6 Ways To Set Up Siri On iPhone And Other Devices

Are you looking to learn how to set up Siri? You have come to the right place. Siri is an Apple creation that works in almost all the devices of Apple that use voice recognition. iOS users use it to save their time and multitask. 

Getting started with Siri and setting it up might seem a difficult thing to do. But it’s quite simple. This article will have all the details you need to set up Siri to get started with it. So, let’s dive right into the process of setting Siri on your iOS device.  

How To Set Up Siri On iPhone?

  1. Steps To Set Up Siri On iPhone Device
  2. Set Up The Hey Siri Voice Command
  3. Steps To Use Siri On A Locked iPhone
  4. Select Your Preferred Language As Siri’s Language
  5. Steps To Select A Voice For Siri
  6. About The Basic Commands That Siri Can Execute

How To Set Up Siri On iPhone?

1. Steps To Set Up Siri On iPhone Device

how to set up siri

Make sure that you have enabled Siri before using it. It won’t work without setting it up first. To do that, you need to:

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Select the Siri & Search option. Scroll all the way down to find this option.

You will find three toggle options, Listen For “Hey Siri,” Press Side Button For Siri, Allow Siri When Locked. 

  • If you want it to respond to your Hey Siri voice command, then toggle Listen For “Hey Siri” on. Toggle on the Allow Siri When Locked option only if you want it to work while the screen is off. To activate Siri using the side button, toggle on the Press Side Button For Siri option.

Performing these steps will activate Siri on your iPhone. But, to make the voice command feature work, you need to register your voice. You can follow the next step to train Siri with your voice. 

2. Set Up The Hey Siri Voice Command

Siri voice feedback settings

Enabling the Listen For “Hey Siri” option is not enough to start using it. You will need to let Siri know how your voice sounds. It is important that it will recognize your voice whenever you give it a voice command. 

When you switch on the toggle of Hey Siri, a popup will appear in front of you. To train Siri so that it can recognize your voice, follow these steps:

  • Select the Continue option from the popup window.
  • A series of commands will display on the screen. It will ask you to speak to them on your mobile in a clear voice.
  • When Siri successfully recognizes your voice, a tick will appear as an indication that it’s done. But, if it fails to recognize your voice, you will have to repeat the process until it recognizes your voice.

Once you have registered all the commands, you can tap on the Done option.

And that’s it now. Whenever you say Hey Siri to your iPhone, it will respond.

3. Steps To Use Siri On A Locked iPhone

Enter passcode through Siri voice command

One of the Amazing features of Siri is that you can use it while the screen of your iPhone is off. Unlocking the screen every time you want something is hectic and consumes a lot of time. To use this feature, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone and scroll down till you see Siri & Search. Once you find it, open it.
  • Switch on “Allow Siri When Locked” by sliding the toggle.

Once you enable it, Siri will respond to your command even when your iPhone’s screen is off. You can toggle this feature off anytime if you do not want to use it.

4. Select Your Preferred Language As Siri’s Language

Setting Siri & Search language on your iPhone

After you are done setting up Siri, you will notice that it’s default language is English. But, not many people prefer the English language. So, if you wish to use another language, you can do so as iOS 15 has around 40 options of languages. Go with these steps to set your preferred language:

  • Navigate to Siri & Search from your iPhone’s settings.
  • Select the Language option.
  • Now, find the language from the list of languages that you want to set as Siri’s language.
  • Select the language when you find it and click on the Change Language option.

Doing so will change the language of Siri to the one you have selected. Keep in mind that if you have already trained Siri in your voice, then you do not need to do it again. You can switch to any language you want. This works as long as you have registered your voice commands for Siri to recognize it.

5. Steps To Select A Voice For Siri

Selecting Siri Voice

There are various combinations available to set the Voice of Siri. For Instance, if you choose the English language, then you will get six options based on the accent. British, Australian, Indian, United States, South African, and Irish options. 

Also, there are several types of voices available. You can choose any combination of voices and accents that you prefer. To download the combination, follow these steps:

  • Open Siri & Search from the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Select the option Siri Voice.
  • Now, pick the combination that you want from Variety and Voice to download.

Once you have downloaded your selected combination, ensure that Siri is using it. You can check it by giving it a voice command.

6. About The Basic Commands That Siri Can Execute

Siri Learn From This App Option

Now that you have trained Siri with your voice and chosen the right language and accent, what comes next? Well, it’s time for you to know about the basic things that Siri can do for you. Ahead is a slight idea about what it can do and how you can use it.

You need to speak the words “Hey Siri” into your iPhone to get started. You can press down the Home or Side button as an alternate option and then give your command.

Here are some of the commands that you can direct Siri to do in your voice:

In short, anything that an iPhone can do, you can ask Siri to perform. It’s like you have your iPhone as a virtual assistant. Such features are effective when you are multitasking, especially when driving.

Conclusion – iPhone Use Siri Apple Setup

Virtual assistants have become an integral part of the corporate world. It is so because people tend to multitask while working. Having luxury like Siri helps you to work efficiently. 

So, if you are an iOS user, you should use this wonderful feature. Also, if you have come this far, then you must know that setting up Siri is easy. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions, and you can get started with it. 


How To Set Up Siri On IPad?

To activate Siri on your iPad, navigate to Settings and choose Siri & Search option. Now, you can either enable it for voice command or button. Select any one of the options that you prefer and click on Enable Siri.

How To Manage Siri Settings?

To manage the Siri settings, you need to navigate to Siri & Search from the Settings of your iOS device. In Siri & Search, you will find everything that you need to manage the Siri settings.

Can You Set Up Hey Siri On All Apple Devices?

The best thing about Siri is that you can use it on all your Apple devices, given that you have set it up on them. Also, if you have several Apple devices near you and you Hey Siri, then the nearest device will respond to you. Or the one that you have used recently. This happens because Apple devices are built on sharing data with each other. So, when you give a voice command, they communicate with each other.

Do You Need Side Button Shortcuts To Activate Siri On An Apple Device?

Sometimes you do not want to activate Siri with your “Hey Siri” voice command, so you can use the Side button instead. Also, due to some technical glitch, you might face Siri not responding. This means that when you say Hey Siri, it does not respond. So, you can use the Side button or home button as an alternative to using Siri.