How To See YouTube Tags

In order to optimize your content strategy and uncover the secrets of trending videos, it is essential to know how to see YouTube tags. By understanding the tags used by successful creators, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own videos. In this article, we will explore different methods that allow you to view YouTube tags, helping you discover new strategies to enhance your content and reach a wider audience.

Methods to See YouTube Tags

There are three effective methods to see YouTube tags, which include manual viewing of the page source, using the Tag You Android app, and leveraging browser extensions such as TubeBuddy.

To manually view the page source of a YouTube video, you can follow these steps. Right-click on the video’s watch page, select “View page source” from the context menu, and then use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to search for the keyword “keywords.” This will guide you to the tags used by the video’s author. By exploring the page source, you can gain insights into the tags chosen for the video.

If you prefer a more convenient method, you can rely on the Tag You Android app. To use this app, you will need to download and install it on your device. Once installed, open a YouTube video in your device browser, copy the video URL, and paste it into the Tag You app. It will then display the tags associated with that video. The app offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find the relevant tags for any YouTube video.

Another option is to use browser extensions like TubeBuddy. This free tool for YouTubers can be easily installed on your preferred browser. After installation, play a video on YouTube and scroll down to the “Videolytics” section. Within this section, you will find the video tags displayed. TubeBuddy provides a seamless and efficient way to discover the tags used by other creators.

It is important to note that while viewing tags of other videos can serve as inspiration, directly copying them for your own videos is not recommended. Instead, use them as a reference point and tailor your own tags to suit your content strategy. By understanding the methods described above, you can optimize your YouTube videos and enhance their discoverability through effective tag usage.

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