How To Track An Android Phone With Another Android Phone? 6 Best Ways

On average, 23,000 Android devices are reported lost or stolen each month. And there’s a chance that your android phone might become one of them. This could lead to complications such as sensitive information being stolen from your device and much worse.

How To Track An Android Phone With Another Android Phone?

Now when this happens, we don’t want you to be clueless about what to do next. Wondering how to track an Android phone with another Android phone? In this article, we will run you through some simple steps on how you can secure, track and probably even find your lost android phone.

Methods to Track Android with another Android

  1. Track your Android phone’s location
  2. Find your phone with your smart home speaker
  3. Find your phone with a Bluetooth tracker
  4. Use Google’s Find My Device service to find your phone
  5. Create a secure lock screen 
  6. Set up Google’s Find My Device service

Can I Use Any of the 6 Solutions to Transfer Music from Computer to an Android Phone to Track Another Android Phone?

Yes, you can use one of the 6 solutions to transfer music to android devices. However, those solutions are not designed for tracking another Android phone. If you want to track another Android phone, you will need to use a different method or application specifically designed for tracking devices.

How To Track An Android Phone With Another Android Phone?

Track your Android phone’s location

Track your Android phone’s location

You can track an android device from another through the Google Maps app provided by Google. You can share your live location from your device through its Live Sharing feature and track the target device in real-time. This can be done in simple steps:

  • Ask your target device to share its location by going to Google Maps and tapping on their initial or profile picture, and tapping on ‘Location Sharing’.
  • After this person has sent you their location, you can track it easily: open Google Maps on your own device and tap on that person’s profile icon.

Take note that this is only possible for a limited duration and that this won’t be much feasible in case of a lost phone, or in case of theft. This method is much more apt for tracking your device for a limited period of time.

Find your phone with your smart home speaker

If you have a smart home speaker such as the Amazon Echo or Apple’s Minipod, you can easily find your android device or even apple’s for that matter, by asking your smart speaker to make your device ring. This could be done through the following steps:

  • Make your phone visible on Google Play. Go to play.google.com/settings and tap on Visibility and make sure that the Show in menus option is turned on.
  • Now make sure that the phone in question and the smart speaker are both signed in to the same Google account, have an internet connection or are connected to a wi-fi network, and have to Find My Device turned on. Your device’s phone number should be linked to the aforesaid Google account.
  • Now all you have to say is  “Okay Google, find/ ring /call my phone” and your mobile phone will ring, even if it is on Do Not Disturb mode.

Please note that this method is best feasible when your device is lost within your own household or in close vicinity. This method might prove impractical in most other scenarios.

Find your phone with a Bluetooth tracker

A small gadget that you can attach to your things to keep an eye on them, Bluetooth trackers such as AirTag and Tile have made the name of these trackers popular in the market lately.

Tile bluetooth tracker

All you have to do is to buy a Bluetooth Tracker such as Tile which works on Android devices and create an account with your mobile device’s number and/or Google account (depending on the app’s preference). Some trackers come with alarms, providing you with options to ring your cell phone.

This works under that condition that it is within range and some have navigation features, giving you step-by-step directions to the concerned phone or tablet, all at the press of a button.

Some trackers can last upwards of 12 months and your phone’s battery life can last all day. There’s a very good chance that you can find your mobile device, given that it has or is linked to a Bluetooth tracker.

Use Google’s Find My Device service to find your phone

There are multiple tracking apps to track a lost android device but the most popular and easy method is Google’s ‘Find My Device’ which comes with features to track, locate and secure all the connected devices with ease with pinpoint accuracy.

Find my iPhone feature

Find my device unlike Apple’s Find my iPhone on iOS devices does not necessarily need the application to be present in the device. Once the user logs in to the device the Google servers keep track of that phone irrespective of the presence of the application and the user can later track, locate, lock or erase the device remotely by just knowing the credentials of the account linked to that device.

The procedure to track your Android phone’s location with another Android device is as follows:

  • Download Find my device app from Google Play Store or visit Find My Device webpage in your mobile browser.
Find my device app from Google Play Store
  • Enter your Google Account login credentials including the Email ID and password and select the lost device which you want to track from the list of devices that are linked with that account.
  • You will be then provided with options to track the real-time GPS location of the device, see IMEI number, carrier, and battery status and also play sound, secure the device or erase the device.

Note: The Find my device application leaves a notification on the screen of the target device when it is located notifying the user that the device is being remotely tracked.

Create a secure lock screen 

Even if your device gets stolen, you can still prevent it from getting compromised by setting up some security measures, the first and most basic of which would be to set up a secure lock screen for your android device. This way you can prevent your sensitive data from getting stolen before you can recover or erase them.

All you have to do is go to your phone’s Settings app, select the Security option and tap on Screen Lock to select either the password, PIN or pattern form of lock for your device.

You can also add your fingerprint to the biometrics for easy access to your device and for an additional layer of protection. For this feature, your smartphone must have a fingerprint sensor built into it.

Additional layers of protection can be created by adding lock screens to individual apps which you deem to hold delicate and sensitive information such as your gallery and your e-payment apps. 

Set up Google’s Find My Device service

You can avail of Google’s Find My Device service, regardless of whether it is an Android or Apple device. To avail of this service, you just have to create a Google account in your target device while it’s still in your hands and link its mobile number to the aforesaid Google account. 

Set up Google's Find My Device service

Now all you have to do to track and access other features offered by this service is to navigate to Android Find Page and log into the Google account created on the target device through another device. 

Now you have access to the service’s features such as phone tracking, ringing your device through Play Sound, locking your phone remotely with Secure Device, and erase all information present on your device to prevent them from being used for malicious purposes through Erase Device. 

Note that to avail of the last two options, Enable Lock & Erase should be enabled prior to your device is lost or stolen.

Two different tricks for Samsung mobiles

‘Find My Mobile’

If your Android device happens to be from Samsung, you have one additional service available to you: Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’. Through this feature, you can locate your device, lock your device and its payment service, ring your device, and backup your device’s data to Samsung Cloud Storage. 

'Find My Mobile'

All of this can be done remotely from another device by logging into your Samsung account through the Find my Mobile site. If the Offline Finding feature is enabled, your Samsung device can still be tracked, even if it doesn’t have its mobile data turned on. 

‘SmartThings Find’ 

Through this app, Samsung has extended its location tracking service to other Samsung devices i.e. its Smart Watch and Buds. It retains the features of Find My Mobile such as the Offline Finding and ringing the device remotely and locating the target device on a map.

This article has everything to answer the question “How to track android phone with another android phone?”. If you have more questions, you can contact Android customer care service. Happy Tracking!