How to See Who Views Your Profile On Instagram? 3 Best Ways

How to see who views your profile on Instagram? Does Instagram allow you to do that? There are many reasons you would want to learn. It could be that you have a person of interest that you want to see if they saw your profile. Maybe you suspect that there’s a stalker and want to know if they visited your profile.

There are countless reasons for wanting to see who viewed your profile. Similarly, there are reasons to see who shared your posts or profile. But does Instagram allow that?

Let’s dig into it and find out all the ways for you. You will learn how to see who saw your profile. There will be information on determining who could’ve seen your profile. More importantly, you will also learn how to safeguard your profile. So, let’s begin by answering the primary question: 

Can You See Who Views Your Profile On Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to check who viewed your profile directly. Almost everyone is curious who could’ve visited their profiles. This feature isn’t available on Facebook or any other app. That’s due to the Internet’s privacy policies, user data regulations, etc.

But, it doesn’t mean there aren’t workarounds. You can still try a couple of things to determine if someone visited your profile. There are even options for finding out the name, among other things. How to do that? Read ahead.

How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile The Most

  1. Using The Instagram Business Account’s Followers Insight
  2. Using The Story Analyzer For Instagram
  3. Using Third-Party Apps For Your Insta Profile

How To See Who Viewed Your Profile On Instagram?

1. Using Instagram Business Account – Followers Insight

how to see who views your profile on instagram

Instagram Business Account is also often known as Instagram Professional Account. That is also the name of the setting you will use to convert your account. Please remember that a Professional account isn’t equal to a public account.

A public account just means that it is accessible to everyone. You won’t get insight tools and other assets. It will still be a standard profile. But, with a professional account, you gain various features and tools.

These include getting insights on likes, shares, comments, and reach. You will even learn about the number of new followers you got.

Here’s how you convert your account to professional:

  • First, launch the Instagram App and go to the profile or account you want to switch to professional. Remember, you can only access up to five accounts on a device.
  • Next, go to the top-right corner, the Menu option. Click on it and find the Settings in the list.
  • Next, find the ‘Account’ option on the list. Tap on it.
  • Now, if you scroll down to the bottom of the options, you will see: ‘Switch Account Type.’
  • Click on it, and it will help you follow through. There, you will see an option to turn to a business account.

Now, you must remember that you will also get an option to turn to the creator. If you use the creator option, you don’t necessarily need a Facebook Page. But, a business account will need a Facebook page.

Let’s move to the more pressing matter:

  • Once you have a professional account, you can check insights on your reach, among other things.
  • You can also change settings to hide certain things like your business.

Remember that you only gain access to the tools. You won’t be able to find out who is viewing your profile directly. That is not an option available on Instagram’s professional account.

2. Using The Story Analyzer For Instagram

Viewers of story on Instagram

Another option for determining who saw your profile is using the story option. While you can’t see who visited your profile, you can always see who viewed your story. This goes for the accounts you are not following and vice-versa.

So, all you need to do is:

  • Go to your account and click on your story if you have uploaded one.
  • Now, swipe upwards on your phone. On PC and such, there will be a ‘View Viewers’ option or something similar.
  • This will open the list of people who have viewed your story.

It’s that simple. Now, you can just assume they might have checked your profile if there is a new viewer. But, there’s no hard proof.

3. Using Third-Party Apps For Your Insta Profile

Professional account settings in Instagram

Now, there’s no doubt that you can’t access who viewed your profile on Instagram. There are many reasons for it. It could be because Meta doesn’t want a lawsuit against it for violating privacy policies. They might want to keep people safe, among other things.

But, these are all ethics and codes that are limited to the platform themselves. Nothing is stopping you from using third-party apps. There are plenty of apps available that you can use to check who viewed your profile.

Yes, there are apps that will enable you to check who liked your posts or followed and unfollowed you. These posts work with Instagram, but Instagram won’t take any responsibility.

Nobody will take any responsibility if you use these apps because:

  • You run the risk of data breaches.
  • There could be spyware, adware, or malware in these tools.
  • You are at risk of sharing unwanted data.

So, there’s always a cost to doing something on the internet. It is pivotal for you to try and find the most credible and authentic tools possible.

We are not going to list down any tools here. You can search for them on App stores, extensions, or even Google. We are sure that you will find many. But, it is at your discretion whether you want to use them.

Avoid Stalkers With A Private Account

Switching to personal account prompt

Now. As you can see, you can’t view who visited your profile. Well, not without third-party or risky tools. Not on Android, iPhone, or PC (Mac or Windows). So, where does that bring us?

Are you worried that someone might be stalking you? Maybe you don’t want certain people to view your content. Perhaps you don’t want unknown people to visit your profile or follow you. What can you do?

  • There is an option for turning your profile to a Private Profile in Settings. You can use that.
  • If you have a problem with a specific person or profile, you can block them.
  • You can restrict their account if you don’t want to block the person.
  • There are many features, like hiding stories from an individual. You can even make it so that nobody can see their comment on your posts.

Yes, there are many ways to restrict a person on Instagram. The same can be applied to you. But there’s no viable method for you to view exactly who saw your profile.

Tips To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

switch to business account instagram prompt

Maybe the above-given solutions or answers weren’t up to the mark. Do you still want to learn how to see who views your profile on Instagram? If you don’t want to use the methods already told, it’s time for some detective work. What does that mean? Check these guidelines:

  • First, start with the story post. If you’ve uploaded any recent story, see who has seen it. You can also upload a new story and see who will view it. Check if there is any non-follower on the list.
  • Next, you can check the comments on your Instagram post. But a stalker won’t comment. They may end up liking one or two, though.
  • If none of those, you can also check the number of likes. People usually like the posts on public accounts without worrying about the consequences.
  • Finally, check the highlights.

Now, if you put all these together and a familiar name pops up, that’s the person. The more a person engages with your content, the higher the chances they will check your profile.

So, if you can find someone who doesn’t follow you but has engaged with your posts, you can figure it out.

This is not a foolproof way. It is just speculation and will depend on your detective skills.

Conclusion – How To See Who Views Your Profile On Instagram?

So, with this guide, you now know if there’s a way for you to see who viewed your profile. You know if someone else can see if you checked their profiles. The answers are all there. So, everything is fine unless you or someone else aren’t using these third-party apps.


Can You See Who Shared Your Posts On Instagram?

You can only see the number of times each post is shared. It is available in the insights section of your profile. There will also be a ‘View insight’ option on the post. But, it won’t tell you about the person who shared these posts.

Can You See Who Reported Your Post On Instagram?

No. Meta (Instagram and Facebook) is adamant about user data and privacy policies. You won’t see who reported you. But, you will get the reason behind any post’s removal or restricted reach.

Why Do You Need A Facebook Page For Business Accounts?

A Facebook profile is personal. You can’t use it for business or monetary gains. There are many reasons for it. But, you can use a Facebook Page and even brand yourself. That’s why you need a Facebook Page. But, it is not compulsory for you. You can create an Insta Business account, automatically creating a page for you.

Do Highlights Work The Same As Instagram Stories To Check The Name Of A Person?

Yes. The Instagram highlights work like the Story section but with a longer duration. Instead of a 24 hours viewer list, you have a 48 hours list. So, if anyone has viewed your highlights in those 48 hours, you will see them in the list.