4 Easy Ways On How To Turn Off VPN On iPhone

Using a VPN on your iPhone is an integral way of ensuring privacy and safety. Exposing personal data online can be dangerous, hence, one of the top features of the iPhone includes its own VPN configuration. 

Additionally, the iPhone also supports personal VPN or the VPN application and works just fine. 

How To Turn Off Vpn On Iphone

Regardless of the safety features that VPN provides, some users prefer turning it off at some point in time. Since iPhones have this feature with or without a separate VPN application stored, users find it difficult to disconnect or even remove the same. If you are wondering how to turn off VPN on your iPhone, your search has brought you to the right place.

Built-In VPN

Apart from the numerous VPN applications on the App Store, there is a personal VPN feature in iOS. The in-built VPN protocols of the iPhone can also be configured and turned off whenever the user wants to do so.

There are several ways to turn off VPN on iPhone. Additionally, this in-built VPN on iPhone can also be connected by default.

This is why most users find it difficult to turn off VPN on iPhone since they weren’t aware of switching it on in the first place. 

VPN Settings

Sometimes the VPN on iPhone might be configured and turned on for a very long time. This happens mainly to hide browsing activity on local ISPs or Public Wi-fi. VPN helps in protecting data and also hiding the IP address from the internet provider.

iOS has its configured and built-in VPN to make it easier for the users and also protect their data and provide privacy overall. 

Even though most people prefer to turn it on and either connect remotely to certain networks or access geo-restricted websites, some might want to turn off VPN. 

Methods for How To Turn Off Vpn On Iphone 

  1. From the iPhone Settings
  2. From the Application
  3. Remove VPN application
  4. Disable default connection 

1. From The iPhone Settings 

One of the easiest ways to turn off VPN on iPhone is by going to the settings and disconnecting it from the same. The status of the VPN configuration is in the general settings, you will need to turn off the toggle and slide it to disconnect.

From The Iphone Settings 

Additionally, the users can change the VPN profiles and the connection as well. Sometimes Personal VPNs are stored in the phone settings even after removing the application. The same can be removed from the settings after turning off the VPN.

However, if you do not have a VPN application installed on your phone, turning off the VPN from the iPhone settings is one of the only options and is also a comparatively easy one. 

2. From The Application

 Apart from the in-built VPN configuration, users can also turn off VPN on iPhone from the VPN application. Although each application looks different, the user will have to look for the disconnect and connect button on the application. 

A majority of the time, this button is present on the homepage of the application itself, and you can click on disconnect to turn off VPN. 

 3. Remove your VPN Application

If you do not want to use a VPN on an iPhone, you can resort to removing the application from your phone. Moreover, if you do not use VPN often, there will be no need to use the application in the first place. 

Along with this, if you had used the VPN application, you can also try deleting your VPN profile after you remove the application from your phone. 

Even though, while uninstalling the application, profiles are automatically cleared, this isn’t the case for some other applications. 

Hence, you can use the iPhone settings to delete the profile under the VPN option. 

4. Disable Connect on Demand VPN setting

 You can also disable the Connect on Demand option which does not require manually turning off VPN every once in a while. Once you have disabled this feature, VPN on iPhone will not be connected automatically in the future. 

A majority of the time, users have to keep following the required steps to turn off VPN due to this feature. 

The VPN might get connected automatically due to several reasons, one of them is to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data. However, if it is off, the VPN will not be connected unless manually done. 

 Demand VPN setting

Steps To Turn Off Vpn On iPhone

1. iPhone Settings

Even though the configuration of VPN on your phone will help you keep your browser activity private and also provide a few other benefits, you can turn off VPN from iPhone settings without any hassles. 

  • Go to settings. 
  • Click on “VPN”, which is right below “Personal Hotspot.”
  • Tap the status to “Off” from “Connected” by sliding it to the left side.  
 iPhone Settings

Additionally, if you have multiple other VPN applications on your phone, you can click on the “VPN” option and choose which one you’d want to use or switch to. 

If you are unable to find the disconnect option in the VPN application or can’t locate the application itself, you can follow the same steps. 

  • Go to settings and click on VPN. 
  • There will be two options available, VPN Configuration and Personal VPN.
  • Tap the status under “Personal VPN”, and switch it off. 
  • If you want to remove this VPN, click on “i” next to it. 
  • Then click on “Delete VPN”, if you want to completely remove it from your phone. 

This will directly help you turn off the VPN that is stored on the iPhone. Sometimes even after removing the application, the Personal VPN will remain in the settings, which is why deleting the same is easier. 

From VPN Application

  • Go to the VPN application
  • Find the “Connect” or “Disconnect” option within the application. 
  • Check for the same on the application homepage. It can also be in the menu within the application. 
  • Click on the “Disconnect” option thereafter. 

Remove your VPN Application

Since all applications have a different user interface, it may be difficult to find the Connect/Disconnect option in most of the applications. 

If you do not want to use the application as well, you can also uninstall it, to avoid turning it off manually every time. 

  • Find the VPN application icon on your home page. 
  • Hold and long-press the icon. 
  • Once the application jiggles, you can tap on the “x” button on it. 
  • This “x” button appears on the top right of the icon. Click on the option, “remove app”. Type your passcode, if the need arises. 

Disable Connect On Demand VPN Setting

  • Go to settings and click on “General”.
  • Select “VPN”, which is right below “Personal hotspot.”
  • Click on the “I” button next to the VPN connection. 
  • You will find the “Connect on Demand”, you can click on “off”
  • After that, you can also switch to “Off” on the slider of the main VPN option. 

This option will help you manually turn on iPhone VPN next time. If you only use a VPN at certain times, turning off Connect on Demand will allow you to connect and disconnect based on your convenience. 

This same option can also be used for Personal VPN or the VPN application. 


VPN on iPhone can be connected automatically sometimes and users might not want the same. Hence, learning how to turn off VPN is very easy. 

As mentioned in the solutions above, there can be several ways to switch it off, one of the easiest being, through iPhone settings and the VPN application itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Am I Not Being Able To Turn Off VPN?

A majority of the time, the VPN may be turned on through the application. Hence, it is important to disconnect the VPN from the application itself. 
However, if you do not have an application, you can turn off the Connect on Demand present in the iPhone VPN settings. 

Why Is VPN Important On IPhone?

VPN is important on your iPhone to secure your data and also mask your IP address. In addition to that, you can also surf past geo-restrictions and other firewalls as well. 
Your data and other activities also remain completely secure with the help of a VPN. 

How Do I Disable VPN On IPhone?

You can directly disable the “Connect on-demand” option under the VPN settings. This allows you to manually connect to the VPN when you need it. Additionally, this means that the network will not be connected to a VPN automatically. 

Why Has VPN Turned On My IPhone?

Since iPhone has an in-built VPN protocol, sometimes, it automatically gets connected, to protect the data on the phone. This happens especially if the phone is connected to a public network. To avoid this, you can turn off the “Connect on-demand” VPN option.