the Roku TV. Start by turning the device on and off with the remote. You may be able to use a few buttons including the power button and numbers but not all of them are designed to help a Roku TV, in most cases. 

Cable TV remote

Note: You will need to know a list of all the Roku channels and their numbers to program the TV. You will find a guide on the Roku support website. 

Get a New Roku Tv Remote

Your last option is to get a Roku TV remote to replace the lost one. This option is not free but it is fail-safe. You can always ask your dealer for a remote or look for one online. 

TV remote

You can use these different methods to turn your Roku TV on or off without your Roku remote. I’m sure these methods will come in handy when your remote is not accessible. For more information, you can always contact the Roku customer support team. Happy Watching!


Is There A Way To Manually Turn On A Roku TV?

Yes, Roku TV users can switch their devices on, manually. The power buttons on their Roku TVs can be used for this. These buttons can be found on the bottom or side panels of your Roku TV. If you cannot find this, you should be able to find this information in the user manual. 

How Do I Turn On My Roku TV Without Remote Or WiFi?

If you do not have the Roku TV remote or an active wireless network connection, you will have to use the IR sensor on your mobile phone or the power button. If you choose to use the first option, it is a good idea to install the Roku application from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore. 

How To turn on roku TV without remote

If you cannot switch on your Roku TV, you can always use the Roku app on your mobile, the power button or the TV remote. These mediums will also allow you to access other features you might need to access on the Roku TV.

How Do I Control My TCL Roku TV Without A Remote?

If you do not have a remote to control your Roku TV, you will need a mobile phone with the Roku app installed or any other TV remote application. You can also use the power buttons on the side or bottom panel.