How To Set Up Voicemail On Android And iPhone

This guide will teach you the steps to set up voicemail. It’s easy to do, and in just a few quick steps, you can have it activated on the device.

In recent years, life has become so linked that we sometimes wish we could take a vacation and not have to check our phones every minute.

how to set up voicemail on android

Knowing how to set up voicemail on android can enable you to go for other work or commitments without worrying about missing critical calls in certain instances.

Providers of telephone service provide voicemail as a service.

Your phone service provider may set up voicemail on your phone app.

Instead of utilizing your carrier’s voicemail, you may use Google Voice as your voicemail server.

Just follow the steps below to set up voicemail on your Android or iPhone in minutes.

The technique may differ somewhat from one carrier to the next or from one telephone service provider to the next.

How to set up voicemail on an iPhone

  1. Open your visual voicemail by going to the Phone app on your iPhone home screen and clicking the Voicemail button in the right corner.
  2. On the iPhone screen, a ‘Set up’ button will appear.
  3. Enter your oil password if you’ve used voicemail on your iPhone previously. Create a new password and enter it if this is your first time.
  4. When you’re done, click ‘Done.’
  5. Your iPhone will then display the Greeting screen, where you may record your voicemail greeting.

Select ‘Custom’ and record your message for a more personalized greeting.

To double-check, play it back to yourself.

When you’re satisfied with your recorded welcome, click ‘Done.’

If you’re OK with a Default greeting for your iPhone voicemail settings, you may skip this step by clicking ‘Done.

Create a new password

 4: Now you know the full process of how to set up voicemail on an iPhone.

If Apple’s visual voicemail fails to meet your needs, you may switch to an iOS visual voicemail app from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

how to set up voicemail on Android Phone

  1. Go to your Android phone’s settings.

 2. Tap Voicemail from the Call Settings menu in the top right corner.


3. To find the proper method to access voicemail settings, you may need to put ‘voicemail’ into your Settings search or navigate manually.

4. Voicemail settings, Voicemail Setup, or simply Setup are all possible names.

Voicemail settings

5. Select your carrier under Voicemail Service in the Voicemail setup options.

6. Choose a Voicemail number and enter your voicemail number, which may be your cell number or the number of someone else to whom you wish your voicemails to be sent.

7. On your Android smartphone, a window stating that your voicemail number has changed.
Click the OK button.

8. On your Android device, open the dialer and dial1. Your phone should contact the voicemail service of the carrier you choose during the voicemail setup

9. The voice command will offer you a PIN or password when you call.
Fill in the blanks.

10. When the voice instructions ask you, record your name by speaking clearly.

11. Finally, decide what you want callers to hear if you don’t answer the phone.
When asked by the voice command, you may choose from a list of pre-recorded greetings or record your own.

12. A few other settings may be required, which vary by mobile service provider.
To go past them, follow the voice prompts.


Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ve successfully set up voicemail on your Android phone.

Is it time for a new voicemail system?

Many consumers are increasingly migrating to visual voicemail because of concerns with standard voicemail systems.

Your messages are transcribed and shown in an email-like interface using a visual voicemail software like VTX, enabling you to rapidly read and prioritize them without listening to each one for hours or even minutes.

You don’t need to dial a phone number to find out who called, how long the call lasted, or what the message said.

You may also view visual voicemail in any order rather than listening to it in chronological order, as is the case with traditional voicemail.