How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android Device

A password is a key to our digital information. It protects our privacy from cyber threats. This article will discuss sharing Wi-Fi passwords with your friends and guests. When your friends or co-workers visit your home, they will surely ask for your Wi-fi password.

As we discussed earlier, the password is the first line of defense in the online world. So how to share wifi password from iPhone to Android?

Sharing a Wi-Fi password through your iPhone device is secure, and there is no compromise with your network security. Also, this sharing process has gone into automation since the iOS 11 version of iPhones.

How To Share Wi-Fi Passwords From iPhone/iPad To Android Smartphones?

To use this method of sharing Wi-Fi passwords, you need to have a WiFi QR Code app and QR Code Reading app on iPhone and Android phones.

For iPhones, you can choose between Qrafter or the Visual Codes app.

And for Android phones, you can choose from the following QR Code scanner app:

  • Kaspersky- QR Code Reader and Scanner.
  • Green Apple Studio- QR Code Reader & Scanner.
  • Inshot- Free QR Scanner.
  • Tinylab- QR Code Scanner
how to share wifi password from iphone to android

Now that you have installed all required apps on your iPhone and Android phones. Then follow the steps written below.

1. Note Down the Wi-Fi Details(SSID, Password)

First of all, you need to write down the SSID of your network. Here, SSID refers to ‘Service Set Identifier’ or wi-fi network’s name. Suppose there is confusion about the network SSID; you can access your Wi-Fi web management page and navigate the Network Info section. 

Note Down the Wi-Fi Details(SSID, Password)

2. Generate QR Codes using a QR Code generator app on your iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, your iPhone needs a QR Code generator installed. Let’s look at the steps necessary to use them to generate a QR Code containing information about the Wi-Fi network.

Using Qrafter App.

  • Download and install the Qrafter app from the Apple store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap Create.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi option.
Tap on the Wi-Fi Network option
  • Now fill in the SSID and password in the respective fields.
  • Tap on Create option, and you will get a QR code containing your Wi-Fi password.
Share the QR code among your guests and friends. Or save it on your iPhone for future use.

Using Visual Codes App.

  • Download and install the Visual Code app.
  • Tap on the “Add Code” button.
  • Search and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Fill in your SSID.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password and choose the network Security Type.
  • Tap on the ‘Create Code’ option. Doing so will create a unique QR Code containing your Wi-Fi password.

3. Share The QR Code With Others(QR Scanner App)

You can share the generated QR Code through email, Dropbox, or any other messenger app. They can also scan it directly from your phone’s display. And the scan requires the Android phone must also have a QR Code scanner app installed.

Some examples of the Scanner app, such as Kaspersky- QR Code reader and Inshot- Free QR Scanner, were mentioned earlier in this article. Install any one of your choices, direct the camera to the Code and scan it. Once the network is detected, the Android user can connect to your network with a click.

how to share wiFi password from iPhone to android?

Sharing a Wi-Fi password between two different Apple devices is more accessible than sharing between iOS and Android phones. The only prerequisite is that both devices must have iOS 11 or later versions installed.

  • Ensure both Apple devices have their respective Apple ID saved in the Contacts list.
  • Turn On both the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network with the iPhone, from which you are sharing the password. Go to Settings-> Wi-Fi.
  • Select the network.
  • Now on the other device, select the same WiFi network.
  • Move the phones close to each other.
  • When a connection forms between the two iPhones, a Share password prompt will pop up automatically on the connected iPhone’s screen.
Tap on "Share Password" button. The other iPhone will automatically with the Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap Share Password. You can find that the other device has already connected to Wi-Fi automatically.


You can easily share your Wi-Fi network password by creating a QR Code, then share it among others. There are several advantages to sharing passwords using QR codes. 

One such advantage is that QR Code is safe and secure. Using the QR Code generator app, you can create multiple QR Codes for numerous users—no need to type the password and avoid leaks manually. And you can permanently save the QR Code for continuous use in the future. 

To use the QR Code method of sharing passwords, you need to have a QR Generator app and a QR Reader or Scanner app on iPhone and Android phones. 

For QR Generator apps, you can choose either Qrafter or the Visual Codes app on Apple Store. And for QR Scanner apps, you can choose from renowned publishers such as Kaspersky, Green Apple Studio, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Do I Share My Wi-Fi Password From IPhone To Galaxy?

You can use the QR Code Generator app to create a QR Code containing Wi-Fi SSID and password. Then share them with a Galaxy Android phone. Download and install a QR Generator app from the Apple store. Fill in the SSID and password, then tap on ‘Create Create Code’ or Add Code.
To share the generated QR Code, you can use email, Dropbox, or any other messenger app. Alternatively, you can ask your friend to scan the QR Code from your iPhone’s screen. The Galaxy Android device must have installed a QR Code Reader or Scanner app.

How Can I Share My WiFi Without A Password?

First of all, enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services on both devices. Make sure to add each other’s APPle ID to the respective Contacts app. Move your devices closer. The iPhone will automatically show a Share Password pop-Tap tap on Share, and iOS will do the rest. Note- This feature is available only in iOS 11 and later.

How To Find The Wi-Fi Password For Your Hotspot?

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Navigate to Personal Hotspot-> Wi-Fi Password Menu. Tap on the eye icon to show the encrypted wi-fi settings of your Hotspot.