How to switch between “HTML” and “Run Results Viewer” format in UFT 12.5X

In UFT 12.5X Run Results are created, by default, in HTML. Although this is preferred as it offers a multi-platform, browser independent format for Run Results, it be desirable to switch to the legacy format where the Run Results Viewer format is used.

To change the desired format, do the following steps:
1)      Open UFT 12.5X
2)      Click Tools>Options
3)      Select the General item at the top of the window
4)      In the body, under “Report Format” select the desired format “HTML” or “Run Results Viewer Report
Mind that selecting the Run Results Viewer Report option will require a Windows OS with the Run Results Viewer installed in order to view the report.
Also know the HTML format option consumes less disk space; the results files are approximately 50% smaller than Run Results Viewer format.

Note: When running tests from ALM, you can view the HTML report only if you are using one of the following ALM versions:
– ALM 11.52 Patch 5 or higher,
– ALM 12.21 and higher.

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